10 Best Organic Baby Shampoos

Keep those hair squeaky clean with these organic baby shampoos. The organic baby shampoo has a gentle no-tears formula that does not cause irritation to the baby’s eyes.

The protein-rich formula ensures strong & healthy hair. The organic baby Shampoo is infused with the power of herbs. Baby products like baby shampoo and baby washes are available in Containers or Plastic bottles.

The organic baby shampoos are hypoallergenic in nature & have pH Neutral formula. Organic baby shampoos are Suitable for all Hair Types. The Organic Baby Shampoo has an infused fragrance that is developed for a baby’s delicate skin. The Organic Baby Shampoo is Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist & Pediatrician Tested.

Here’s a list of the Organic Baby Shampoo that will keep the baby’s scalp moisturized and hair soft from one bath to the next.

Best Organic Baby Shampoo – Our Top Pick

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How To Choose An Organic Baby Shampoo

There are a lot of options and lots of ingredients to consider before buying Organic Baby shampoo. The three of the main points to consider are-


A baby always smell nice and beautiful. While added fragrances may smell nice but there are some that might cause sensitive skin to get overly dry and irritated.

There are many brands that use essential oils or botanical extracts to create natural fragrances, but they can still affect the sensitive skin of your baby, so it’s advisable to test a very small amount of any baby product with added fragrance before applying it all over your baby’s skin.

Harsh Chemicals

It’s not a pleasant sight to watch your baby getting irritated with the baby products and the Parabens, phthalates, and sulfates can irritate or even harm your baby’s skin and these chemicals are often found in adult shampoos. So it’s best to stick to baby-specific or sensitive skin products for baby’s bath time.

No-Tear Formulas

You will not want to make your baby cry while getting dressed up. Right?

The “Tear-free” formula is a real thing that refers to the absence of eye-irritating substances. Go for an organic baby shampoo that claims to have a no-tear formula, be careful with it around the baby’s eyes.

Tips For Bathing A Baby

Baby’s are really soft and delicate. The cleaning routine can get a little difficult if you are a new parent.

Don’t worry. We have got your back. Follow the simple instructions and you won’t have to worry a thing. You should stick to sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls off, which could take a week or more.

For a good cleaning afterward, gently scrub between all those cute baby creases, under the chin, the diaper area, and even between those teeny tiny toes.

If applying ORGANIC BABY SHAMPOO , be careful around the baby’s eyes and nose. It may cause irritation.


Is Baby Shampoo sulfate free?

Organic Baby shampoos are good examples of sulfate-free formulas. Instead of SLS they contain materials known as amphoteric surfactants that are less drying to skin and milder to the eye.

Does baby shampoo have less chemicals?

Baby shampoo can be soap-based or soap-free. … However, tear-free shampoo often contains a formaldehyde-releasing chemical called 1,4-dioxane. On the other hand, soap-based shampoo will irritate the eyes and will not be tear-free. However, it won’t contain toxic chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane so it is a better choice.

What ingredients to avoid in Kids Shampoo?

Avoid any of these names/ingredients: polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, sodium laureth sulfate, ceteareth, oleth, oxynol, ingredients with -xynol, ceteareth or oleth, PEG compounds, ingredients ending with -eth, and those containing the words laureth, laureate, myrrh.

What should I look for in kids shampoo?

Tips for Choosing Safe Hair Bath Products for Kids
-Less is MORE. Unlike adults, children have no need for a full line of hair and skincare products. …
-Read the label. …
-Beware of the ‘Fragrance’ ingredient. …
-Skip the bubble baths. …
-Use bath products with natural ingredients.

How do I choose baby shampoo?

Ideally, you should stick with unscented baby washes because products with fragrance can cause allergic reactions, says Dr. Robinson. If you must have a scent, opt for a wash that is naturally scented and mild. Avoid products that contain dyes or harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates and sulfates.

When can you use baby shampoo?

You can start using unperfumed baby bath from about 4 to 6 weeks, but be careful to only use a little so you don’t damage your baby’s skin. Babies with longer hair may need a drop of mild shampoo on wet hair, lathered and rinsed off.

What’s the difference between baby shampoo and regular shampoo?

The main differences between baby shampoo and regular shampoo are the dilution of the liquid, the pH, and the surfactants. Baby shampoo tends to use milder foaming agents and by using less harsh chemicals and cleansers they avoid irritating sensitive skin and eyes.

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