8 Best Continental Coffee

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee in the morning? There’s a whole new world of coffee just waiting to be brewed. The Continental Coffee is made from the finest blends that are roasted traditionally with charcoal for that unmatched, rich taste. The Carefully chosen Coffee Beans are blended with roasted Chicory to provide a strong cup of rich tasting.

No doubt, there are plenty of high-quality coffee brands available to quench your thirst for a perfect cup of coffee but continental coffee has a meticulous preparation of 70% Coffee and 30% Chicory which creates Magic for the Senses owing to its Aroma, Flavour, and Richness. This fresh coffee aroma is preserved for a rich coffee experience. The continental coffee is fresh and rich in taste and provides real coffee satisfaction.

Here’s a list of 8 Best Continental Coffee for a rich coffee experience.

Best Continental Coffee- Our Top Picks

Continental Coffee Xtra Instant Coffee Powder 200gm Pouch

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Continental Coffee Speciale Pure Instant Coffee 200gm Pouch

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Continental THIS Creamy 3 in 1 Premix Instant Coffee 180g (18g*10 Sachets)

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Continental Coffee Hazelnut Flavoured Freeze Dried Coffee 50g Jar

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Continental Coffee SPECIALE Pure Instant Coffee Powder Jar , 200gm

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Continental Coffee Black Edition Freeze Dried Pure Instant Coffee Powder 100g Jar

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Continental Malgudi Filter Coffee 500gm Pouch (80% Coffee - 20% Chicory)

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Continental Freeze Dried Coffee 100g Jar

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Buying Guide-Best Continental Coffee

Before buying the Best Continental Coffee, you need to consider some of the points to avoid future disappointment. Buying any product from the online market can be tough sometimes because you lack some information but don’t worry. we have done the work for you. These key features include-


Look out for the ingredients before buying continental coffee. You might be surprised to know that continental coffee has an interesting ingredient- CHICORY. This ingredient has a plethora of benefits making coffee a healthy option.


The best packaging comes in pouches and bags. The glass containers may break while packaging and delivery.

Date Of Expiry

Always look for the date of expiry before making a deal. You would not want to waste those beautiful blends just because of the expiry.

Storage Instruction

Fresh Coffee Aroma Is Preserved For A Rich Coffee Experience. Once opened, transfer the contents into an airtight container.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

  • Coffee helps in Improving energy levels and make you smarter.
  • It may helps in protecting against the free radicle damages to the tissue.
  • Coffee actually helps in lifting your mood and helps in treating headache.
  • It is scientifically proven that coffee helps in improving the endurance performances in long duration physical activities.
  • It helps you in Burning Fat.
  • Consuming Coffee will Drastically Improve your Physical Performance.
  • Coffee contains Essential Nutrients.
  • It helps in Lowering the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • It May Protect You From various disease like Alzheimer and Dementia.

Ways To Use Coffee Powder

Coffee Powder can be used in multiple ways and has numerous benefits. You can use coffee powder to get that glowing skin. Coffee can actually energize your skin from within. These are the 3 ways in which you can use the coffee powder as an active ingredient to treat your skin. These include-

Brightening & Acne Control Coffee Face Pack

Coffee is considered to be having antibacterial effects. This Coffee face pack is good for maintaining skin hygiene and also helps in preventing breakouts, fades away dark areas and dark spots, and most of all, it helps in the proper nourishment of skin for a uniform glow.

Anti-Ageing Coffee Face Mask

Coffee has anti-aging properties as well and this mask can be used if you want to get a natural moisturized glow. Also, these coffee masks help in reducing the signs of aging like wrinkles, dryness, and dark spots.

Glowing Skin Coffee Scrub

Coffee powder or granules of coffee works as an exfoliate which helps in the cleansing of the skin. This coffee scrub is the best DIY with coffee powder. It makes your skin smooth, firmed, moisturized, and glowing.


What is Continental Coffee?

Careful preparation of 70% Coffee and 30% Chicory, XTRA creates Magic of Sense for Rome, Flavor, and Richness. Continental Coffee is a beverage of choice for everyone. A little milk, lotta milk, strong coffee, sweet coffee, lots ‘froth, or just Strong Black Coffee.

Which continental coffee is good?

We find this coffee to be much higher than any other popular brand. Also, it is expensive in itself, and you need only 1 teaspoon or less per cup. The alternative to Continental Instant Coffee (with 30% Chicory) is also equally good and that one is cheaper than the 100% one.

How do you make Continental instant coffee?

It is a blend of roasted beans of Arabica and Robusta and can be used to prepare hot and cold coffee. Add 1 teaspoon of this coffee powder to a cup of milk and sugar, as needed, and stir well. Your cup of delicious coffee will be ready in a few minutes.

Is Continental a good coffee brand?

We have become a fan of continental coffee. This Coffee has a nice and strong taste and has great granules which we really like about this product coffee, unlike other ones that come with flour.

Which coffee is good for health?

Drinking 1 -2 cups of black coffee daily reduces the risk of heart disease including stroke. Black coffee also reduces the level of inflammation in the body. Black coffee is a powerful source of antioxidants. Black coffee contains Vitamin B2, B3, B5, Manganese, potassium, and magnesium.

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