Best Latex Mattress in India

Instead of the conventional innerspring in the stuffing or padding layers of the mattress, latex made from plants or petroleum-based materials is used in producing latex mattresses for protection.

The Latex foam is very durable and makes fast breathing. It does not cause the heat to build up, as in all-foam mattresses.

To have outstanding owner satisfaction, the latex foam mattress made of 100 percent natural latex ranks second highest. It is also known for its over 15 years of long-lasting durability and lifespan.

Additional benefits of Latex mattresses are low-pressure protection, natural contouring with rapid response, removal of chemical odors, and heat retention/management.

The latex mattress was the luxurious mattress option for a long time; however, they are proving to be more affordable because today there are a number of mattress retailers available online.

In India, a lot of mattress styles and brands are available. So, we know, choosing which one will be the best for you is never easy.

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But if you already know that you need a mattress made of latex, then you’ve done half the job. Give us the opportunity to help you get another half done.

For the detailed purchase guide for the best latex mattress in India, please continue reading. For you and your loving family, you may just need five more minutes to find the best mattress in India.

What Is A Latex Mattress?

In order to produce a comfortable and sturdy sleeping surface, a latex mattress incorporates latex foam with either springs or reflex foam.

Latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree in its natural form and its ability was discovered in the early 1900s.

By developing a collection of mattresses and pillows made entirely of latex foam to give unparalleled comfort and pressure relief, Dunlopillo pioneered the latex revolution.

Since latex is a natural product, to make the ideal natural mattress, some latex mattresses are often combined with other natural fillings.

This guide has all the answers you’re looking for when it comes to a latex mattress, from advantages to best sellers.

Latex Mattress- Our Top Picks

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Certified Organic Mattress50 kg100 % Natural Latex5 inches10 yearsSee At Amazon
Boston Organic Natural Latex Mattress46 kgLatex (Dunlop) with Organic Tencel5 inches7 yearsSee At Amazon
FoamsIndia 100% Natural Latex Foam Pearl Mattress19 kgLatex Foam4 inches15 yearsSee At Amazon
Repose Eyelidz Latex mattress36.75 kg100 % Natural Latex5 inches5 yearsSee At Amazon
SleepyCat Latex 100% Organic Latex Mattress30 kg100 % Natural Latex7 inches10 yearsSee At Amazon
Sunday 100% Latex Mattress- LGA Certified20 kg100 % Natural Latex8 inches10 yearsSee At Amazon
SleepyCat Latex King Size Mattress30 kg100 % Natural Latex7 inches10 yearsSee At Amazon
PURESLEEP Natural Latex Foam Mattress24 kg100 % Natural Latex3 inchesNo WarrantySee At Amazon
Sleepspa Natural Single Latex Mattress17 kg100 % Natural Latex6 inches7 yearsSee At Amazon
Springtek Natural 100% Dunlop Pincore Latex Bed Mattress39 kg100 % Natural Latex6 inches11 yearsSee At Amazon

Best Latex Mattress in India

Below are some of the Best Latex Mattress You can Buy Online.

1. Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Certified Organic Mattress

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Features :

  • Size – 78(L)*72(W)*5(H) inches, King size.
  • Mattress Comfort – Medium Firm
  • Thickness – 5 inches
  • Mattress Material – 100 % Natural Latex
  • Style – 6.5*6 Feet
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Weight – 50 kg
  • Outer Cover Colour – American-Cream

“This is a 78x72x5” King-size mattress and is available in an American cream color. It has a 5-inch thickness and offers medium comfort, giving your spine the proper support it needs.

It also has the potential to alleviate any pressure points that you can suffer from, such as on your hips and shoulders, and eradicate strain. It is made of 100% natural latex and is perfect for your skin and is easy to keep clean as well.

It is immune to dust mites, bacteria, and mold and also has no chemicals. Dunlop with Pin-Core formation is the procedure used to create it.

A special, organic modal one with a cotton layer is the fabric. It also incorporates advanced technology for temperature control, which increases the natural feeling.

You will be cool in summer and warm in winter with its climate control feature. In addition to its 10-year guarantee, Okeo-Tex Trust in Textiles, LGA, ABC Research Corporation, Eco-Institut, Satara, and Stork have been accredited.

  • The stitching is neat and has a classy finish
  • Retains its shape
  • Therapeutic qualities 
  • The fabric used is soft and comfortable
  • Heat retention quality is not up to the mark 
  • The mattress is on the heavier side

2. Boston Organic Natural Latex Mattress

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  • Size – 78(L) x 72 (W) x 5 (H) King
  • Mattress Comfort – Medium
  • Thickness – 5 inches
  • Mattress Material – Latex (Dunlop) with Organic Tencel
  • Style – 6’5*6
  • Warranty – 7 years
  • Weight-46 kgs
  • Outer Cover Colour –White

It was one of the first companies to introduce latex mattresses and has been in the industry since 1959. The level of comfort is medium and comes with an Organic Tencel cover and Organic Quilting Wadding, making the mattress feel softer and more comfortable.

For a good night’s rest, the cotton wadding provides increased insulation and a feather feel. It is all-natural and respires better than foam, which helps control the temperature of your body.

The fabric, more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and more permeable than linen, has been extended from wood.

This mattress, as it is entirely natural, is also called a botanical bed. For people with allergies, it is helpful, and it also helps to regulate the temperature according to climate and temperature.

  • Extended warranty
  • Certified by various organizations
  • Sensitive to the body 
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Not for those with serious back problems

3.  FoamsIndia 100% Natural Latex Foam Pearl Mattress

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  • Size – 72 (L) x 36(W) x 4cm (H) – Single
  • Mattress Comfort – Medium Firm
  • Thickness – 4 inches
  • Mattress Material – Latex foam
  • Style – 6’8*5
  • Warranty – 15 years
  • Weight– 19kgs
  • Outer Cover Colour –White

100 percent natural latex rubber foam is made from the Foams India mattresses. Using the latest Pin-Core technology, they are made.

These mattresses offer a medium degree of comfort and can be used by individuals with various types of bodies.

Approximately 9800 pin core holes are housed, serving up incredible air circulation, keeping the body cool throughout the night. It has excellent buoyancy and is very robust.

The lumbar support given by the mattress helps to relieve the body from any strains and sprains. It has a rate of hardness of 80.

The natural latex mattress of FoamsIndia is resistant to breakdown and body impressions as well. It also gives you a gentle, cushiony feeling, as though you were simultaneously weightless and unsinkable.

The mattress is also fitted with sensitive comfort and contouring to match the position of the body as you sleep. It is also easy to fold and carry and has been ISO certified.

  • Easy to transport
  • Long warranty period
  • Free latex pillow with mattress
  • Durability
  • Some might find it too hard

4. Repose Eyelidz Latex mattress

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  • Size – 75 (L) x60 (W)x5 (H)- Queen Size
  • Mattress Comfort – Medium Firm to Plush
  • Thickness – 5 inches
  • Mattress Material – 100 % Natural Latex
  • Style – 6’8*5
  • Warranty – 5 years
  • Outer Cover Colour – Grey and White

This queen-size mattress is made of 100% organic latex multi-layer and knitted quilt cover ring spin. It has three layers: 85 hard latex density, sandwiched between 85 firm latex density.

It even promises to cool you down and is hypo-allergenic when you sleep. It is also antibacterial, like most latex mattresses, so when it comes to getting allergies, you have no worries.

It helps to evenly distribute body weight and ensures that you get sound sleep while decreasing body aches.

It adapts to all postures of the body and helps you in order to hold the spine straight. Its technology helps to release any pressure points from which you might suffer.

The natural latex for sound sleep is safe and made of hygienic stuff. The middle layer of the mattress provides your back with plush warmth.

The mattress Repose Latex is made of high-quality content that guarantees longevity and will last a long time. Airflow through the mattress is facilitated by high technology. Get a nice sleeping time with no climate-changing issues as the fiber can control climate moisture.

In the latex foam mattress, there are 3 inner layers that include knitted fabric quilts with upper and lower layers that provide the firm density and middle density to give your back comfort.

This mattress, ergonomically built, promotes a healthy sleeping posture to provide pain-free sleep. To support the lower back, the mattress is firm enough and soft enough to contour the whole body.

  • Latex pillow is available for free
  • No toxic materials were used in the making
  • Avoids sagging 
  • Is covered by a knitted quilt
  • The warranty period is for a shorter duration

5. SleepyCat Latex 100% Organic Latex Mattress

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  • Size – 72 inches (L)* 72 inches (W) * 7 inches (H) King Size
  • Mattress Comfort – Medium
  • Thickness – 7 inches
  • Mattress Material – 100 % Natural Latex
  • Style – 6.5*6 Feet
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Weight – 30 kg
  • Outer Cover Colour – Grey

This SleepyCat mattress is made of pure latex with a thickness of 7 inches, giving you the extra support you require.

It has a softness of medium feeling, which is excellent for all age groups. Its high-density base support ensures that without any distractions you can have an indulgent night.

This mattress acts like a masseuse with a 7 zone support system for thighs, knees, back, head, legs of the body, and even your feet.

For people living in warm climates, the natural cooling in this mattress makes it perfect. With a removable smart zipper cover and an anti-skid base, it also comes fitted.

The company also promises vacuum packaging to ensure optimum levels of hygiene and stores it in a sanitized warehouse.

In making this mattress, there is no use of toxic chemicals, letting you breathe comfortably as well as drift off into your dreams.

  • 5 “High-Density Foam
  • Stored in sanitized conditions
  • Easy to wash 
  • What we didn’t like
  • Unable to keep the body cool efficiently

6. Sunday 100% Latex Mattress- LGA Certified

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  • Size – 36 x 75 x 8 Inch
  • Mattress Comfort – soft
  • Thickness – 8 inches
  • Mattress Material – 100 % Natural Latex
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Weight – 20 Kilograms
  • Outer Cover Colour – Off-White

In getting rid of muscle and joint pains, a thicker mattress goes a long way. As this mattress is not too thick, it is also going to be easier to clean. Thus, in more than one way, life gets easier.

The mattress is manufactured all the way from Belgium from quality latex, with no fillers.

The latex passes the 60000 cycle test and there is an Oeko-Tex certificate that guarantees that any hazardous chemicals are not present. Thus, without the side effects, you get to enjoy the luxury of latex.

The zipper cover is 100 pieces of organic cotton. Not to mention, the off-white color also makes maintenance easier, in addition to the relatively low but comfortable thickness.

Moving on, let’s talk about how it feels to lie in it. There is a certain plushness to the mattress, but the sink is limited. With movement isolation in mind, the mattress has a design. Your own sleep will not be disturbed by anyone else moving to bed as they sleep. Some of the other mattresses come in compressed forms as well.

This involves a force of almost 50 tons, which eventually weakens the stability of the mattress. So, Sunday provides the mattress in its full, uncompressed glory for a far longer lifetime. The products don’t stop there, of course.

The business takes care of your opinion and will ensure that you find the mattress satisfactory; they even offer a trial of 100 days.

This means that they have enough confidence in their product’s quality to provide you with such an extended return period. If you’re searching for a good, premium mattress, go on Sunday.

  • Chemical-free
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Prevents unnecessary pain.
  • Exceptional durability.
  • Sightly overpriced 

7. SleepyCat Latex King Size Mattress

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  • Size – 78x72x7 Inch
  • Mattress Comfort – soft
  • Thickness – 7 inches
  • Mattress Material – 100 % Natural Latex
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Weight – 30 kg
  • Outer Cover Colour – Grey 

The standard bedding edition comes with a seven-inch thickness, which should be pretty good for you. Moreover, this one, like the previous model on the list, has the same 7-zone support system, too.

It can therefore perfectly fit your backside, especially your lower body, very perfectly.

These are, however, not the only characteristics that make it the best mattress in India. A lot more is there to it.

The inner cover of the bedding is also pretty breezy, without any exaggeration. Also, the mesh-made exterior section does its job very well. It makes it all a lot fresher and cooler than normal.

The product also has a smart zipper cover, which can be removed almost anywhere, anywhere. The product also doesn’t weigh much, which makes it pretty breathable in turn.

The SleepyCat mattress comes with four separate layers, including, of course, the base part. Smaller air pockets that deliver brilliant breathability from the center fill the outer section or layer of the model.

Under this part, a quilt foam layer was provided, which makes it much softer and easy to sleep with the whole mattress.

The base version of the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. However, because the product’s overall quality is very top-notch, you don’t really have to think about it much.

  • Highly durable
  • Does not encounter saggy issues
  • Completely non-toxic and does not cause any skin issue
  • Prone to dust accumulation

8. PURESLEEP Natural Latex Foam Mattress

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  • Size – 75X72X3 Inch
  • Mattress Comfort – soft
  • Thickness – 3 inches
  • Mattress Material – 100 % Natural Latex
  • Warranty – No warranty
  • Weight –  24 Kilograms
  • Outer Cover Colour – Off White

Pure sleep is a multinational business that offers you the softness and warmth you want every night from around the world.

This is the ultimate treatment that you will get if you or anyone from your family suffers from snoring. If you start sleeping on it, this mattress promises zero snoring.

The king of comfort in this mattress. This is your dream partner, from getting acquainted with this special not too soft or too hard mattress to being super easy to move it somewhere else.

So, from now on, this super-soft foldable feature will give you the flexibility to position it anywhere while you get the same level of comfort every time, whenever you want to get all cozy on the floor and binge-watch all night!

If you feel that it has not fully worn out and can be more used, you can simply put it on top of your old mattress.

This mattress is free of any substance that is toxic to the ozone layer, other products such as lead, arsenic, and heavy metals, and some fire that slows down chemicals such as PBDEs, TDCPP, and even TCEP, if you are concerned about the safety factors.

Once you start sleeping on this mattress, you can finally wave goodbye to your bad posture, insomnia, and interrupted sleep patterns, and also sudden muscle pain in the morning.

Because of its airborne properties, no bacteria or germs can ever set foot on this mattress and it does not leave any moisture inside the layers. Not only your back, but every part of your body is going to get the rest it deserves. Your pressure points will be taken care of by every part of your body.

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable and flexible
  • Chemical-free all-natural product
  • Breathable layers
  • No warranty

9. Sleepspa Natural Single Latex Mattress

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  • Size – 72X30X6 Inch
  • Thickness – 6 inches
  • Mattress Material – 100 % Natural Latex
  • Warranty – 7 years
  • Weight – 17 kg
  • Outer Cover Colour – Grey

Sleepspa is the company you need to reach out to if you have been advised by your doctor to sleep on a latex mattress to help relieve your back pain.

In its mattresses, it inculcates the best and modern properties that can match with the modern you.

This natural sleepspa single latex foam mattress is the ultimatum you’ve been searching for for so long! This mattress recognizes your needs and comfort and is made entirely by hand with a lot of care and concern for your well-being.

This mattress respects your needs and comfort and is made entirely by hand with a lot of care and consideration for your well-being.

The material it produces is taken directly from the sap of the rubber tree.

This means that this is organically pure latex and you will no longer have to sneeze unrelentingly. It kicks all the bacteria and dust mites away and brings freshness to your body and life! For every other mattress on the streets, this mattress has set the bar.

This takes care of your ergonomic needs and helps to keep your body aligned so that you wake up with a painless back and a good posture and get the sleep you deserve.

This mattress will give you good blood circulation and will gracefully take in the body pressure and achieve the greatest level of comfort.

As you sleep, because of the layers through which air flows periodically, this will keep you cool and you will wake up fresh with great energy. It has combined the comfort that will stick with you for a really long time with the elasticity properties! It’s always going to give you a Cloud-9 feeling and make you feel like you’re floating.

  • Forms the natural contour of the body
  • Bouncy feel
  • A feature like a feel and optimum thickness 
  • Assured quality
  • Too soft for a person with back issues

10. Springtek Natural 100% Dunlop Pincore Latex Bed Mattress

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  • Size – 78x72x6 Inch
  • Mattress Comfort – Medium
  • Thickness – 6 inches
  • Mattress Material – 100 % Natural Latex
  • Weight – 39 kg
  • Outer Cover Colour – White

Springtek is such a business that gives you elite class mattresses that they produce with utter finesse, dedicating their lives in front of your feet. The concept of class and quality is this mattress.

Look no more when you are looking for a high-class and sophisticated mattress because springtek is here to offer just what you want. It belongs in the middle spot, just the way you want it, in terms of comfort level.

That means that it won’t drag you down by being too gentle, nor will it really hurt your back. Just like you do not risk anything when it comes to your well-being and health, this spring trek mattress was produced without compromising on quality.

The creators of this mattress used the most fabulous foam and made sure that no external filters were used. You can say that this mattress has the highest quality since 60000 cycle checks have been passed.

If you still want a stamp of assurance, after verifying that no harmful chemicals were injected into the all-natural latex provided by the Hevea-Brasilienis or in the term rubber tree by a layman, the oeko-tex certificate was given.

The Lga has also tested it and approved it accordingly. It has a 75 density rate and a 29-40 Ild rating, as well. Thus, this will give you the impression of a 5-star mattress bed every night.

This mattress will completely be loved by all you cleanliness lovers because this mattress comes with a pre-installed zipper cover that certainly does not fall into the usual category.

  • Comes with a cover
  • Super comfort
  • Justified by great quality review companies
  • Achieves the medium comfort level
  • Cannot be folded

Benefits Of Latex Mattress

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Latex mattresses are sure to deliver the sleep of a relaxing night-and there are plenty of reasons why! Read on to find out how a mattress made of latex will help you sleep better.


Latex has elastic properties, so it can adapt to your weight, shape, and movements easily. For great pressure relief, this elasticity helps support the heaviest parts of the body.


Latex mattresses, naturally durable, retain their shape and performance for several years.

Simple to maintain

The latex mattress pioneers, Dunlopillo, make single-sided latex mattresses so you don’t have to flip your latex mattress.


The latex structure ensures it is immune to dust mites in a natural way. This helps sustain an atmosphere of new and safe sleep.


About 90 million tons of carbon dioxide was turned into oxygen every year by the rubber trees used to extract latex. This makes latex one of the most eco-friendly fillings accessible for mattresses.

Disadvantages of Using a Latex Mattress

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Quite Expensive

Latex mattresses are one of the pricey mattresses with their unique features such as longevity and complicated manufacturing process.


Latex in itself is heavy in nature and it can be very heavy with the full core later mattress. In addition, the latex mattress must be flipped and rotated in order to prevent any form of sagging. The heavy shape, therefore, makes it very hard to travel.


You will find plenty of foam over latex mattresses or latex over foam mattresses with general distributors on the offline market, but it can be difficult to check for all-true latex mattresses. In addition, often it can even be confusing to ensure that the mattress is all-true latex, so it is recommended to shop online for all true latex mattresses.


The Latex mattress is heavy and the thick foam layer makes it thicker in some mattresses. As a consequence, constant flipping and spinning are a task of immense effort. Hence some customers complained about its maintenance as a real challenge due to its weight. Latex usually dries out if it is exposed for a longer time under intense heat or sunlight. It is therefore advisable not to allow it to be exposed to a longer period of sun or heat. The ironing of clothes on this mattress is also not recommended. In addition, at low settling, electric blankets must either be used or there should be a dense fabric between the latex and the electric blanket.

Types of Mattress

Latex Mattress

This mattress is created by combining two materials, such as reflex foam or springs, with Latex as the main component. If you want to add support underneath your back while enjoying great durability, this mattress is a great alternative.

Latex is obtained from the sap of a rubber tree, and in the early 1900s, the first brand to use it was Dunlopillo.

This company gave rise to a latex boom in the mattress industry and launched a new line of exclusively latex foam bedding. Latex mattresses are renowned for their unbelievable comfort and potential for pressure relief.

Since Latex has a natural tendency, the latex mattresses are normally blended into other natural stuffing to produce a mattress that is fully durable and secure. This product not only comes with a lot of advantages but also many best sellers! Latex is for you if you’re looking for unrivaled protection!

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam typically comes with a support sheet and the foam springs together. What this mattress does is that it uses the heat of your body to mold the particular form itself.

Due to this, outstanding service and comfort are provided. It eventually bounces back to its original form until this strain is removed from the mattress. Given enough time, though, this mattress will be able to hold your body’s form in its memory, and so it gets this name.

Another name is visco-elastic foam, which is also known as memory foam. This was established in the mid-1960s by NASA.

This was made from a composite of polyurethane and was developed to face the intense pressure to which astronauts are vulnerable as they enter or leave the atmosphere of the Earth. Soon enough, the promise of memory foam content was understood, and it started to show up in mattresses, toppers, and even pillows.

Hybrid Mattress

Two parts or materials that are combined into a single mattress consist of the Hybrid mattresses. In contrast, instead of having two different foams and making one main part, this is a better choice. You’ll find a few brands selling hybrid foams, but all of them come with one main component.

For example, if you want the comfort and pressure-point relief that memory foam provides, but you want to refrain from getting trapped in it, and you want the lightness of latex material instead, then you get a memory foam and latex combination that will give you both.

  • True Hybrid: This is Latex Foam or Coil + Memory. You can get it from here if you’re looking for all the essential mattress features, such as longevity, bounce, cooling, and contouring!
  • Pillow Hybrid: Hybrid Pillow Top Mattresses are able to provide the body with a lot of support while relieving all the pressure points due to the firmness of the coil beds.
  • Foam Hybrids: Foam Hybrids do not consist of springs of any kind, but are a gentle mixture of various materials from foams. These mattresses provide the sleeper with a great deal of warmth and cooling.

Spring Mattress

In general, a spring mattress is known as one that is more convenient than others. You will find those believing it to be the foam mattress’s ancestor. It comes with several coils of metal that have been suspended in the other mattress materials.

They can provide a lot more support because of this existence, especially in the case of heavier individuals or those with back and hip issues. By using the body’s pressure to push back, spring mattresses will support the body.

With this kind of construction, however, we can sense one possible downside is the inability of the body to apply equal pressure around the mattress.

This will offer the most pushback to your stomach, hips, and other areas of the body that force down the hardest. For certain sleepers, this can readily transform into a nightmare.

Organic Mattress

We have another all-natural and eco-friendly option for you, called Organic Mattress if you are a fan of natural materials.

These mattresses are not constructed from any hazardous materials or chemicals that are harmful. In the development of these mattresses, natural materials are used, which makes them both breathable and comfortable.

Which makes them a great choice for both summers and winters! If you are someone who has a case of asthma, allergies, or some other form of chronic respiratory condition, then you can go for these organic mattresses as a healthy choice. Additionally, for young children and infants, they are also perfect!

 Smart Mattress

One of the first things that pop in our minds when we hear someone say “smart bed,” is a real question of whether technology did not come with all the mattresses before them.

Today, of course, a lot of nice beds are out there. Intelligent beds, however, come with innovations that can change the way we look at sleep absolutely. The smart mattress comes with sensors to monitor your sleeping habits and to help you sleep better.

For example, as you begin to snore, it will reposition itself, while still interacting with your other home appliances, such as your lights.

Futon Mattress

Nowadays, in superstores like Walmart and IKEA, you can easily find Futon mattresses, but they hold a common significance in Japanese culture. Before they gained prominence in the West, Japanese people had a rich tradition of using these beds.

Earlier, it would only be the right of the people under the royalty to use them, but they were not as relaxed as now. Futons began to gain mainstream popularity in the US in the 1980s, and this occurred after the traditional Japanese versions influenced a man named William Brouwer.

He quickly grabbed the chance in 1982 to build Futon sofa beds. Since they are lightweight, these beds typically have a longer life. And if you put enough time into taking care of them, then you can expect 5 to 10 years of them to stay with you.

RV Mattress

You might start skipping your sleep while you’re traveling around the world because you miss your bed too much. After a long day roaming around, you need your night to be soothing enough to destress you.

Since many individuals have now also embraced the RV lifestyle in India and it sees a steady rise, there has also been an increase in demand and availability of Camper mattresses. Generally, these mattresses are made with memory foam and an innerspring mix. This enables individuals to remain mobilized and easily see the sights across the world.

Because millennials have become and are increasingly growing a segment of RV owners, many of them seek comfort and functionality. There is no arbitration or agreement on the product’s consistency and versatility. Therefore, RV mattresses are typically excellent for a rugged setting, thus retaining the quotient of flexibility and comfort.

Water Beds

Instead of the typical spring or foam stuffing, this is a type of mattress that comes filled with water. The storm took on these mattresses around the 1970s as well as the late 90s.

They soon became a novelty and luxury item for individuals to own, and when it comes to maintenance, they are easy. Whenever needed, you can use it as a cheater or comforter. Two types of water beds available on the market are soft-sided and hard-sided.

While the soft-sided looks identical to any normal mattress, the hard-sided normally flaunts a rectangular wooden frame on which the water bed is laid. It also comes with a deck of plywood where you can rest and unwind.

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Talalay vs. Dunlop Latex


Dunlop came first, so before we get to Talalay, let’s look at it. In the Dunlop method, the first step is to tap rubber trees and collect liquid latex, much as for any rubber output.

The material collected is then whipped up and placed in a container, after which the contents of the mold are heated in a hot oven. The converted material is then washed when this part of the process is finished. Any moisture inside the material is released via the heating portion of the process as a side benefit.

The benefit of this approach is that the mold is filled entirely, resulting in one larger, continuous piece being formed. This allows some of the material at the bottom of the mold to settle. The benefit is that the feeling on one hand is firmer, while the downside is almost the same thing, that the firmness is inconsistent. Overall, material from the Dunlop process has a strong bounce to it.


Talalay latex foam differs from Dunlop in that the mold is poured onto just a certain volume of latex. This helps the latex to be expanded. The next step is for air to be removed. This results in an open-cell structure configuration, and then small pathways have a cooling effect.

The latex is then flash-frozen and separated into various parts. For the sole purpose of creating the final shape, these individual parts are then often glued together. The Talalay method results in a bouncy product that is built to stay calm and responds well to pressure and is all consistent with the look, sound, and efficiency. With this approach, once the pressure is removed and there is some bounce back, the rubber can re-form easily.

Which method, then, is better? Talalay is able to have seams. There can be contradictions with Dunlop. Although Talalay tends to feel softer, Dunlop tends to feel firmer.

Latex vs. Memory Foam

You’ve probably heard of memory foam, and you’ve probably seen ads for it, too. For many, it has great potential. But the fact is that with this rubber stuff, this foam just does not have the same bounce and responsiveness you would very literally see and feel.

One of the top advantages of memory foam is that it can suit the body well. It conforms so well, though, that it just doesn’t spring back as easily as many would like.

The scent scenario is another huge benefit of latex over memory foam. Offensive odors and off-gassing may be compensated and reduced by the properties of the former (often called outgassing, off-gassing is when a trapped vapor is released from its confines, such as in bedding).

As a consequence, for sleepers sensitive to and disturbed by strong aromas, organic latex may be a great choice. Memory foam is also synthetic; several firms, however, have begun to try to integrate more natural materials into their manufacturing.

Buyer’s Guide- Best Latex Mattress

Sleeping Positions

If you are a side sleeper, as pressure points usually build upon the shoulder and hips, you require the most relief from pressure, or there is a huge chance that you could wake up with stiff joints and back pain as the spine could slip from its neutral alignment.

For improved comfort, the best one for the side position is soft to medium. Back sleepers need a mattress that is firm enough to provide the curves of the spine with consistent back support yet soft to mold. It’s supposed to have a medium-sized or firm feel.

Stomach sleepers, because of their position, have a risk of misalignment. Gravity will push the abdomen down into the bed when lying down on a softer mattress, stretching the spine.

This effect of sinkage may be reduced by a firm mattress. Combination sleepers are those who throughout the night move between different positions. They need the isolation of motion and also material responsiveness. They can shift around this way and disturb the person next to them.

Types of Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses come in various forms that give you space to choose from.

  • Natural latex mattress: This is made from a rubber tree’s sap and is considered the best alternative. There are two types: Dunlop, which is formed into a mould by pouring latex, then churned into a foam and placed. This kind of mattress becomes denser at the base due to the pouring technique.Talalay is formed by pouring the mould into components. This gives a coherent density to it.
  • Synthetic Latex mattresses: These are made of chemical compounds that imitate the feel of real latex. It has a much longer length than natural latex. It also decreases the risk in a person of allergies.
  • Blended Latex: It is made with a combination of natural and synthetic latex, as the name implies. It is safer and is therefore cheaper than synthetic latex. Typically, however, it requires more synthetic elements than natural ones.


This is often referred to as ILD or Density of Indentation Load which is how the softness or firmness of a latex mattress is measured. It is measured by pressing a 12-inch round disk into a 4-inch piece of foam until the mattresses are compressed by 25 percent or one inch.

The rule notes that the firmer the latex would be, the higher the ILD. 12 is usually considered to be very soft, whereas 50 is very firm.

You can go for 25 to 31 if you prefer a medium product. But it is vital to remember that when you shop around, ILD is referred to as the combined level of the commodity.

When evaluating layers, however, you can find lower numbers at the level of comfort.


You can feel any sort of resistance from it when you push down a mattress. This is referred to as a mattress’s hardness.

So, you can feel the heart pushing back as you press down on a latex mattress.

The more tension on the latex core you force, the more it pushes back, showing its hardness. Also, hardness and density are related.

The density will decrease when you use the mattress for a long period of time, and the mattress will lose its hardness as well.

Knowing the amount of hardness you need is vital as you don’t want to give your body any trouble later on. Kids, pregnant women need softer beds, and other adults may need firmer beds.

Forms of body

How much force is put on your mattress determines the amount you weigh. So, the more you weigh, the more pressure the mattress can exert.

When you are looking to buy a new mattress, it is important to remember this.

The mattress needs to provide a firmer feel for those on the heavier side, so it can handle the extra pressure and still be able to provide enough relief.

As the spine bows into the material, a mattress that is too soft can cause back pain.

A soft mattress may be used by a person in the mid-range category, but only if it has added layers for protection.

Whereas, to relieve the comparatively low pressure from their body, a petite person might also need a mattress on the softer side.

Support and Convenience

Unlike other mattresses, Latex mattresses provide a special combination of support and comfort. This helps preserve the balance of your spine.

At the support level, as more pressure is applied, latex becomes firmer, enabling an ILD as low as 28 to suffice.

Heat Retention

10 percent of users of latex mattresses say that when sleeping they feel sticky. To help the heat escape, Talalay latex is generated using breathable chambers within the material.

In comparison, synthetic materials are more likely to sleep warmer than natural mattresses.


This implies that because of their manufacturing using chemicals, mattresses may give off harmful smells. There is some form of off-gassing in all-latex beds. Since rubber has a scent, in the first few days it might have an odor. Mattress may help decrease this, combined with wool and cotton. High-quality foam products are thoroughly cleaned, which can also be beneficial. If possible, do not select an unglued product and avoid synthetic products at all costs, as it is considered to be gas-free.

The Pin-holes

You can tell from the images that latex mattresses come with a set of tiny holes. These have two goals. To preserve hygiene, the first one is to provide air flow.

This also keeps the mattress cool and allows it to quickly avoid moisture. Changing the firmness is the second feature. While the use of latex will dictate this, the pinhole plays a role as well.

The level of comfort and firmness is regulated by the size and number of pins.

The holes can be arranged differently in some mattresses to enable you to experience various spaces of softness and firmness, thereby facilitating holistic body support.

So, according to your demand, choose how many and what arrangement you want the pin-holes.


The longer the guarantee, the more you are able to relax. Choose a mattress that comes with a longer warranty; around 5-7 years at least.

Often, make sure the business has flexible practices, and without any hassles, the product is quick to return.


Latex mattresses are considered to be relatively more durable than their counterparts, but it is still best to carefully search.

It ensures that you do not end up with a mattress that can not be used for a few years. Often, make sure they can be washed and handled easily.

Check for certificates

The best mattresses are generally accredited by numerous standard-setting organizations.

They are signs that the mattress complies with all the laid down regulations.

Since these certifications are not easily granted and the organizations are very stringent about them, you should be confident that it is of the highest quality and production if your product has them.

Frequently Asked Questions– Best Latex Mattress

Is a latex mattress hot?

People like to believe that when sleeping on a latex mattress, they feel hot, but that is not the case. The latex mattress helps air to flow easier as it is made of natural latex compared to the memory foam mattress. The movement on the latex mattress provides air ventilation when the pores are open and they offer air circulation when they are free. So, if you use 100 percent natural latex, it can hardly get hot.

Is a latex mattress good for back pain?

When comparing the latex mattresses with the memory foam mattresses, it reveals that compared to the memory foam mattresses, the latex mattresses are much firmer, and the firmer the mattress, the better it will be for your back pain and will ultimately relieve you.
Of course, it’s because latex mattress provides medium comfort and that’s the best thing if you have some kind of back pain or spinal issues as latex mattresses balance the spine well as your sleep and that’s why, gradually, you can get relief from the back pain over time.

Do natural latex mattresses sag?

Over time, all mattresses appear to sag, but in this situation, latex mattresses are a bit different. For more than 20 years, the fine natural latex mattress will maintain its shape and scale.
The most robust mattress for this is known to be the Latex mattress. Compared to rubber mattresses, memory foam and other mattresses tend to sag in far less time.

Are latex mattresses better than memory foam?

Both latex and memory foam mattresses have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you want a sturdy latex mattress, the best option is for you, but if you want anything so soft that gets your body shape, your best option is memory foam.
Also, memory foam for the side sleepers is nice as it is really fluffy, but latex could provide better choices for other sleeping styles. And, as memory foam contains a lot of additives if you want something 100 percent natural, Latex is for you.
Latex could be the better option to cure back pain since it’s a medium-firm mattress. It might not be a good match to cure back pain if the mattress is too soft or too rough.

What does a latex mattress feel like?

A latex mattress contours the body and provides you with buoyant support that responds to your shape. It also retains its form throughout the night and throughout the mattress’s very long life cycle. You experience at all times a cushioned comfort when sleeping on a latex mattress, along with calming pressure relief.

Which is better, latex, or a spring mattress?

Latex, like dust, dust mites, molds, and bacteria, has a natural tolerance to certain allergens. A latex mattress may give a surface that is firmer than padded springs. This can be essential for those with medical conditions who are best to sleep on a firm mattress.

Why do latex mattresses smell?

Both mattresses are prone to smell, even latex mattresses, when fresh. This is due to an ‘off-gassing’ phenomenon where small airborne particles and chemicals called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released into the atmosphere and produce an odor of varying intensity as your new mattress is unwrapped.


If you want soft sleep, Latex Mattresses can be a terrific buy. Maybe this kind of mattress is costly. But you will be able to use that one for a long time until you get a decent quality mattress. In short, this is an opportunity for the long term.

Because of this, before purchasing your next latex mattress, you should always check all the options. In this article, we have tried to include all the best latex mattresses in India which are available.

And we hope, without further problems, this buying guide will help you to find the best latex mattress in India.

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