Best Mattress For Kids In India

Quality sleep should be a priority for everyone, but children need more rest – up to 13 hours per night depending on their age – than adults. Sleep deprivation can have a detrimental effect on your child’s condition, leading to difficulty in concentrating and short-term attention span. If you notice that your baby is drowsy – or crankier than usual, it may be time to improve his or her sleep routine.

Although the baby can fit in most beds, the Best Mattress for kids is made just for them. These mattresses are usually on the soft side to support their low body weight, and some have special layers, such as waterproof covers, that help free your mind during pot training or at night accidents.

From memory foam mattresses to hybrid mattresses, to special double-sided beds that you can turn over as your children grow.

Kids are everything, aren’t they? Whatever we do is ultimately for their own good – in one way or the other. Whether it is buying a home, purchasing a new car, or moving into a new locality.

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Or getting a new mattress.

Oh wait, is it?

We, as parents, take great care of our kids. But when it comes to a mattress, we indulge in negligence. Mostly because we aren’t aware of the role a mattress can play in our kids’ growth and development.

But in reality, it does. And in this post, we tell you how. We also tell you why, and what mattresses can be ideal for your kid.

So delay no more. Keep reading!

Top Mattress For Kids

Mattress For Kids DimensionsWarrantyPrice
SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress72x36x5 Inches7 Years See At Amazon
The Sleep Company SmartGRID78x72x10 Inches10 Years See At Amazon
Comfort Craft Baby Mattress36x24x2 Inches See At Amazon
SleepyCat High Density Foam52x28x4 Inches10 Years See At Amazon
Nilkamal Medium Single Size72x36x1 Inches See At Amazon
Miyanbazaz textiles Baby Mattresses32 X 70 Inches See At Amazon

1. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress

About this item

  • Product Dimensions: Length (182.88 cm), Width (91.44 cm), Height (12.7 cm)
  • Primary Material: High Density Hard Foam, Upholstery Material: Premium Fabric, Top Material: Foam
  • No Assembly Required: The product is delivered in a pre-assembled state
  • Warranty: 7 year on product
  • Dual feel mattress having hard feel on one side & soft feel on the other side.
  • Improved Air Circulation on Airmesh Fabric

Technical Details

Product Dimensions182.9 x 91.4 x 12.5 Centimeters
Item Firmness DescriptionMedium
Age Range (Description)Adult
Model NameDual Mattress
Construction TypeFoam Construction
Weight6624 Grams
Product Care InstructionsEnsure that the length & width of the bed matches with the mattress to ensure a proper fit and to avoid damaging your mattress. Avoid sitting on the edges of the mattress and avoid prolonged habitual sitting on the same part of the mattress while watching television etc. for longer durability of your mattress. Ensure that the length & width of the bed matches with the mattress to ensure a proper fit and to avoid damaging your mattress. Avoid sitting on the edges of the mattress and avoid prolonged habitual sitting

2. The Sleep Company SmartGRID

About this item

  • PRODUCT: Length (78inches/6.5ft/ 198.12cms), Width (72inches/ 6ft/182.88cms), Height (10inches/0.8ft/25.4cms), color is white & grey, 10 years of warranty
  • FIRMNESS: Medium Soft (6 on firmness scale)
  • OUR FABRIC: Organic viscose quilted cotton cover to ensure breathability and superior comfort
  • NON TOXIC & HYPOALLERGENIC: SmartGrid is made from food grade material and hence completely safe for your family
  • COMFORT & SUPPORT: Patented SmartGrid technology provides 2X more support than an orthopedic mattress and ultimate cushioning. SmartGrid has more than 2500 air channels to ensure you feel cool and comfy

Product Description

This SmartGrid mattress is bound to give you the most luxurious and plush feeling you will ever get when you crawl into a bed. It is The Sleep Company’s high-end plush mattress that comes in two variants – 8’’ and 10’’. Experience the coziest sleep and cloud-like comfort with the SMART Luxe. The mattress is designed to make it feel like you are sleeping on clouds.

SmartGRID with 2500 air channels has temperature-neutral technology to keep you cool & comfy. Super soft, plush, luxurious feel with cloud-like comfort, with our patented Japanese SmartGRID technology.

Smart Luxe provides utmost comfort by intelligently adapting to all body shapes, and providing relief at all pressure points for a good night’s sleep.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions198.1L x 182.9W x 25.4T Centimeters
Comfort Layer MaterialCotton
Coil TypePocketed Coil
BrandThe Sleep Company
Item Firmness DescriptionPlush
Age Range (Description)Adult

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3. Comfort Craft Baby Mattress

Technical Details

BrandComfort Craft
Age Range (Description)Baby

4. SleepyCat High Density Foam

About this item

  • COMFORT: Superior high density foam ensures the right kind of support for little ones. This mattress is meant for babies up to 2 years of age.
  • COVER & FOAM: The cover is waterproof, and ultra soft thanks to the terry cotton blend fabric. It is also removable and washable! The high density foam provides firm support.
  • FEATURES: The type of foam used provides ideal support for growing babies and their bones. Made with non-toxic materials, this mattress is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.
  • DIMENSIONS: 52 inches (Length) X 28 inches (Width) X 4 inches (Height) | Crib Size. Please order the next higher size and message custom dimension after placing the order. (Custom sizes available)
  • PACKAGING & DELIVERY: Comes in compact packaging: compressed and rolled. Shipped direct from factory | Note: Product comes vacuum packed for maximum hygiene. Stored in sanitised warehousing. Delivered safely. Ready to use 6 hours after unpacking.

Technical Details

Material‎HD Foam
Care Instructions‎Cleaning – You may use light fabric cleaning products. Please DO NOT machine wash or machine dry the mattress cover. Placing a new mattress on an old foundation: may not provide sufficient support. It may appear that the mattress is sagging when it is actually the foundation that supports the entire mattress that is faulty. Bending the mattress or its corners in any circumstance is not recommended and might damage the Foam. Always protect the mattress from water and other liquids
Additional product features‎Hypoallergenic
Number Of Items‎1
Batteries required‎No
Product Dimensions‎132.08 x 71.12 x 10.16 cm; 10 Kilograms
Item model number‎Baby Mattress
Country of Origin‎India
Item Weight‎10 kg

5. Nilkamal Medium Single Size Memory Foam Travelite Mattress

About this item

  • â?¼ Reversible Mattrezzz, The mattress also acts as yoga mat as keeps you comfortable when you use healthy measures
  • â?¼ The Easy to carry light weight mattress makes sure that comfort travels with you
  • â?¼ The unique foldable feature makes it easier for you to carry it to places you seek to indulgence in
  • â?¼Top Material color and print may be change as per stock availability
  • â?¼ The multipurpose mattress can be used as guest bed as it provide comfortable sleep

Product description

Top surface is made of soft memory foam,which is noiseless, will not change the feel of your mattress and naturally absorbs moisture. Clean the mattress with surgical spirit or any mild detergent only; In case of thread coming out, do not pull with hands, use a scissor to cut.

Technical Details

Size72 X 36 X 1 Inch
Comfort Layer MaterialMemory foam
Item Firmness DescriptionMedium
Age Range (Description)Adult
Model NameTravelite
Construction TypeFoam Construction
Product Care InstructionsDo not iron the mattress or place heat inducing commodities that may lead to fabric melt
Special FeatureHypoallergenic

6. Miyanbazaz textiles Baby Mattresses

About this item

  • Material : 100% Cotton, FILLING – SOFT RECRON FIBRE
  • Size : 32 X 70 Inch, 81 X 177 CM
  • Package Contents: 1 Mattresses
  • Soft, safe and skin-friendly fabric. Light weight and its fold-ability also makes it easy to carry
  • Best Quality and Quick Dispatch

Product description

This Mattress For Kids is just perfect to amuse your baby and put them to sleep on. Create the perfect sleepover environment for your baby, a beautiful addition to your baby’s bedroom, this mattress set is ideal for the baby. It is soft as a cotton cloud and ideal as a gift set. Product Dimensions 32 x 2 x 70

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Best Mattress For Kids – Buying Guide

While everyone can benefit from a good night’s rest, children rely on quality sleep to encourage their rapid growth and learning. Children also need more sleep than adults. The amount of sleep a child needs is based on the age group.

Young children generally need extra sleep, a recommended 10 to 13 hours of sleep a day for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years. Older children often need a little sleep. It is recommended that children between the ages of 14 and 17 get 8 to 10 hours of sleep a day.

Choosing the right mattress can help your baby sleep soundly throughout the night. To select the best mattresses for kids, our team evaluated factors such as durability, pressure relief, temperature neutrality, and price point. We also considered the suitability of each mattress for the various sleeping areas, as your child’s preferred position may influence your choice of mattress.

best mattress for kids


Always buy a standard size mattress. Children grow up very fast over a period of years. Also, I do not want you to SPEND your hard-earned money on that little mattress of your children.


The mattress comes in a variety of comfort levels: soft, medium and sturdy. For kids 0 to 5 years old soft mattres would be better, between 5 and 12 years old medium and hard would be a better choice.


In the Indian market mattresses come in many kinds of quality materials such as spring mattress, memory foam, air, latex mattress, cotton, coir mattress, hybrid, etc. you can choose WISELY.

Latex materials are chemical-free and environmentally friendly but are expensive.

Although memory foam and cotton mattresses are the most widely used in the country and they come at a reasonable price.

Coir mattress is made of coconut fiber that allows natural coexistence and will not produce heat even in summer.

What Size Mattress is Right for a Child?

Although you may not have the right “mattress” size for your baby, considering your child’s growth, life span, and how you plan to use it in the future can help you choose the best mattress for your family. Each mattress size has its potential advantages and disadvantages.


Two mattresses are usually large enough for most children. Like a small standard mattress size, twin mattresses are usually very affordable, and can fit well in a shared or small space. However, as your child grows older, he may choose a larger bed.

twin mattress

Twin XL

Twin XL mattresses are about the same size as twin mattresses, but they are about 5 inches long, so they can accommodate toddlers and teenagers. This mattress size is usually less expensive than the size of the twins, but they still take up less space.

twin XL mattress


A full mattress provides extra space for the child to move around at night, so it may be helpful for children who change position frequently. A larger space may also allow the parent to sleep on the couch, which may be helpful in reading the bedtime stories or comforting the child.

Mattress For Kids


Most children usually do not need as much space as the queen mattress is provided. Queen mattresses are more expensive than smaller sizes, so for many families, this extra cost may not be necessary. However, if you plan to use a matress for a guest bedroom or other purpose down the street, a queen mattress may be appropriate.

Mattress For Kids


King mattresses are the largest and most expensive mattresses. Although they allow enough space for the child to move around, they are often not the best option for families looking for a mattress for their child.

Mattress For Kids

Frequently Asked Questions About Mattress For Kids

What type of mattress is best for a child?

Spring mattresses often cover layers with a thin layer, while memory foam mattresses, dense and compact, will reduce the frequency of restless children waking up at night. Latex mattresses are very breathable – they are ideal for warm homes and children who hate hot summers come at bedtime.

What kind of mattress firmness is best for kids?

When it comes to stamina, the best kids mattress should always be in a tight fit. Medium-firm is ready to align the spine and will support your baby as he switches between bedding all night.

Should a child have a firm or soft mattress?

Experts recommend that infants and toddlers sleep more tightly, especially since babies at this age may not be able to turn themselves at night which can be dangerous in soft or thick objects.

Can a 3 year old sleep on a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam can be harmful to toddlers, although older children and adults generally enjoy sleeping in it. The memory foam mattress is characterized by its slow natural recovery, allowing the body to immerse itself in it during sleep.

When can kids sleep on a regular mattress?

Generally, a perfect mattress is ideal for children when they are about 8 or 10. However, if you notice that your child is suddenly growing up, you may need to buy a mattress right away.

What are the benefits of mattress?

– Get Adequate Sleeping At Night.
– Upgrade Good Form and Position.
– Keep Your Mental and Emotional Health Tested.
– Build a Sleep With Your Sleep.
– Get More Out of Your Purchase.

Is it healthy to sleep on hard mattress?

When you sleep in a tight place, the bones absorb more pressure, which means less stress on the muscles, tendons, and arteries. Muscles slow down, and blood circulation improves. Sturdy mattresses are usually better for those who sleep on their backs, as they provide even more stability.

Should kids sleep on hard mattress?

Experts recommend that infants and toddlers sleep more tightly, especially since babies at this age may not be able to turn themselves at night which can be dangerous in soft or thick objects.

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