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The moment that is made on the feasting table while all the family members are having a meal altogether are never-ending and extremely charming. While having food, especially the supper, the family members examine what all occurred in the day and significantly more. It is likewise said that there are numerous fundamental choices taken at the eating table, which is entirely obvious in reality. So, dinner sets are an important item to have daily meals together. On the other hand, if guests or relatives visit the house, a dinner set is also needed to serve. In this way, today we have arranged the Best Dinner Sets in India to make those times with your family significantly more loved and unique. 

At the point when a person visits the market to purchase a dinner set for their eating table, the person frequently gets confused about the wide assortment of dinner sets available. Along these lines, to dispose of that disarray, we have furnished you with the Dinner Set options or alternatives so that there isn’t such a problem.

Types of dinner set 

Dinner sets are available in many sorts these days. Going from the standard stainless steel sets to the hard-wearing melamine dinnerware sets, everyone may have the option to find an ideal one to coordinate their necessities and inclinations. 

Stainless Steel 

The dinner sets that have been comprised of stainless steel are long-lasting, easy to clean, and require immaterial consideration. They probably won’t twist, chip, or break without any problem. These dinnerware sets are pretty sensibly valued taking into account their heartiness. They are realistic in various groupings. They will involve bowls, plates, spoons, glasses, and container. A couple of the sorts involve exclusively bowls and plates. They are generally used to serve everyday suppers. 


The ceramic dinner sets seem effortless attributable to their uncommon coating and shocking structures. They for the most part contain serving plates, trays, soup bowls, serving bowls, and soup spoons. 


The dinner sets that have been made of glass offer a trendy appearance to them. They regularly have inconspicuous plans and beguiling surfaces. On the off chance that you have any visitor visiting your home, this sort of dinner set is an astonishing decision for hauling a remarkable impact on your eating recognition. It is better than get them far from your kids’ compass since a couple of assortments probably won’t be fit for the course. 


The Melamine dinner set is powerful, simple to wash, and possible in eye-getting examples and hues. They may be accessible in different sizes and involve 18, 24, or 32 pieces. These figures may separate from one brand to the next. They are multipurpose and may be used for regular utilization and social affairs as well. 

Silver Plated 

The dinner set that is silver-plated offers an extremely conventional appearance and eye-catching look. They are astonishing for the organization and customary gifting. They are suitable for strict services just as celebrations.


This sort of supper set is created out of a harsh sort of plastic. The polypropylene dinner sets are really simple to wash and protect. They are reachable in a few sorts and structures. A couple involves theoretical, flower, or mathematical examples. A couple is likewise given in strong hues. The plate set involving a few areas may be possible in polypropylene material. Bowls are commonly not required with them since the fluids may be given in the discrete segments of these kinds of plates. 

Best Dinner Sets in India

1.AmazonBasics 16-Piece Cafe Stripe Dinnerware Set

AmazonBasics 16-Piece Cafe Stripe Dinnerware Set

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  • Elegant white with contemporary blue-trim detail
  • AB-grade porcelain; BPA-free
  • 16-piece round dinnerware set; service for 4
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Package Contents: 4-Pieces Dessert Plate (19.05cm), 4-Pieces Dinner Plate (27cm), 4-Pieces Bowl (7cm), and 4-Pieces Mug (10.16cm)
  • Safe in your microwave, oven, and freezer and also dishwasher-safe
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on the product

Bring a rich feeling of contemporary style to the kitchen, lounge area, or even the morning meal alcove with this regular AmazonBasics dinnerware set. To save money on space, the round-formed dinnerware set offers an advantageously stackable structure. Not exclusively can each place setting be conveniently stacked together, with the mug fitting inside the bowl, yet the plates and bowls can likewise be stacked together for minimized capacity in a cabinet or cubby. 

The dinnerware sets glimmering white porcelain highlights striking blue trim along the edge with a couple of more slender coordinating inset rings for upgraded visual intrigue. The smooth, modern configuration elegantly layers together and makes a decent expansion to existing dinnerware pieces, table cloth, and encompassing style. Made of AB-grade porcelain, the great dinnerware set offers dependable quality and sturdiness, just as a lightweight plan for simple dealing with. The porcelain dinnerware set is additionally without BPA, so there’s no compelling reason to stress over BPA saturating food or refreshments like with some plastic dishes and holders.

  • Classic Victorian style
  • The great value of money
  • Heavy and thick in size

2.Signoraware Square Dinner Set, 36-Pieces

Signoraware Square Dinner Set, 36-Pieces

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  • Microwave-safe and unbreakable, Can be used for cooking in the microwave
  • Made from virgin plastic only, 100 % Food grade material
  • Color: Off White/Maroon, Material: Polypropylene
  • Complements your style and wins your compliments.
  • Package Contents: 6 Piece Half Plate + 12 Piece Katori Senior +6 Piece Full Plate + 2 Piece Double Wall Casserole 1.8 Ltr. With 2 Piece Lid+ 2 Piece Ladle Big +  + 2 Piece Papad & Salad Plate+ 1 Piece Serving Spoon +1 Piece Rice Plate + 1 Piece Ovel Server with 1 Piece Lid Total = 36 Piece

All SignoraWare items are made of Virgin Plastic that gives them greater manageability and toughness. It is the cleanest cycle by which every single SignoraWare items experience.

SignoraWare items depend on the BPA (Bisphenol A) free name. Since every one of our items is made of Virgin plastic, they discredit the danger of BPA that is commonly found in polycarbonate plastics. Polypropylene and its copolymers for its protected use in contact with groceries, pharmaceuticals, and drinking water.

Polypropylene for water bottle and compartments which don’t drain hurtful synthetic concoctions into nourishments or fluids. These items are 100% food-grade which implies they keep up the great nature of the food to be eaten. At the end of the day, they are intended to guarantee the drawn-out security of the food in the compartments

  • Good quality and sturdy
  • Microwave safe
  • Perfect color combination 
  • No cons found 

3. Sumeet Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Dinner set of 24 Pcs

Sumeet Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Dinner set of 24 Pcs

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  • Resistant To Corrosion
  • Made From High-Quality Stainless Steel
  • Nonbreakable, rust-free, durable, sturdy, and long-lasting
  • Easy To Clean And Wash, They Have Very Exotic Silver Shining 
  • In the package Plate – 4 pcs, Wati – 8 pcs, Halwa Plate – 4 pcs, Glass – 4 pcs, Spoon 4 Pcs

To serve your supper in style, an ideal arrangement of supper set is an unquestionable requirement. In the event that you want to take suppers with your family, a polished at this point strong supper set would definitely take into account your prerequisite and inclination. This 6 Pc supper set will be your confidant in kitchenware. You can serve a wide range of food in this dinner set. 

Get praises just for your rich feeling of taste in your kitchen assortment. Simple To Clean and Wash. You can likewise Gift this to your Loved Ones.

  • Comparatively cheaper than others
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Good steel quality 
  • Bowls are small 

4. Cello Opalware Dazzle Lush Fiesta Dinner Set

Cello Opalware Dazzle Lush Fiesta Dinner Set, 35PCs

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  • Most advanced German technology as per European standards
  • Thermal resistant
  • Nonporous and hygienic 
  • Fully tempered up to 3x stronger, recyclable, easy to clean
  • Vibrant designs that make dazzling white wares look beautiful
  • 100% vegetarian with bone ash free and made of green material
  • Break, chip and scratch-resistant

Cello brings a rich feeling of contemporary style to the kitchen, lounge area, or even the morning meal niche with this consistently. Have a world-class eating involvement in Cello Opalware Dinner Set. The extraordinary shape and liberal surface region give the ideal canvas to introduce a culinary magnum opus for fantastic suppers or simply liberal bits for regular eating. The delightful hues make a lovely tablescape for any event. 

Made out of hardened opal glass material, this powerful set is impervious to breakage or chipping. Made of AB-grade porcelain, the top-notch dinnerware set offers solid quality and strength, just as a lightweight plan for simple dealing with. These supper products are solid, chip safe, and are made by German expert innovation.

Contemporary style can present to you the feeling of warmth and infuse new impulse to your feasting table each day. Likewise, it obtains the least space in your kitchen and can be stacked in a cupboard effectively with no issue.

  • Microwave safe item
  • 100% food-grade material
  • Chip resistant and fully tempered 
  • Size of serving bowls are small 

5. Laopala English lavender dinner set of 35

laopala english lavender dinner set of 35

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  • Break-resistant, bone ash free, Stain Resistant
  • High Polish, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, 
  • Extra Strong, Thin & light Weight
  • 6 Pc Veg Bowl – 175 ml each, 6 Pc Soup Bowl – 270 ml each, 2 Pc Serving Bowl Small – 850 ml each, 1 Pc Salt Pot, 1 Pc Pepper Pot, 6 Pc Spoon
  • 6 Pc Full Plate – 250 mm each, 6 Pc Qtr Plate – 180 mm each & 1 Pc Round Rice Plate – 280 mm

Laopala Dinner Set – 35 Pcs set brags of a rich with a refined structure, adding refinement and complexity to a total table setting for a proper supper. In the spotlight is a solitary brushstroke that moves over the plate in arranged development – on occasion intense and dynamic, different occasions calm and smooth.

The striking botanical example with its exciting bends in the road, when joined with the roadster, conceals and finishes a contemporary look, consummately in a state of harmony with your cutting edge, slick style. It is ideal for serving visitors and home use. Laopala is a brand that is a fundamental piece of our lives.

At home or in the workplace, its the image of style, innovativeness, and unwavering quality with its wide item extend usefulness, inventive viewpoint, unmistakable plans, and 80 years of experience. Improve the excellence of your In-House bar or your kitchen with this impeccably created earthenware.

  • Elegant and cultured design
  • Ideal for serving guests
  • Stylish and modern decor 
  • No cons found 

6. cello tropical lagoon 37 pcs dinner set

cello tropical lagoon 37 pcs dinner set

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  • Freezer Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe 
  • Material: Opal Ware
  • Pack Content: 6 Soup Spoons, 6 Quarter Plates, 6 Veg Bowls,6 Dinner Plates, 6 Soup Bowls, 2 Serving Bowls Plastic Lids 1 Rice Plate, 2 Serving Bowl, and 2 Salt Pepper Pot

If you need an exquisite supper set that isnt just pulled out for those inconsistent evening gatherings but on the other hand is entirely equipped for facing the afflictions of regular daily existence while as yet looking incredible, you will adore the Cello Dinner Set – 37 Pcs. Wonderful as much as it is useful, this dinnerware is produced using unique Opalware glass cover which brags to be effective and warm stun safe, while is additionally being microwave, stove and dishwasher safe.

Cello is an entrenched crystal and dishware organization in the Indian market, with development and inventiveness being the prime concentration overall verticals of their dinnerware image. Totally liberated from bone debris, this supper set is naturally mindful and utilizes no creature items. Bone debris, which is the overwhelming part of bone china, is profited by the calcination of creature bones. Have an enduring effect on your visitors while giving your family one more motivation to anticipate the heavenly food you serve.

  • Space saving item
  • Elegant and stylish look
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and durable
  • No cons found 

7. Jensons Stainless Steel Daisy Dinner Set -16 Pcs-Silver- Heavy Gauge with Permanent Laser Design

Jensons Stainless Steel Daisy Dinner Set -16 Pcs-Silver- Heavy Gauge with Permanent Laser Design

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  • Made from fine quality stainless steel
  •  Daisy designs with mirror finishing 
  • The set can resist extreme heat temperatures without leaving its natural shine even after daily use.
  • 16 Pcs Stainless Steel Dinner Set , 4 Pcs: Full Plate (Diameter: 27 cm) ,4 Pcs: Curry Bowls Large ( Diameter: 10 cm), 4 Pcs: Glass ( Height: 10 cm) , ( Capacity: 300 ml ),4 Pcs: Desert Spoon (Length: 18 cm)
  • The sturdy steel prevents the products from dents and scratches during normal use

Highlighting a set of 16 stainless steel Dinner Set including Full Plates, Half Plates, Curry Bowls Large, Glass and Desert Spoon, the Jensons Dinner set is ideal serving a heavenly supper for individuals easily. Including a profoundly appealing structure theme, this lunch set will clearly dazzle your lunch and supper visitors while giving an incredible canvas to exhibit your flavorful food.

Aside from your own utilization, you can likewise give this lunch set to your friends and family as an ideal gifting alternative to extraordinary events or celebrations. Produced using thicker check tempered steel, the 16-piece Jensons Dinner set is exceptionally strong and can withstand the afflictions of the day by day use effortlessly. Its solid and tough development makes this set an ideal answer for both extraordinary events just as regular dinners. Moreover, all plates, spoons, and bowls in this set are rust-confirmation and sterile, forestalling tainting of your food.

The individual pieces in this Dinner set can be settled together and this makes them ideal to pile up and store away when not being utilized, sparing important kitchen space. Because of its solid development, you can without much of a stretch clean this Dinner set with a straightforward cleanser arrangement and hold its sparkling searches for quite a while.

  • Beautiful finishing
  • Heavy gauge
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Suitable for small families

8. KB Brothers Unbreakable Plastic Microwave Safe Dinner Set of 32 pcs

KB Brothers Unbreakable Plastic Microwave Safe Dinner Set of 32 pcs

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  • Printed White & Red FLOWER DESIGN, For regular use and gifting purposes.
  • Safe for use in Microwave, Refrigerator, Freezer, and Dishwasher (top rack)
  • Convenient to clean and maintain. Lightweight & Stackable, Easy to Clean & Store
  • Made of Virgin Reinforced Polypropylene, a 100% Safe & Food Grade Plastic Material.
  • Can be used straight from the fridge to the microwave for reheating and serving.

KB Brothers Dinner Set comprises 32 bits of different dinner set utilities which are made of excellent polypropylene plastic material which is 100% Safe. It is Microwave safe, Refrigerator safe, Freezer safe and Dishwasher safe. This supper set has 6 Full Plates, 6 Quarter Plates, 12 Veg Bowls, 2 Serving Bowl with 2 tops, 3 Serving Spoons, and 1-Serving Tray. This up-to-date and rich supper set is exceptionally viable to use in both home gatherings and in outside gatherings.

This set will add excellence to your eating region. It is advantageous to clean and keep up. This supper set is strongly prescribed to all kitchen and eating area.KB Brothers This supper set is additionally accessible in numerous appealing colors.

  • Effective to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Plate sizes are bigger
  • Available in many colors
  • No cons found 

9. Maharaja Royal Melamine Dinner Set – 40 Pieces

Maharaja Royal Melamine Dinner Set - 40 Pieces, White & Purple

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  • Material: Melamine
  • High Polish, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, 
  • Color: White and Purple,
  • Stain Resistant, heat resistant, unbreakable

In the event that you want to give your dining table a new royal look, this dinner set going to helo you for this way. The dinner set comes with heat resistant, easy to clean, lightweight, unbreakable features. Beverages like with some plastic dishes and compartments.

The excellent dinnerware set offers solid quality and durability, as well as a lightweight structure for simple dealing with. This Dinnerware Set is excellent on the outside while having the usefulness expected to satisfy its owner. Whether it is for uncommon events or for ordinary extravagance, this set is ideal for somebody who needs quality dinnerware that despite everything conveys a beguiling look. Bring a rich feeling of contemporary style to the kitchen, lounge area, or even the morning meal Look with this regular AmazonBasics dinnerware set.

A pleasant decision for family suppers and easygoing social affairs and to save money on space. The plates and bowls can likewise be stacked together for minimized capacity in a cabinet or hutch. The Maharaja illustrious supper set can be securely utilized in the cooler, microwave, and broiler, however, be cautious, as the plates will get hot. The dinnerware set can withstand the greatest temperature.

  • Size and quality is too good
  • Value of money 
  • Excellent material
  • Expensive than others

10. AmazonBasics 18-Piece Kitchen Porcelain Dinnerware Set

AmazonBasics 18-Piece Kitchen Porcelain Dinnerware Set, Dishes, Bowls, Service for 6, Sketch

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  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Plates can withstand a max temp of 300 degrees C
  • Microwave- and freezer-safe
  • AB-grade porcelain
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

Bring an exquisite feeling of contemporary style to the kitchen, lounge area, or even the morning meal niche with this ordinary AmazonBasics dinnerware set. A decent decision for family suppers and easygoing social affairs, the 18-piece set incorporates six spot settings, each with a supper plate, serving of mixed greens plate, and bowl.

The set’s smooth present-day configuration elegantly layers together and makes an excellent expansion to existing dinnerware pieces, table material, and encompassing stylistic themes. Made of AB-grade porcelain, the top-notch dinnerware set offers solid quality and sturdiness, just as a lightweight plan for simple dealing with. The porcelain dinnerware set makes an incredible option in contrast to plastic dishes. 

The set can be securely utilized in the cooler and in the microwave, however, be cautious, as the plates will get hot. The plates can withstand the greatest temperature of 300 degrees C.

  • Fast and responsiveStylish and elegantFast and responsive
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Easy to clean 
  • Microwave safe and freezer safe
  • They are not lightweight, little bit heavy

11. Milton Lissome Round Melamine Dinner Set

Milton Lissome Round Melamine Dinner Set of 31 Pcs, Blue Marbo

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  • Heat Resistant up to 140°C
  • 100% Food Safe, Dishwasher Safe
  • Stain Proof
  • Scratch-Resistant, Break Resistant

Get your kitchen a very entrenched look and guarantee a superior method of living by eating set. This is an ideal supper set for families and this is the set that can be ideal for a table setting, because of its rich looks. This supper set can be utilized for regular use. This supper set has all the utensils to have an ideal dinner with your friends and family.

Also, this kitchen combo set is size productive, will fit in your kitchen easily, and will spare you a great deal of room. This combo is a finished incentive for cash as this serving and capacity set is an extraordinary extra to your kitchen. This can be an ideal decision as it is simple on pockets and is exquisite enough that it could be a classy blessing to loved ones. 

Some information for items cares No Direct Flame Heating. Not for Microwave. Not for Baking Oven. Utilize just wipe scrubber for cleaning with a fluid dish more clean.

  • Suitable for regular use
  • Storage set is a great add on in the package
  • Easy to store 
  • Efficient size
  • No cons found 

12. Bataniya Melamine Dinner Set – 40 Pieces, Multicolor

Bataniya Melamine Dinner Set - 40 Pieces, Multicolor

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  • Pattern Name: Floral; Modern
  • Material: Melamine
  • Color: multicolor
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Included Components: 6 Half Plates, 6 Full Plates, 6 Tea Spoons, 3 Dongas, 12 Veg Bowls, 3 Donga Lids, 3 Serving Spoons, 1 Rice Plate
  • Item Shape: Round

Bataniya Dinner sets are sleek sets which are beautified with wonderful fine art from our selective and wide scope of structure portfolio which is continually heightening in accordance with new patterns hues, shapes, use and so on the originators and specialists make current, utilitarian, unique things for you.  Material of the dinner set is melamine.

The things are break safe, dishwasher sheltered, stackable, sterile, structure and shading will never blackout this supper set make it simpler to serve in any event 12 people one after another. 40 PIECE SET-comprise of 6 full plates, 6 half plates, 12 veg bowls, 3 donga, 3 top, 1 rice plate, 3 serving spoons, 6 teaspoons. It is a finished set to serve 6-8 men at once.

All items are of standard size and perfect for any gift purpose as well.  The beautiful and appealing pressing of our supper set makes it flawless to give it as a blessing to your and adored ones. On the off chance that you cook so great so why not serve your dishes in sterile excellent utensils.

  • Exclusive and wide range design
  • Trendy and stylish
  • Long Lasting and unbreakable 
  • Color and design will never faint
  • Bowls are little bit smaller

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is it called a dinner set? 

“Dinner set” is only an advantageous showcasing term, similar to “room suite” or “living suite”. … It normally means Dinner is only for the night meal,but the word supper is begat for the substantial feast or the principal dinner of the day,and for overwhelming dinners we require huge utensils and subsequently it is Dinner set as a rule. 

What is a full dinner set?

A four-piece setting contains a dinner plate, cup, saucer, and serving of mixed greens plate. A five-piece place setting incorporates a dinner plate, cup, saucer, serving of mixed greens plate, and bread-and-butter plate or soup bowl.  The quantity of spot settings to purchase relies upon the size of your family and your arrangements for amusement. 

What is the best color plate to eat off? 

On the off chance that you need to eat less and lose weight, you’re best off picking a red or blue plate. Dr Spence stated: “Nibble nourishments – unfortunate stuff on a red plate – you wind up eating somewhat less on the grounds that it’s that red shading on a plate where it appears to trigger a type of threat or shirking signal. 

Are round or square plates better?

A square plate has a lot of surface, and the sauce goes all over the place. It’s better in a round plate since it’s more contained. 

For what reason is Corelle solid? 

The greater part of the dinnerware is produced using melamine, a sort of plastic, which is break-safe. Notwithstanding, Corelle dinnerware is produced using treated glass that is chip and scratch-safe. The material utilized in making Corelle dinnerware is microwave safe.


Dinner sets are generally a significant piece of your kitchen and are required regularly during lunch or supper for helping yourself. They are typically excellent for gifting purposes, particularly to recently married couples who need to arrange their kitchen. It is precious when there are certain visitors you normally favor these over your steel dishes and bowls which you use consistently. That’s why we have created this list of best dinner sets in India, hope this will help you to choose the right one.

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