Best Digital Thermometer In India – Buying Guide 2020

If you are still using that traditional thermometer then this is the information you may need.

Digital Thermometer has now taken over the use of the traditional thermometer. Those days are gone when you went to see the doctor he pick a traditional thermometer and clean it with disinfectant for you to use it, Now there are lots of No-touch thermometer which can measure your temperature from a distance

These new digital thermometers, they show your body temperature without any error and much accurate. Is does look very simple, isn’t it? but you need to purchase the right one for you.

while buying from 100’s of options available online you should know what exactly is your requirement. But first, let’s see how Digital Thermometer works.

How does Digital Thermometer work?

Earlier People rely on mercury thermometer but now with the help of a digital thermometer, it is easy to read the temperature. reading temperature on a mercury thermometer requires a little expertise.

Because of this digital display reading feature, even kids can read and understand the temperature from this new Digital thermometer at home.

You can change your reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius as per your convenient way to obtain the correct measurement, Make sure you turn off the thermometer and place it at the correct body part, either the forehead, the rectal, or the underarm or even orally.

After you place it don’t remove it till you hear a beep sound or you get your result on the digital screen.

we always recommend that you should clean your thermometer before using it. each thermometer has different functionality, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instruction manual comes with your thermometer carefully to get the accurate result.

The Digital thermometer is available in the market, measure temperature using electronic heat sensors or infrared light to measure body temperature. you can take it from mouth, forehead, rectum, or ear. Our recommendation is measure through mouth or rectum as you will get a more accurate reading.

Also, make sure you are not in an air-conditioned room and coming from direct sunlight. this may affect your body temperature and you will not get an accurate reading. you should be at normal room temperature before taking the reading.

If you are going to measure your child’s temperature via the rectum, we recommend following the instructions properly to avoid any difficulty to your child and to get accurate results. For Child, we Recommend Dr Trust (USA) Clinical Digital Instascan Forehead Ear Infrared Temperature Thermometers Machine for Kids

Types Of Thermometers

Earlier we used to have only mercury thermometers but now we have many options available in the market to choose from

Depends on the model you choose, you may need to take a reading from different parts of the body. Each thermometer has a specific method to take your body temperature reading. Below are some pointers you should note.

Digital forehead: These digital thermometers use forehead to measure the temperature of your body

Digital ear thermometer: This is mostly used for kids, In this thermometer, you need to place it inside or back of your ear to get an accurate reading.

Digital sticks: you need to place the thermometer under your arms and wait for the beep. it is recommended that you should clean it before using it.

Pacifier thermometers: Most recommended for kids as compared to other thermometers. They are like a baby pacifier and give you accurate results. Although their accuracy varies because babies don’t sit properly and moves a lot and also if the baby just eats something then the result may get different.

We have shortlisted some best Digital Thermometer for you, You can choose from Below

Dr. Morepen MT-111 Digiclassic Digital Thermometer (Multicolor)

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  • 100% Safe (no mercury)
  • Clinically tested
  • Measurement in 0 for & 0c
  • Memory function
  • Low battery indication

How to choose the best thermometer for you

Your first step to choosing the best thermometer is to determine which method you prefer for taking temperatures. If you have kids at home or if you don’t want to spend too much money on a thermometer then I prefer to buy a digital stick Thermometer— which can be used for rectal, oral, or axillary readings.

If you have Kids or toddlers on which it is difficult to take a reading from digital stick then you should take a Digital ear thermometer.

Here are a few important factors to keep in mind while buying the right digital thermometer for your home.

  • Display options: A big and clear display is preferable in your thermometer to read the temperature, Most digital displays have bright green or white backlights as well which helps to take the reading in a dark room as well.
  • Fever alerts: Many of the Digital Thermometer has color alerts as well (usually red, yellow or green) which indicate the high or low temperature. for example some thermometer screen becomes red if the temperature goes above 100-degree celsius. this will help you quickly identify the fever.
  • Body or surface mode: Some digital thermometer also help in checking the temperature of the surface, for example, you can measure the temperature of any hot solid surface with them. this feature will give you double benefits.
  • Memory storage: Some thermometers have memory features as well mostly the last one so that you can check the history and track the records of improvement.
  • Different View Mode: Most digital Thermometers have the option to view your temperature in Degree Celsius or in Fahrenheit.

Now it’s up to you, how much money you want to spend. Infrared Digital thermometers with more features are, predictably, more expensive than your basic digital stick Thermometer.

Features Of Thermometers

Nobody uses mercury thermometer nowadays because it’s been replaced by the digital infrared thermometer.  The main reason is that a digital thermometer gives you results accurate and it records temperature electronically. It is much easier than reading mercury levels in a mercury thermometer.

Now you must know that Digital thermometer is a better option for you, look for one that offers the following features;

Backlight display screen – Always look for the large backlit screen so that you can read the temperature even at night easily.

Alert signal  This help in identifying when you need to remove the thermometer, this will help you get the accurate temperature 


Most of the Latest Digital infrared thermometer comes with built-in memory feature, You can see up to 10-15 times history, this will help you track the progress in the patient.  If the patient is taking medication then you can increase or decrease dosage accordingly.

Color changes for temperature warnings:

As we are told earlier some Digital infrared thermometers changes the color to red if the temperature goes above a certain level, Like in COvid if the temperature goes above 101 degree celsius it changes to red color.

Fast reading:

Fever is a very critical situation sometimes and in that case, if you can save time to measure temperature, the earliest you can take them to hospital. The faster the thermometer take a reading then better it will be.

stick thermometer takes too long time as compared to digital infrared thermometers. We prefer to choose the faster one to save a life.

Long battery life:

All digital thermometer operates via batter either use Button Cell Batteries or Use Standard AAA or AA Battery.  Whichever thermometer you use, it is very important how long it will run


Digital thermometers that take the temperature orally and through the rectum are the most accurate. They tend to be the most accurate and most trusted because of their technology builtin.

Fahrenheit or Celsius:

Most Digital Thermometers measure the temperature using both of these 2 units. whichever is easier for you you can measure in that. I believe you dont want to get confused in doing the math calculations in converting the numbers.

Conclusion :

Dr. Trust (USA) Clinical Digital I-Check Forehead Thermometer is our recommended from our side among all above.

we have seen customer reviews of all digital thermometer above but this one is the best among all. it gives accurate results.

Rest you know your requirement better than anyone else, Please take a wise decision and choose the best product for you, If you have any query please comment below. I will be more than happy to answer your question.

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