Best Electric Rice Cooker In India | With Price Comparision

In India rice is one of the main foods that you can discover in practically any part of the nation and perhaps the most ideal approach to cook the rice is to steam the rice. Many people likewise incline toward heating up the rice and it is positively a decent alternative too yet the issue is that when you channel the water after heating the rice, a ton of supplements is additionally washed away. 

In such a case, it is in every case better to steam the rice. If you experienced issues while steaming the rice in the LPG oven, at that point don’t stress, there is a superior method to cook rice flawlessly. Yes, we are discussing electric rice cookers. 

They are reasonable, simple to utilize and they surely help you in getting the rice on your table. In such a case, we don’t generally observe an explanation behind not buying the electric rice cooker. On the off chance that you are additionally persuaded of the reality yet if you are mistaken for which rice cooker to buy, at that point you are unquestionably at the correct spot. 

This is because we have recorded the absolute best electric rice cookers in India and you can pick any one among them. We have incorporated this list after a ton of statistical surveying and we likewise thought to be a few different variables like highlights offered by the rice cooker.

Buying Guide for Electric Rice Cooker 

In the event that you are wanting to buy an electric rice cooker, at that point you should realize that there are sure factors that should be considered before you finish your buy. To assist you with your buy, we have recorded a portion of the variables that you have to consider while picking the electric rice cooker. 


You have to check the limit of the rice cooker that you are buying and guide it up with your necessities. The more the relatives, the higher the limit you will require. Preferably, the cookers that can oblige just about 1 Kg of crude rice are sufficient for a group of 4 to 6 individuals relying upon the utilization. You can get rice cookers with higher just as lower capacity.

Easy to use & control 

For the most part, the essential rice cookers offer one-contact control choices. The serious ones have advanced presentations. You should try to comprehend the controls without any problem. It isn’t fitting to continue alluding to the manual without fail. 

Inner Pot Material

A large portion of the electric rice cookers appears to be identical from outside. Notwithstanding, what has any kind of effect is the material that is utilized to make the internal pot. Most makers either utilize tempered steel or non-stick aluminum. A few makers even utilize aluminum covered hardened steel material to make the inner pot. You can pick one based on your inclination. A portion of the pointers that can assist you with choosing the best material are: 


Rice cookers that utilization aluminum to make the internal pot are commonly light in weight and are accessible at a less expensive cost. Aluminum is considered as the best conductor of warmth. Nonetheless, it isn’t as solid as treated steel. Vessels that are caused utilizing aluminum can twist as well on the off chance that you apply an excessive amount of weight. 

Stainless Steel

Pots made utilizing tempered steel are entirely strong. With a glossy completion, these pots or vessels search new for a considerable length of time. When contrasted with different materials, treated steel vessels are somewhat costly. The warmth conduction property of hardened steel isn’t in the same class as that of aluminum. 


As no food material adheres to the skillet, vessels with non-stick covering are anything but difficult to clean. Notwithstanding, these non-stick coatings will in general wear off quicker. When the covering begins destroying, you should supplant the internal pot.

Non-Stick Pot and Removable Pot 

The following element to check is the pot. We would prescribe you to pick something that accompanies a removable pot as it gets simpler to clean and it likewise turns out to be very simple to serve. Aside from this, you have to guarantee that you buy the non-stick model of the pot as this would likewise make it simple to clean. 

Digital Timer 

The rudimentary models accompany manual clock handles. Be that as it may, the computerized clocks are the best as they can help switch off the rice cooker at a predefined time. It will likewise tell us the time by which the supper would be prepared to serve. 


The following interesting point is the simplicity of cleaning the rice cooker. It is in every case better to buy the model that is dishwasher safe. Likewise, the non-stick pots are simpler to clean. Continuously and consistently consider the simplicity of neatness as this would help you in keeping up the cleanliness 

Glass Lid 

You can settle on the model that accompanies the glass top. Having a glass cover can make it simple for you to screen the cooking cycle. Along these lines, you would not need to open the cover any longer which makes the steam departure and cooking to back off. 

Explicit modes for various rice dishes 

The normal rice eater won’t need this setting. Nonetheless, a rice sweetheart would appreciate this component. Guarantee that the cooker can isolate each grain of rice on the off chance that you wish to have Biriyani or Pulav. 

Then again, the rice should take up a crushed appearance when you get ready Pongal or other comparative dishes. You can control the gracefully of water and guarantee to get the correct blend. Notwithstanding, a programmed cooking mode would be favorable. 


Look at the accessories that are accessible with a rice cooker. The standard and the fundamental embellishments incorporate the liner, estimating cup, and a spatula or a serving spoon. These accessories can make it simple for you to cook and separated from this, you can buy extra idlis producer remain with the rice cooker. 


Check for the warranty given to you. The market standard is between 1 year and 2 years on the general item however the majority of the brands offer a guarantee of 5 years on the warming component. Check for such a sort of guarantee on the item. 


The exact opposite interesting point is the cost of the electric rice cooker. The one that you buy must fit into your financial plan and it is additionally essential to guarantee that you are not accepting a local item. Buy it from a decent brand regardless of whether it implies putting in a couple of hundred rupees extra.

Other Features 

Look at the highlights accessible with the electric rice cooker that you are buying. The standard highlights that are required are the separable string, keep warm capacity, and the warm capacity. In a portion of the top models, you will likewise discover the surface settings which can upgrade your involvement in the rice cooker that you buy.

Below Are our Selected Best Electric Rice Cooker 


Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker 

Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 700-Watts Delight Electric Rice Cooker


  • 1.8 Open Type with Two aluminum cooking pans
  • Capacity: 1Kg of rice
  • Detachable power cord
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Close fit lid made of stainless steel
  • Ideal for: Cooking rice, stew, soup, porridge, pulao, idlis and steaming vegetables
  • Power: 700W

Prestige is a famous brand that has been delegated among a couple of India’s kitchen machines industry. The brand has assembled extraordinary notoriety according to clients as a result of their quality items. Notoriety PRWO 1.8-2 Delight is a magnificent rice cooker that isn’t just restricted to cooking rice but at the same time is productive in cooking dishes like porridge, pulao, stew, soup, and so forth.

Presently, you don’t have to sit tight for quite a long time close to the oven and mix the dishes. Utilizing this cooker, you can concoct to 1 Kg of rice and steam the vegetables. As steaming the vegetables causes us to secure the supplements them. 

This rice cooker accompanies an easy to understand options, that is it has a control switch. This control switch is utilized when the food is prepared, it would naturally change the food to the “Keep warm” mode. It has a twofold divider body and a cool-contact handle which gives more preferences in choosing this item.

It accompanies great quality and an appealing cover to close the cooker and to brighten your table. You can without much of a stretch convey this rice cooker anyplace due to its separable string. It’s profoundly convenient and simple to utilize the apparatus. With this rice cooker, the brand is offering complimentary skillet. You have an alternative to purchase the performance Pan bargain or go for the arrangement of 2 dishes with this rice cooker.

  • Cool-touch handles 
  • Two cooking pans 
  • Can also connect with an external power source 
  • Sturdy body with a close fit lid
  • Expensive
  • Power efficiency is lower than others 

Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

Bajaj RCX 5 1.8-Litre Rice Cooker

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  • 1.8-Litre capacity
  • Automatic cooking
  • 1Kg raw rice cooking capacity
  • Power: 550 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts
  • The Cooking Bowl is Aluminum with anodized finish
  • Warranty: 2 years on product

Bajaj is a notable company that makers probably the Best Water Geysers in India. Bajaj is administering the Indian business sectors for quite a while and is known for giving brilliant post-deal administrations. Bajaj RCX 5 1.8L Rice cooker best the rundown of best rice cookers in India. This apparatus is accessible in white shading and looks exceptionally trendy. Everything you require to do with this rice cooker is put the perfect measure of water and rice and the rest will be finished with this brilliant rice cooker. 

This Cooker is designed with cool-touch handles which will make your activity simpler. You can undoubtedly lift the cooker without the slightest hesitation. Else, a large portion of the cookers have handles that consume hands. This electric rice cooker devours 550W of intensity which makes it a force benevolent apparatus. Hence, utilizing this rice cooker will never influence your power bills. Likewise, it needs a voltage of 230 volts to work proficiently. This variation accompanies an erosion safe bowl that keeps your food sound and traps the basic supplements into your food. The rope of the rice cooker is separable, which makes it profoundly versatile. 

  • Saves time, kitchen space and cooking gas as well
  • Easy to carry 
  • Auto shut off feature 
  • Capacity is less 

Brayden Rizo, 500 W Electric Rice Cooker

Brayden Rizo, 500 W Electric Rice Cooker

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  •  Larger 1.5-liter cooking bowl 
  • 500W power
  • Auto shut off features cut the power
  • Durable Anodised Aluminium Pan to Cook & Keep Warm
  • Anodised aluminum-coated pan is resilient

Brayden is another contestant in the kitchen apparatus industry. The brand is effectively developing broadly and in the online business sectors. Brayden Rizo is one of the most reasonable Electric Rice Cooker in India. This rice cooker is accessible in 3 calming hues that incorporate Ivory white, Raspberry Red and Crimson Red. Likewise, you have a decision to pick among 2 variations, there is a 1.5L variation and the other is 1.8L cooker. 1.5L electric cooker size is ideal for family units. However, we suggest 1.8L variation for enormous families. It accompanies an estimating cup and an aluminum dish. The estimating cup would assist you with including the ideal measure of water and rice so you get the ideal surface of the rice. 

It includes an extraordinary capacity of programmed cooking. In this component, the apparatus detects the rice. In the event that the rice gets milder (cooked), this capacity removes the force and the apparatus gets off. This spares the feast from overcooking as well as spares power. You can work this component from the front board. You can cook various sorts of rice in this Cooker like white, earthy colored, yellow rice, and so forth. Different kinds of rice as well as you can cook cereal, soups, pasta and all the food which you love. In this cooker, the food won’t get adhere to the base. As the cooker is produced using anodized aluminum covered dish that withstands for long periods of presentation to warm.

  • Great build quality 
  • Easy to use, handle and carry
  • Simple and elegant design 
  • Suitable for small families 

Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 750-Watt Automatic Electric Cooker

Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 750-Watt Automatic Electric Cooker

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  • Anchor coated non-stick cooking pan
  • 4 hours keep warm function
  • Clear steaming basket
  • Total Volume-5.4 Litre 
  • Raw Capacity-0.9 Litre
  • Auto cooking/scoop holder
  • Convenient bridge handle
  • Lid holder, Automatic Cooking

This SR-Y22FHS Automatic Electric Cooker is a well known machine from Panasonic. The company has made an extraordinary notoriety in the home and kitchen machine industry. This automatic electric cooker has a limit of 5.4 Liters that makes it an ideal machine for a group of more than 4 individuals. It has a non-stick skillet that has a stay covering which improves the life of the cooker. 

Like different cookers, the Panasonic SR-Y22FHS Automatic Electric Cooker additionally has connected handles that would give an ideal grasp to hold the cooker. This handle is made with a protecting material so that it won’t ever harm you.  It devours an intensity of 750W and functions admirably with at least 220 volts. This cooker accompanies a cooking plate and a scoop holder which are basic for acceptable cooking. This machine makes them stun capacities that incorporate Auto Cooking, 5 hrs keep warm capacity, one rice scoop, and so on. To guarantee more security, the Cooker accompanies a cover holder that has a decent quality handle at the top. The body of the Cooker is made with great material, CRCA material.

  • Good quality material 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Non stick coating 
  • Glass panel around the lid 

Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker

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  • Anodized aluminium cooking pan
  • Auto cut-off, Comes with Cooking Plate
  • Scoop holder
  • Auto cooking
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on heater

Panasonic is one of the mainstream companies in India that produces a scope of home appliances. The brand is creating quality and winning hearts for more than 30 years. They have an extraordinary brand picture in the market. The limit of the Panasonic SR-WA18 E4.4L is a 1.8-liter Automatic Rice cooker which is most appropriate for a family unit. The cooking container in this rice-cooker is made of anodized aluminum that offers better toughness. The handle is made of treated steel which gives more favorable circumstances for the body structure of the cooker. 

The sort of handle designed in this cooker is an extension type handle which includes comfort when you will hold the cooker. The two plastic handles are heat safe and it will shield your hands from getting scorched. The body of the cooker is made of ROHS consistent material. ROHS is Restriction of Hazardous Substances, the limitation for the utilization of unsafe materials in electrical and electronic items. This item additionally accompanies a cooking dish. It is an exceptionally vitality proficient machine that is likewise eco inviting. You additionally get alternatives like auto cooking and auto-cut that includes making it stand apart of the group.

  • Low electricity consumption 
  • Auto cooking function 
  • Easy to handle and operate 
  • Color of the item is not eye catching 

Prestige Delight PRWO 1-Litre Electric Rice Cooker

Prestige Delight PRWO 1-Litre Electric Rice Cooker

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  • Capacity – Cooks upto 400g of raw rice, stainless steel close fit lid
  • Voltage(V) :230 VOLTS ,Wattage(W) : 500 WATTS 
  • Weight: 1.45kg
  • Cool touch handles and detachable power cord for easy carry
  • Includes: main unit, user manual, warranty card
  • Product Dimensions: 24(length) cm* 24 cm(width)* 23 cm(height) 
  • Warranty: 1 year

Prestige Delight PRWO 1-liter Electric Rice cooker comes in two alluring and excellent hues. This electric rice cooker is accessible in 2 hues, White and Red. Both the colors are extremely premium. It can take up to 400g crude rice at once. This cooker likewise accompanies cool-contact handles. These handles would spare you from hot burns. This cooker has a twofold layered body which makes it strong and gives it a more drawn out life. The programmed framework in this cooker gives you an additional hand. The apparatus naturally kills and goes on to warm mode to spare your food and power. 

This cooker is compact, ie, it very well may be conveyed anyplace. On occasion, in the event that you are going with your family, this cooker will fill your heart with joy as you can without much of a stretch appreciate flavorful home-prepared food anyplace. It expends just 500W of power and needs just 230 volts of capacity to run easily. It has an excellent quality top which would forestall the sustenance in the supper and would keep the food hot for quite a long time

  • Travel friendly 
  • Handy in nature 
  • Easy to use 
  • Elegant design 
  • Warranty is just 1 year 

Bajaj Majesty RCX 1 Mini 0.4-Litre Multifunction Rice Cooker

Bajaj Majesty RCX 1 Mini 0.4-Litre Multifunction Rice Cooker

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  • Comfort and convenience and space saver due to compact size
  • Easy straightforward operation
  • Cool touch handles
  • Transparent lid for monitoring of rice
  • Smart buy for single/couples
  • Perfect size and weight for travel
  • Warranty: 2 years on product

If you are a single guy or a group of two, at that point this smaller than usual multi-functional rice cooker is the ideal decision. Grandness New RCX1 small scale electric rice cooker is ideal for individuals who travel a ton. Being conservative in size and light in weight, you can take it alongside you for excursions and voyages. In this scaled down rice cooker, you can cook 0.4 liter of rice at once. The cooking pot furnished with this cooker is made of great aluminum which is sturdy to keep going for quite a while. Aside from cooking rice, you can likewise bubble eggs and cook noodles in this electric rice cooker. 

The cooking pot accompanies a straightforward cover which guarantees you can see the cooking cycle. The multi-work cooker has two cool to contact handles which lets you handle the rice cooker without consuming your hands. Aside from cooking pot and straightforward top, the producer likewise gives spatula and estimating cup. This machine devours just 200Watts power henceforth you will spare a ton of power. It has simple and straightforward activities which makes it simple to utilize and work. This item likewise accompanies 2-long periods of producer’s guarantee for harm or glitch.

  • Suitable for bachelors 
  • Travel friendly 
  • Compact and simple design 
  • Easy and simple options to operate 
  • Not ideal for larger families

BMS LIFESTYLE Mini Rice Cooker

BMS LIFESTYLE Mini Rice Cooker

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  • 0.6 l rice cooker 
  • Cooks a full pot of rice in 20 minutes
  • Can easily prepare up to 5 cups of dry rice
  • The inner aluminium pot has a non sticking interior
  • Keeps food warm for up to 12 hours.

BMS is a local brand that gives sufficient electric rice cookers at a reasonable cost. Much the same as the above item, this one is additionally a multi-capacity and reduced electric rice cooker. BMS Lifestyle Electric Rice Cooker has the limit of 0.6 liter cooking in a solitary go. It can cook rice as well as a wide scope of food things, for example, earthy colored rice, pasta, cereal, omelet, khichdi and even soup as well. It is totally ideal for single men who live alone in rooms/lodgings and who wish to cook some maggie, heat milk or some other previously mentioned dish. Moreover, it is as monetary it can get for these items. 

This compact electric cooker is little, portable and accompanies a long plastic handle bar for you to haul it around. It is fundamentally the size of an enormous convey tiffin box. The little plastic plate-like cover has a couple of steam gaps in it while helping in the dispersal of any additional steam to shield the rice from getting ruined and you can utilize it for delayed utilization. Going to the force utilization of the item, it holds for its own and doesn’t expend a ton of intensity for its size (200watts utilization). The item accompanies a maker’s guarantee of 1 year.

  • Energy efficient 
  • Easy to handle and carry 
  • Keeps food warm for a good time 
  • Ideal option for bachelors 
  • Build quality should be improved 

Black + Decker BXRC2201IN 2.2-Litre Rice Cooker

Black + Decker BXRC2201IN 2.2-Litre Rice Cooker

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  • Extra Aluminium Steam Tray for Healthy Cooking
  • Automatic Cook and Keep Warm Function
  • Cool Touch Handle
  • Cooking Plate for Starch Separation
  • Aluminium Pot for effortless cooking
  • Easy to Read Water Level Indicator with Measuring Cup and Spoon
  • Stainless Steel Lid

In view of its enormous limit and a few highlights, this apparatus is an absolute necessity have for medium relatives. With this electric rice cooker, you can cook rice as well as cook idlis, steamed vegetables, momos, khichdi and a few different dishes. Not at all like other rice cookers present in the rundown, this one accompanies an extra removable aluminum steaming plate. The cooking pot accompanies water level checking which guarantees you guarantee the water-to-rice proportion is right to cook the rice flawlessly. This electric rice cooker accompanies cooks and automatic in warm capacities. When the rice is cooked, it will naturally turn the warm capacity to keep the rice warm until you serve. 

Aside from that, a cooking plate for starch partition is additionally given which guarantees the rice isn’t spongy by permitting the starch to leak out through the openings present on it. The cooking pot accompanies a hardened steel cover that traps the warmth and steam inside to cook the rice equally. In spite of the fact that the cooking pot will be hot, the strong handles will be sufficiently cool to contact for a safe and agreeable grasp. The producer gives a 2-year guarantee on the item. 

  • Water level indicator 
  • Aluminum steam tray 
  • Stainless steel lid 
  • Takes a little bit more time to coon than others 

KENT Personal Rice Cooker 0.9-litres 180-Watt

KENT Personal Rice Cooker 0.9-litres 180-Watt

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  • You just need to set the timer and the rice cooker will automatically start the steaming process
  • Advanced induction heating function that ensures to get evenly cooked rice every time
  • Capacity: 0.9 liters, Easy to use, clean and store
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Total Power Consumption: 180 W ; Input Power Supply: Single Phase 220 V AC, 50 Hz
  • 1 Year Warranty

Kent is a well known Indian brand that is a pioneer in creating items that incorporate water purifiers, electric rice cookers and a few other family items. Their own rice cooker is one of the smart, reduced, high limit and monetary ones in the market. For cooking earthy colored rice and white rice, the producer has given separate discretionary cooking modes. A warm choice is likewise given in the event of some unforeseen issue; you wish to keep the rice warm until you serve. What’s more, you can drop the warm choice in the event that you no longer wish for it. 

Its inventive and polished structure makes it seem as though a lunch box which can be hauled around effectively to your work environment or picnics. This rice cooker can cook about 0.9 liters of rice in a solitary go. The cooker has 4 preset projects which can be utilized by their plausibility and prerequisites. The postpone cook choice permits you to hinder the time taken for the rice to cook. Every one of these alternatives lets you cook the rice as indicated by your prerequisites. Aside from its cooking highlights, this electric rice cooker is likewise exceptionally effective. 

  • Individual settings for white and brown rice 
  • Features with delayed timer 
  • Compact and stylish design 
  • High energy efficient 
  • Build quality should improve

Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) 5.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-WA22H(E) 5.4-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker

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  • Automatic cooking ;
  •  Total Volume-5.4 Litre ; Raw Capacity-1.1 Litre
  •  Comes with cooking plate
  • Anodized aluminium pan
  • keeps food warm upto 5hours ;5 hours keep warm function
  • Power: 750 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on heater

The Panasonic rice cooker has a strong make and rich structure which adds to the appearance of your kitchen. It accompanies excellent anodized aluminum cooking dish, cooking plate, estimating cup and one scoop. The body of the cooker is made of premium quality CRCA, food-grade material and the top is made of extreme hardened steel. The cooking container of the cooker is made of anodized aluminum which is very sturdy. This is a ROHS consistent item. 

The Panasonic Electric Cooker has a decent limit of 2.2 liter which is ideal for a group of 4-5, or any little local gathering. Cook the flavorful nourishment for family visitors and satisfy them. You can concoct 1.25 Kg of rice at once in this Cooker. This cooker accompanies excessively quality advantageous top. These two handles are heat safe which shields your hands from getting signed.

  • Premium build quality 
  • Keeps food warm 
  • Easy to use and clean 
  • Suitable for medium family 
  • No cons found 

Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker

Pigeon by Stovekraft Joy Rice Cooker

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  • Package includes: Rice cooker, Spatula and Measuring cup
  • Capacity: 1.8 liters
  • Stainless-steel lid with Bakelite Knob
  • Warranty: 1 years on product

Pigeon Electric Rice Cooker is intended to give you complete adaptability and solace in preparing your food. We have an energizing scope of electric rice cookers that cooks your whole menu and regular outfitted with cool touch handles, hardened steel cover, aluminum pots and steam vents to cook your preferred rice dishes and with the ” Auto – off ” include your food will be warm for 4 – 5 hours. This accompanies one extra cooking pot for your cooking accommodation and the skillet can be stacked and put away in the cooker. 

The rice cooker accompanies an excellent hardened steel cover. The cover is furnished with a steam vent to permit the steam to avoid forestalling wash and flood of rice. The cooker has the ability to cook rice for 4 to 5 people one after another. Alongside it you can likewise cook porridge, soup, pulav , vegetables stew. The warming plate spreads uniform warming to the aluminum pots for successful cooking in less time.

  • High quality stainless steel 
  • Aluminium cooking bowl that is durable and long lasting 
  • Cool touch handle 
  • Suitable for medium sized family 
  • Bottom plate is small 

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Rice Cooker

Why do people purchase rice cookers?

Steam from cooking gathers between the top and the cooking pot to shape a seal – somewhat like a moderate cooker. The points of interest are that you can find in the bowl and these models will in general be less expensive. Rice cooking is more enthusiastic than moderate cooking, notwithstanding, thus high temp water and steam will in general let out from the edges.

Are expensive rice cookers justified to buy?

It’ll last you forever and a day, it looks extraordinary, and can pretty much cook any grain you need to throw in it. A top of the line rice cooker is a shockingly flexible bit of kitchen hardware, that will spare time and help make having flavorful sound dinners considerably simpler. It’s definitely justified even despite the speculation. 

Are rice cookers healthy? 

The sort of rice utilized issues as well, yet not in the manner in which you may anticipate. Natural rice has the same amount of arsenic as traditionally developed rice, and “solid” earthy colored rice has more. … This news follows ongoing worries that the non-stick covering on rice cookers can deliver perilous synthetics in the event that it gets scratched. 

Do you add hot or cold water to a rice cooker? 

Most rice cooker guidelines suggest cold water. How much water you include depends what sort of rice you’re cooking and how clammy you lean toward it. There are regularly graduated blemishes within a rice cooker, showing how much rice and water ought to be included, or directions on the bundle of rice. 

How long rice cookers last? 

While post-Millennium models will last 2 ~ 6 years relying upon how you utilize and look after it – which means : supporting all the electrical capacity it should at on-set, verbally reporting cooked in under 15 minutes. 

Is it alright to leave the rice cooker plugged in? 

At the point when you leave a rice cooker plugged in, it doesn’t cause a short circuit, after any timeframe. Twilight and hours, the rice will cook really dry, and you’ll need to discard it. 

When would be a good time to turn off the rice cooker? 

When the entirety of the water is consumed by the rice, the temperature inside the holder quickly rises. The indoor regulator on the rice cooker distinguishes when the temperature ascends over 212 degrees F in the compartment, and it closes itself off.


Electric Rice cookers have for quite some time been one of the apparatuses that families wouldn’t miss on having. It essentially adds accommodation to each home. However, it is anything but a secret that picking the best electric rice cooker in India to purchase is not easy at all. That’s why we have arranged this list of best electric rice cookers with a buying guide so that it may help you to choose the best one for your family.

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