Best Kitchen Chimney In India

If you are a great cook, you must be familiar with the importance of a Kitchen Chimney. Indian food includes a ton of oil and flavors and cooking the majority of them include sautéing and frying which leaves the eyes watering. Incidental coughing and wheezing sessions are not precluded when explicit spices like dried red chili get fried. What’s more, unavoidably a ton of grime as a side-effect.

That is the reason for having a decent quality Kitchen chimney in an Indian kitchen is an unquestionable requirement have.  Other than causing the cough, sneezes, and different aggravations singing additionally delivers smoke which likewise makes the close by dividers look messy. In the present modern world, who has the opportunity to clean the kitchen walls every day? That is another cause to buy a chimney for your kitchen

Because of the wide assortment of stacks accessible in the Indian market, finding the correct one could be an overwhelming task. Be that as it may if you are searching for buying a kitchen chimney at that point you’ve come to the correct spot as we prepared this list of the best kitchen chimney in India. Also, we have provided a proper buying guideline for you which may help you to choose the right kitchen chimney for your kitchen. 

Working process of Kitchen Chimney 

The modern Kitchen chimney has a hood-mounted straight over the gas ovens/ledges Inside this chimney you can see an incredible fan that debilitates the consumed gases/smokes from the oven to the outside through a funneled pipe. Sending the smoke straightforwardly from the gas oven to the outside is a successful strategy as opposed to a simple exhaust fan.

All the consumed, exhaust gasses, and oil vapor, masalas exhaust are completely sucked out right away. Since the smokes, sediment, and grime are depleted out promptly, it makes you work agreeable. Moreover, for those with breathing troubles, immediate depletion of smoke by the chimneys is the most ideal decision.

Below are Some of the Best Kitchen chimney in India

1. Hindware Kitchen Chimney 90cm Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware 90cm 1200 Auto Clean Chimney

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  • Type: Curved Glass
  •  Control Type: Touch Control
  • Motor Power: 180 W 
  • Size: 90cm
  •  Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr 
  •  Metallic Blower ; SS Baffle Filter 
  • Filter: Baffle Filter
  • Warranty: 1 year on product + 5 years on motor, 
  • Thermal Auto Clean

Made of curved glass, this chimney from Hindware accompanies a shimmering stainless steel finish. It offers cutting edge innovation for a sans smoke cooking experience. Its 1200 m3/hour pull limit keeps the kitchen new and smokes free. This pull limit is especially reasonable for weighty fricasseeing and barbecuing.

It likewise has an oil assortment cup to suit the cooking style across India. The warm auto clean innovation cleans all the oil and different deposits inside in one touch. A solitary touch board for tasks makes it simple to utilize and control.

The smokestack has two vitality productive LED lights joined with broad lighting limit. Lighting is never an issue during cooking, in this way. 

An extraordinary element of this chimney is a energy productive metallic blower with high pull limit. It is known for its top tier execution with high perseverance, low force utilization, and lesser commotion levels.

The puzzle channels have high proficiency in getting the oil and different deposits gathered in the channel. Just the air moves uninhibitedly in the channel subsequently. In any case, the astound channels need cleaning once in a half year.

At 90 cm, its measurements are perfect for an enormous kitchen with a three to five burner oven. It is wall mounted directly on head of the oven/broiler for productive space utilization.

  • Energy efficient 
  • Suitable for big kitchen 
  • High suction capacity 
  • Exhaust pipe quality is poor 

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2. Seavy Kitchen Chimney 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Seavy 60cm 1200  Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

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  • Model: Ciaz Black Titanium 60
  • Control: Touch panel
  • Size: 60 cm 
  • Noise: Maximum noise level is 55 decibels
  • Power consumption: 180 watts
  • Cleaning: Auto-clean
  • Suction capacity: 1200 m3/hour 
  • Warranty: motor – 5 years; comprehensive – 1 year

This is an attractive chimney from Seavy. Its 1200 m3/hour pull limit keeps the kitchen liberated from smoke in any event, when weighty broiling and barbecuing is included. Its tempered steel body makes it solid and consumption safe. Smooth touch board activities and one-contact warm auto clean are prominent highlights of this item. Two hardened steel puzzle channels in this fireplace get oil and different deposits gathered in the channel effectively. The air would thus be able to move unreservedly and rapidly in the channel. Two tempered steel oil assortment cups are of help too. 

Two energy productive LED lights joined to the chimney guarantee that sufficient light is accessible during cooking. Its low clamor level adds to cooking solace. It is vitality proficient and handily kept up. Its 60 cm size makes it appropriate for little to medium-sized kitchens that utilization an oven with two to four burners. It gets divider mounted legitimately over the oven, requiring no extra floor space. It accompanies a 5-year guarantee for the engine. For the whole essemble, the guarantee is 1 year from the date of procurement.

  • Budget friendly 
  • Easy to operate and control 
  • Auto clean technology 
  • Makes some noise while working 

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3. Inalsa Kitchen Chimney 60cm, 1050 m³/hr

Inalsa Kitchen Chimney Smash 60 SSBF with SS Baffle Filter

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  • Type: Stainless Steel 
  •  Control Type: Push Button Control
  • Filter: Stainless Steel Baffle Filter
  •  Pyramid Style with Side Wall Mounting
  • 2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys
  • Max noise(dB): 65
  • Size: 60 cm 
  •  Suction Capacity: 1050m3/hr 
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty (7 years on motor & 2 years on product)

This silver colored wall mounted chimney is useful for a little family with a little kitchen. It is ideal for single living. With 875 m3/hr attractions limit, it is useful for medium-level singing and flame broiling. Activities are by press catches with three-speed alternatives.

The two connected LED lights can enlighten your oven/broiler adequately for happy with cooking. This is a profoundly pocket-accommodating fireplace, however the commotion level is excessively high.

This Inalsa Kitchen chimney has two tempered steel astound channels that can assimilate smoke and oil viably. The channels can be eliminated and refitted effectively for manual cleaning. It is profoundly vitality effective at just 133 watts. It is zero upkeep truly, as the makers offer a lifetime guarantee on the item.

  • Suitable for small kitchen 
  • Easy to remove 
  • So much affordable 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Can not be used in larger kitchens ‘
  • Noise level is high 

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4. Hindware Kitchen Chimney 60cm 1100 m3/hr

Hindware Kitchen Chimney 60cm

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  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted 
  • Size: 60 cm 
  • Noise: 58 decibels 
  • Suction capacity: 1100 m3/hour 
  • Control: Three-speed push button 
  • Power consumption: 180 watts
  • Cleaning: Manual
  • Warranty: 5 years for motor & 1 year comprehensive 

The components of this Hindware fireplace are undeniably appropriate for the ordinary measured Indian kitchens. It is a little chimney with phenomenal highlights like LED lights show for enlightenment and an incredible engine with an attractions limit of 1100 m3/hr.

This pull limit guarantees the most extreme wind current to guarantee that all contaminations discover out into the climate. The press button controls make it simple to work.

This chimney accompanies a rich matte completion that coordinates your kitchen mood. The Baffle channel is a magnificent segment to trap oil and different deposits to permit them to subside into the oil authority while permitting the air to move uninhibitedly. One of the features of this stack is silent tasks. Cleaning this stack is likewise simple, in spite of the fact that the auto clean office isn’t accessible.

  • Push button control with three speed 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Oil control 
  • Does not have auto head clean technology 
  • Noisy

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5. Faber Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1200 m3/h

Faber Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1200 m3/h

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  • Type:Curved Glass, Wall Mounted
  • Filterless chimneys ensure cleaning through air flow angle instead of a separate filter
  •  Auto Clean technology
  • Size:60 cm 
  • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr 
  • 2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys
  • Control Type: Touch Control
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor

This curved glass chimney from Faber is a blend of rich looks, elite, and keen innovation. Contact control makes it simple to work. The warmth auto clean framework permits everything to be cleaned in one touch. No filters infer no other cleaning.

Two oil assortment cups add to cleaning ease. Its 1200 m3/hour attractions limit keeps the kitchen new and without smoke, in any event, when cooking includes a great deal of fricasseeing and flame broiling. Its extraordinary component is Filterless innovation.

This cutting edge configuration puts the engine in a way that leaves an unmistakable pathway for smoke and air to go out. This significantly diminishes support expenses and expands sturdiness. 

Additionally, it is probably the calmest stacks in the Indian market with its commotion level restricted to 48 decibels. That is an encouraging supplement to the cooking experience.

The two vitality proficient LED lights appended to the smokestack make satisfactory light accessible when cooking is in progress. Notwithstanding, no data is promptly accessible on the wattage utilization of this item.

It has the perfect measurements for little to medium-sized kitchens with a two to four-burner oven. Divider mounted straightforwardly on the head of the oven/stove encourages effective space utilization.

  • No filter technology 
  • Auto clean technology 
  • Makes least noise 
  • No cons found 

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6. Elica Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean

Elica 60 cm 1200 Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit

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  • Type:Curved Glass,Wall Mounted
  • Size:60 cm 
  • Max noise(dB): 58
  • 2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys
  • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr 
  •  Auto Clean 
  • Control Type: Touch Panel Control 
  • Warranty: 5 years on Motor and 1 year on product

this chimney from Elica joins great looks with sturdiness and high usefulness. It’s anything but difficult to utilize contact control board streamlines its activity.

The warmth auto clean innovation disposes of cleaning bothers.

The bewilder channels utilized in this stack are especially effective in getting the oil and different buildups gathered in the channel. That permits just the air to move unreservedly and rapidly in the filter.

The kitchen chimney accompanies 2 LED lights that expend just three watts of intensity. Be that as it may, they guarantee sufficient light for cooking. 

The 1200 m3/hour pull limit of the chimney keeps the kitchen new and without smoke. This attraction’s limit is especially appropriate for substantial searing and barbecuing.

The low clamor level adds to cooking solace. It is low on support, and the vitality utilization is additionally low. Its measurements are perfect for little to medium-sized kitchens with a two to the four-burner oven.

It is a wall mounted straightforwardly on the head of the oven/stove. That suggests effective space use.

  • Energy efficient 
  • Auto clean technology 
  • Compact size for small and medium kitchen 
  • Little bit noisy 

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7. Eurodomo Kitchen Chimney 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney

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  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall mounted
  • Control Type: Touch
  • Filter Surface Area: 52 x 30 cmsq.
  •  Auto-Clean chamber Material type : black finish with curved glass
  • Size: 60 cm
  • Heat Auto-Clean function with Oil Collector
  •  Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
  • Max noise(dB): 58
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor

Eurodomo Kitchen chimneys are ideal for Indian kitchens in light of their magnificent attractions intensity of 1200 m3/hr. It guarantees to dispose of the smoke, sediment, and oil buildups from the kitchen, consequently making it a contamination free spot.

The touch control board makes this smokestack one of the simplest to utilize. The auto head cleaning innovation utilizes a warming component to isolate the oil particles and different toxins into a different oil authority.

This authority is removable and launderable whenever. This fireplace highlights LED lights to enlighten the cooking territory, accordingly upgrading the cooking experience to an alternate level by and large. 

This chimney includes an excellent bewilder channel that assists with hauling down smoke and residue particles.

The astound channels need next to no upkeep, however it is fitting to clean them at ordinary stretches. The rich plan and measurements make it an ideal fit for the Indian kitchen. It improves the general vibe of the kitchen and makes it look current.

  • Noiseless function 
  • LED light for illumination 
  • Auto head technology 
  • Expensive 

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8. Glen Kitchen Chimney 60cm, 1000 m3/h Curved Glass

Glen 60cm Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

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  • Italian motor with TOP
  • Size 60 cms, Airflow 1000 m³/h
  •  FRP housing
  • 2 powerful 40 W lamps with LED Lights
  • Push button controls
  • Life time warranty

Glen kitchen chimney is an easily recognized name, as these chimneys are well known around for over twenty years. This stack has a delightful structure and stands apart smoothly to improve your kitchen climate.

The hardened glass body makes it a strong apparatus that isn’t just warmth safe yet in addition simple to clean. The serious planning guarantees that it doesn’t diminish the wind current by gathering the oil buildup independently.

The amazing engine empowers proficient attractions to make your kitchen a contamination free region in your home.

The fireplace accompanies simple to-utilize control alternatives that permit you to choose between three distinct speeds and hob light. 

The stainless steel baffle filter with a unique wind stream guarantees that the oil and other grime gathers into the oil gatherer for simple expulsion.

The LED lighting highlights are undeniably positioned to enlighten the basic regions of your kitchen like your ledges and encompassing spots to empower advantageous cooking.

Despite the fact that this chimney doesn’t come with auto clean technology, it is not difficult to clean on account of the advanced designs.

  • Powerful suction capacity 
  • Excellent design with amazing advanced features 
  • Easy to operate and handle 
  • Doesn’t feature with auto head cleaning technology 

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9. Hindware Kitchen Chimney 60cm 700 m3/hr Chimney

Hindware 60cm 700 Kitchen Chimney

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  • Type:Pyramid,Wall Mounted
  • Control Type: Push Button Control
  •  Voltage :220-240V/50Hz
  • Size:60 cm 
  • Motor Power (W):65 W
  • Suction Capacity: 700 m3/hr
  • , Noise Level in DB(A): <58dB(A) Noise at 1m Level
  • | Colour: Steel/Grey| Lamp: 2x40W Lamp
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 5 years on motor

This Hindware chimney is ideal for the little kitchens that we have in pads and condos in India today. Notwithstanding being a little machine, this chimney enough capacity to guarantee a contamination free kitchen condition.

This chimney comes furnished with a tape channel made of aluminum that is fit for catching oil and other smoke deposits to permit free development of air between the filters. 

One of the featuring highlights of this apparatus is low commotion. You may miss its essence in the kitchen in light of its silent tasks. The engine has a pull intensity of 700m3/hr, an ideal one for the little kitchen.

The treated steel finish makes it look alluring while at the same time conveying an elevated level of execution simultaneously.

This chimney highlights brilliant lights to illuminate the cooking spaces, along these lines dispensing with the need to have separate lighting for the kitchens. Press catches make it simple for the client to work this chimney. Aside from being an effective entertainer, this Hindware machine is a energy proficient item, too.

  • Compact and simple design 
  • Small device with good suctioning power 
  • Noiseless
  • No auto clean feature 
  • Not suitable for larger kitchen 

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10. Bosch Kitchen Chimney 90cm 800 m3/hr Chimney

Bosch Kitchen Chimney 90cm 800 Chimney

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  • Type:Box–Type,Wall Mounted
  • Control Type: Push Button Control
  • Suction Capacity: 800 m3/hr 
  • Size:90 cm (3-5 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys)
  • Baffle Filter is suitable for Indian kitchens & requires cleaning every 6 months
  • Max noise(dB): 73
  • Warranty: 2 year on product, 5 years on motor

Bosch chimneys are a standout amongst others accessible in the remarkable with the advanced German innovation. The elements of this Bosch kitchen chimneys are with the end goal that they fit any medium-sized kitchen consummately. This fireplace is unmistakably appropriate for a 3 to 5 burner gas oven set up. This stack accompanies simple activity controls as pushbuttons. One of the key advantages of this smokestack is that it doesn’t make a lot of commotion. Cleaning the Baffle filter is simple. Be that as it may, it is prudent to get it expertly cleaned at regular intervals to stay away from any development of oil and residue. 

The chimney accompanies a pull limit of 800m3/hr that ought to be ideal for a kitchen having territory under 100 sq. ft. This pull limit ought to be ideal for low singing and flame broiling exercises. It accompanies a 350W engine to empower effective attractions. LED lights are accessible that can enlighten the regions straightforwardly beneath this stack. This stack positions as a standout amongst other kitchen chimneys in India today.

  • Powerful suction capacity 
  • Buffle filter with 3 layers 
  • Low noise level 
  • Expensive

Buying Guide For Kitchen Chimney

Types of Kitchen Chimney 

Wall mounted Chimney 

The wall mounted chimney is the most well-known kind of chimney you run over anyplace on the planet. Kitchens in India as a rule have their foundation fabricated adjoining the walls.

Thus, the wall mounted stack is extremely famous in India. Generally, these chimneys need conduits to deliver the smoke to the outside. Be that as it may, you have the ductless assortment too in such kinds of fireplaces.

The stacks channel and filter the air and deliver it again into the kitchen. Ordinarily, you don’t have cupboards to oblige such smokestacks. You have a variation of the divider mounted fireplaces known as the island stacks. 

Straight line Chimney 

Numerous Indian kitchens face space limitations. Under such conditions, you probably won’t have the option to introduce the divider mounted stacks. The straight line chimneys can act as the hero.

They expand mostly over the cooking range. Notwithstanding sucking up smoke straightforwardly from the cooktop, they have amazing attractions closures to suck the smoke from different pieces of the kitchen also.

The upside of utilizing this smokestack is that it gives you extra overhead space to store your kitchen things. 

Auto clean chimney

Chimneys require normal cleaning to eliminate the residue and the grime. Indians love hot food that contains bunches of oil. Subsequently, you locate the sleek particles adhering to the filters.

That can influence the working of the stack. You have the alternative to clean the chimney at traditional stretches. This may require destroying the filters and cleaning them altogether. On the other hand, you have the alternative of going for a smokestack with an auto cleaning highlight.

Such stacks have a store that you have to load up with around 500 ml of water. In the wake of utilizing the chimneys for a long time, you need to press the ‘auto clean’ button. This will make the water clean down the oil and make the chimney work proficiently like previously.

Ducting Chimneys

This type of chimneys has a duct or extracting path. The clean sucks the air from the kitchen and sends that to the filter. The filtration process absorbs the grime and oil from the smoke, and then release it outside through PVC.

Ductless Chimneys

Ductless Chimney does not have any duct instead it uses fan or blower and charcoal filters. The air is sucked through the blower, during which the charcoal filters absorb smoke and fumes. The air then passes through blower and released to the clean air into the kitchen.

Island Chimneys

Island Chimneys are styling and available in western design. You can also fix these chimneys exactly above your stove, ensure that it exactly hangs above it. This will suck all fumes and smoke and will send that to the evacuation pipe. However, you may require enough height of your ceiling to install this type of Kitchen Chimney. It requires a significant height from the stove (discussed later) and also for its evacuation process. You also will have to hire some professionals to install this type of chimney in your kitchen.

Corner Chimneys

Corner Chimney is a stylish home appliance. Whenever using a stove, you can use this chimney by driving it over the stove. After you finish cooking, you can retract it back to its place. Some of the corner chimneys have a push button to adjust it back to the corner, some are manual. These chimneys are highly adjustable and consume less space in your kitchen. However, some of the consumers doubt its efficiency.

Curved Glass Chimneys

The best thing about the curved glass kitchen chimney is that it is less noisy. These chimneys consist of two units; indoor unit and outdoor unit. Another best thing about this product is that it is available in different styles and designs. You can use it in your kitchen of any size; either small or the large one.

The curve in the chimney provides addiction coverage and suction power. If you or your kids love fried items, you must go for curved glass chimneys. It also has a light feature, with which you can enhance the brightness while cooking.

Angular Chimneys

Kitchens are always full of smoke and grease. That is why it is essential to use the chimneys most suitable to control smoke, oil, and grease. If you are also searching for such kitchen chimneys, use the angular ones. Angular chimneys are available in different styles and designs. You can choose any design as per your interior and kitchen size. Its suction power and higher extraction efficiency make it most suitable amongst all.

Box Type Chimneys

If you are a little style-conscious and searching for something extraordinary, try box type chimney. Such chimneys are also called ceiling-mounted cook hoods, which requires a significant space in your kitchen. It is constructed with stylish and dirt resistant steel and glass items. In this way, the cleaning of the chimney does not remain an issue for you. It also contains amazing features like touch digital system and LED light. With such controls, you can enjoy cooking in a bright and amazing atmosphere.

Types of Filters in Kitchen Chimney 

Contingent upon their structure, the materials utilized and their separating cycle, there are three sorts of filters utilized in kitchen chimney: 

Charcoal Type 

This kind of filter is utilized explicitly for the ingestion of scent. It contains dark charcoal granules. The limit of the filter to ingest smell changes with the size of the charcoal granules and the thickness of the filters. It is an extra component in most kitchen chimneys and is utilized notwithstanding network/tape or puzzle channels. Contingent on the use, charcoal filter stops up with oil and oil and should be supplanted generally once like clockwork. 

Mesh or Cassette Type 

Made basically of piled up aluminum work, this is the most well-known sort of kitchen filter. The layers cover and are counterbalanced to a little degree. The minute holes in the work permit oil and oil particles to adhere to the layers. The pores are obstructed effectively and the exhibition of the stack is adversely influenced. In Indian kitchens, the amount of oils being used notwithstanding the propensity of flavors to cover the channel and square the work causes execution issues. The channel requires week after week cleaning with foamy water. 

Baffle Type 

A stainless steel and aluminum structure makes this a stream control filter. The bends alter the course of the smoke and through this cycle, substantial oil particles are hauled into the confound channel. This kind of channel isn’t effortlessly stopped up and can keep working for long. This is fit to Indian cooking as high use of oils and flavors has no impact on its presentation. Puzzle channels should be washed just once like clockwork and can run for quite a long time without substitution.

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Things to consider before buying the best kitchen chimney in India 


Kitchen chimneys in the Indian market generally come in two sizes: 60 cm and 90 cm. For little to medium-sized kitchens with two to four-burner ovens, a 60 cm stack is fine. 

Chimney Size

If  you have an enormous kitchen with a cooking range that has five or six burners, you will require a 90 cm chimney. Recall that your fireplace must be imperceptibly bigger than your oven for proficient working. 

Suction Power 

Suction power alludes to the limit of the engine inside your stack to suck oil particles and scent. Cubic meter is the estimation unit of pull power; m3/hr accordingly implies cubic meter every hour. There are remarkable varieties in the cooking of various districts of India. In any case, the cooking style isn’t so unique. Sautéing, searing with flavors and profound singing are basic highlights of Indian cooking across areas. 

Working of Suction Power

Those cycles produce smoke. That is the reason the suction intensity of chimneys is fairly significant. For medium to enormous family kitchens, 1200 m3/hr attractions rate functions admirably. On the off chance that you are a two-man family with a little kitchen, 850 – 900 m3/hr ought to be adequate. If you are living separately, a smokestack with less suction power would likewise do. Except if you have a constant flow of visitors for whom you cook normally, that is. 

Low Maintenance Chimneys 

Any machine that needs traditional overhauling turns into a botheration. It is imperative to check for low support highlights, consequently. See if the engine or blower is fixed. Something else, residue and grime will get inside and cause issues. A non-stick aluminum blower and engine requires minimal overhauling of inward parts. This isn’t an element that companies notice in their item portrayal. 

Ease of Cleaning 

Cleaning is significant for your chimney to work effectively. On the off chance that you get one with an auto-clean capacity, you face the least problems. Auto-clean chimneys have a different oil assortment part which can be handedly destroyed, cleaned and fitted back. Yet, do check the strength of the oil assortment unit. For example, a plastic oil assortment unit may break effectively and require continuous substitutions. 

Mount Type 

Kitchen chimneys with two mount types are accessible in India: divider mount and roof mount. A divider mounted smokestack has one side fixed to the divider. They are a decent decision if your oven is likewise nearby the divider. Roof mounted chimneys  dangle from the roof. Since a kitchen fireplace must be legitimately over the oven, this sort of smokestack is acceptable if your oven is set away from all the dividers in your kitchen. 

Noise and Speed Factor

All-electric chimneys make some level of clamor, particularly when put on high. The steady whirr as you cook isn’t charming to the ear. Search for those with the least clamor level. 

Fundamental chimneys accompany a single speed choice. Yet, there are a few items today across differing value scales that offer three-speed control alternatives: low, medium, and high.It bodes well to settle on the three-speed control choice. You would then be able to control how you need your chimney to work, contingent upon what you are cooking. The three-speed choice additionally has joins with the commotion question. Fireplaces that are loud at maximum velocity are calmer at lower speeds.

Chimney Design 

Electric chimneys are currently accessible in various structures. Consider what might go with the style and look of your kitchen when you choose to get one. If space is an issue in your kitchen, the basic straight-line configuration is your most ideal alternative. They can fit in restricted spaces and capacity effectively. They additionally give overhead space to store things. Curved glass structures normally are the least loud since they have separate open air and indoor units. This plan likewise gives bigger attractions inclusion. The lights in curved glass chimneys are generally appropriate for centered lighting when cooking. Precise smokestacks are attractions specialists. They are the most ideal decision for Indian homes where oil, flavors, singing, and hardening characterize cooking. Pyramid-formed chimneys are the most energy productive. On the off chance that force bills are a worry for you, this is the structure you ought to go for. 

Frequently Asked Question About Kitchen Chimney

Why is chimney used in the kitchen? 

The principle capacity of a kitchen chimney is to remove heat, smoke, food scents and air-borne oil, utilizing its inward fan and filter. Ducted chimneys are more compelling and favored in contrast with ductless chimneys for the Indian style of cooking, which includes a ton of broiling and the utilization of masalas. 

Which is the best exhaust fan or chimney? 

Exhaust fans can just through the smoke out from the kitchen, and not different debasements like smoke, little oil/food particles, scent, heat that a chimney can. A chimney is extremely successful. Fireplaces are the most ideal alternative to keep up kitchen condition. 

How to install a kitchen chimney in home? 

Follow the basic steps that given below to arrange the kitchen chimneys in the correct area… 
* Take out all the important instruments and types of gear and be prepared to begin the establishment system. 
* Drill the gaps appropriately to fix the stack in the ideal area. 
* Fit the fastens and nuts their separate situation with legitimate consideration. 
* And for electric smokestacks, interface the wires to the switch board and afterward switch on the force flexibly. 
* If you don’t have any thought regarding introducing a stack, you can contact the approved help community or individual.

How would I pick an ideal measured chimney for my kitchen? 

Most kitchen chimneys are accessible in standard sizes of 60 cm and 90 cm. Pick the size of the chimney relying upon the size of the oven and the size of the kitchen. The chimney size ought to be somewhat bigger than the size of the oven, so as to ingest the smoke substantially more successfully. 

Is an auto clean chimney better? 

Auto clean chimney forestalls oil and oil particles from adhering to the channel which influences the suction intensity of the kitchen stack and can diminish its presentation. Oil gatherer doesn’t require incessant cleaning which diminishes the general upkeep of cleaning channels. 

What is the distinction between an auto clean and normal chimney? 

Kitchen chimney is an apparatus that makes the kitchen spotless and liberated from smoke, yet cleaning the chimney is a dull and tedious cycle. Auto clean fundamentally comprehends the disposing of the oil particles from kitchen smokestack itself, without human intercession. 

How would I calculate chimney suction requirements for my kitchen? 

For instance, in the event that your kitchen is 10*12 with a roof stature of 10 feet, at that point 10*12*10 = 1200 cubic feet or 34 cubic meter. Suppose if the air while cooking must be cleaned multiple times in an hour then the computation is 34*15=510 which is the least suction power you require. In any case, you cook meat or deep fry normally, at that point the pull power must be much more than that. 

How to clean kitchen chimney ?

This method requires baking soda, salt and vinegar. Take the filters into the tub and add hot boiling water, 2-3 tablespoon of baking soda, 2-3 tablespoon of salt and 2 cups of vinegar to it. Let it soak for 1 to 2 hours.

How do you remove grease from a kitchen chimney ?

Use the dishwashing liquid to keep your chimney clean

It is readily available as well as effectively cleans up the oil and the grease stains from it. Simply take out the filters and apply some dishwashing liquid on it. After that take a big bucket and fill it with boiling water

How kitchen chimney works ?

An electric chimney sucks the air inside the kitchen. The air then passes through the filters which absorbs the heat and traps the grease particles thereby removing fumes and odor and ventilates your kitchen keeping it fresh and odor free

How to install kitchen chimney ?

It is better if you hire someone to install your kitchen chimney. Some chimneys are easier to install, but some of them are tricky. Any mistake during the installation process can leave the worst impact on the performance of the chimney. That is why you need the necessary tools and proper skills to install it in your kitchen. You need to drill holes properly in your kitchen wall, which will support your chimney. Fit the screws perfectly, and then position your chimney suitable at a suitable height from your stove. There must be 25 to 30 inches distance between your stove and chimney. Set the electricity connection and proper wiring for it and switch on the power supply. Though you can do it, I will highly recommend you to contact the authorized person for it.
below video describe well the process.


We currently realize that kitchens need to have great ventilation to avoid indoor contamination from cooking. Likewise, the Indian style of cooking discharges smoke, oil vapor, and fragrances. In any case, oil settles in fine film over the dividers, cupboards, holders that are not inside a bureau, etc. Aside from how foul that can make a kitchen look, there are related wellbeing risks. Kitchen smoke and gathered grime can cause respiratory issues. 

That is the reason we need a chimney in the kitchen. Particularly in contemporary urban family units where loft style living regularly implies that it is hard for the air to get away from the structure without some assistance. Our article contains the best kitchen chimney in India which will assist you to buy the best one and get relief from various health issues.

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