Best Ceiling Fans In India | Review & Buyer Guide | February 2022

Ceiling Fans are in the market for generations now,  initially, they come with a very simple design and ceiling fans are very heavy too. Now they are a very important part of the house and comes with very beautiful design options. So many brands and models are available in the market to buy. In the Indian market, this is very hard to choose the best ceiling fan with the price for your home.

You might have been trying to get a hold of the best ceiling fan in India that will not only satisfy your home needs but fits the budget at the same time. This is not practical for anyone that he/she goes to different stores and chooses the best ceiling fan for you. Also not possible to spend lots of hours online to get the best ceiling fan for your room.

To make your life easier we have done the research and filter the best ceiling fans for your household needs. while selecting the best ceiling fan for your we kept in mind that it is one of the best-selected items for the household. we have selected with comparing price and quality both.

Various Types of Ceiling Fans 

Standard Ceiling Fans

It is one of the most well-known and basic roof fans accessible in the Indian market. Likely, you may be having the equivalent introduced at your place as well yet today you would have a reasonable thought regarding this roof fan.

This kind of fan has got some descriptions, for example, five sharp edge configurations, worked in with lightweight, simple establishment on a metal line interfacing with the engine lodging.

It is the most adaptable choice one can have. Furthermore, there are diverse completing, shading, and material to settle on your decision without stressing over how high the bill installment may go. There are light and light shades that may join that you can obviously tweak according to the inclination with no problem. 

Low Profile Ceiling Fans

When contrasted with an ordinary standard measured roof fans, it utilizes the download for the establishment. It is otherwise called the low plentiful roof fan which is associated with the mountain sections legitimately.

This way it makes them flush out against the roof. In the event that you have a life with tallness that is under 8 feet then clearly such sort of fan can be an ideal thought for you.

The main issue with such a sort of roof fan is it doesn’t let a similar degree of wind stream as that of different alternatives even like the standard fan. That is the principal motivation behind why it doesn’t have amazing cooling capacities.

The best part is that such kinds of fans are likewise accessible in a wide scope of slash ice regarding hues, completing and material which makes it simple for you to tweak. 

Energy Star Ceiling Fans: 

If you are searching for an ecological amicable arrangement, at that point this kind of fan is the most ideal alternative for you. Such a fan will meet just those tough standards which are really set by the US ecological insurance administering office.

Such an office handles the energy proficient division that tests the quality and execution status of the item. Other than this, there are numerous other testing done in the labs. Such sort of fan can assist you with having less power bill.

Considering the energy star notes which this fan has got, it is very much guaranteed with the normal 40% more energy productivity when contrasted with traditional light or fans. It is improved engine cutting edge configuration offers the most effective innovation arrangement 

Double Motor Ceiling Fans

If you would prefer not to bargain with the substance and styling the double engine roof fans is ideal for you.

Known for the highlights of two movable fan heads, it is held in the spot with late flat bans which by and large stretch out from engine lodging minimized. This sort of fan is likewise known as a double head or twin roof fan.

This fan makes a strong plan proclamation regardless of which room they benefit. Other than their beautician style, this fan is known to offer usefulness predominant level which the greater part of other conventional fans neglects to offer.

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Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans In India

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Swirl 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Amazon Brand - Solimo Swirl 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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  • 380 rpm high speed fan
  • Wide blades with a sweep of 1200 mm
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Power: 66 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 230 Volts
  • Number of blades: 3

This particular fan is one of the market’s best ceiling fans. It has 4-star reviews on Amazon from more than 400 clients. It’s a match for you if you want a tidy and clean looking fan that works well and saves your money, too.

The only reason it is put second is that the standard of construction is not like our top recommendation for Orient. Cool air is generated in your space by the Solimo Swirl Ceiling Fan.

It comes with a 300 rpm motor with a 3 blade ceiling fan configuration that can supply 200 m3 / min of air throughout the building. Even in the corners of your room, the 48 inch wide blades ensure that you feel the cool air.

The Solimo Swirl Ceiling Fan’s engine’s double ball bearing mechanism makes for a smooth, noiseless operation to ensure you enjoy a quiet sleep. The fan’s metallic steel and aluminium body gives it power and longevity to ensure that your fan lasts for a long time. In addition, the polished surface adds corrosion-resistance and increases the fan’s aesthetic appeal.

The fan’s high efficiency is accentuated by its energy-efficient nature. Operating at 230 Volts and 66 Watts, with low power consumption, the fan provides optimum cooling, allowing you to save money on your energy bills.

  • Silent performance
  • Best value for money
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Fanning speed is not as good as expected

2. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

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  • Sweep: 1200 mm
  • Power consumption: 45 watts
  • RPM: 310 RPM
  • Air delivery: 240 CMM
  • Power factor more than 0.98
  • Remote and Mobile App operated IOT based fan

If you are a smart technology fan, you can’t resist this Orient fan. Touted as the slimmest in the world, but India’s first smart fan, it has plenty of features to absolutely floor you. First of all, its revolutionary, elegant cylindrical shape creates a statement of style that makes it the subject of every decoration.

Built from inverter technology, the fan’s energy efficiency remains unrivalled. The fan is super quiet and large, even at voltages as low as 140V, using only 45 W of energy. Its 240 CMM air distribution and 310 RPM ensure maximum air circulation.

The fan allows you to experience the cream of smart technology like fan scheduling, turbo mode, breeze mode, sleep mode, under-light with dimming options, etc., compatible with smart technology like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

Another delightful feature is that you can control several fans using the same gadget. You can handle all of these features from an app that’s installed on your smartphone. You can also remotely control them.

The glossy look of the blades made from high-grade compounded ABS filled glass imparts the fan with extra durability and efficiency along with fast cleaning.

Although the fan is costly, the free installation and the manufacturer’s two-year warranty keep your investment secure. It is a fan that is bound to adjust the way a ceiling fan looks at you.

  • Reverse operation great
  • Wide variation between lowest and topmost speed
  • Noiseless operation
  • Handy app controls.
  • Remote has a life of its own

3. Orient Electric Spectra Under-Light 1200 mm Ceiling Fan with Remote

Orient Electric Spectra Under-Light 1200 mm Ceiling Fan with Remote

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  • Sweep: 1200mm
  • Air Delivery: 230 CMM
  • RPM: 320
  • Power: 70 Watts
  • Blades : 3 Blades
  • Premium Electroplated finish
  • 5 Multi color LED display lights
  • Warranty of 2 Years on the product

This Orient Electric alternative is not a smart ventilator. But one with a flexible LED bulb which can be operated remotely. The fan comes with a 1200 mm sweep size and a 230 CMM air distribution rate.

In order to avoid corrosion in the long run, the fan blades are made of aluminium and are electroplated. It is not one of the most energy-efficient, as it uses up to 70 watts of fuel, while Atomberg uses just around 28 watts.

But the 5 multicolor LED display lights that can be used to set the room’s mood is what we really enjoyed. You can adjust the strength of the LED light using the remote control and change the colours, too. You can also operate the speed of the fan, as well as the timer, using the remote.

Most users state that it is not quite a value for money option when talking about the drawbacks. The LED light and remote control operations are the extra characteristics that you get over regular fans.

But the light isn’t bright enough to properly light up a room. Instead of the Zero bulb that you use as a night light, it can be used for your bedroom at most.

That being said, products from Orient Electric are commonly regarded as highly durable and of superior quality. So, if you want to have a multi-lamp remote control fan, then this choice could be well worth it.

  • Elegant look
  • The speed is very good
  • Has RGB light
  • Remote controlled
  • The RGB light is not powerful

4. Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power: 68W
  • Twin canopies
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Metallic paint finish

As far as ceiling fans are regarded, Havells is seen as the pioneer of the Indian industry. The Nicola fan truly lives up to the brand’s name. This fan is an eye-catcher with its metallic paint finish, contemporary trendy design including decorative trims and the ability to choose between several colors.

The great thing about this fan is that it is available in 600 mm to 1400 mm sweep sizes. Thus, you can select the correct fit quickly.

The strong aluminium body, blades and die-cast cover offer durability and reliability to the fan. Even at low voltage settings, you can expect terrific air circulation.

The fan moves at a motor speed of 280 RPM, consuming about 68W of fuel, and provides an air distribution of about 250 CMM.

Compared to similar fans from other brands such as Crompton or Usha, this can be called mediocre. Also, when working, the fan appears to produce a creaking sound, though it is considered to be noiseless.

The fan can impress you with its smooth operation, despite all, but as far as pricing is concerned, it does appear to fall slightly on the higher side. In general, with aesthetics and noteworthy results, the fan will leave you super impressed.

  • Good looking fan
  • Good air circulation
  • Noiseless
  • Low power consumption
  • Sales service is very poor

5. Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

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  • Super Energy Efficient BLDC Motor: Consumes only 28W 
  • Inverter Stabilization Technology
  • Remote Controlled
  • 2 Years onsite warranty + 1 Year Extended warranty on registration

With this Atomberg fan, your search for the new genre ceiling fan with all the latest innovations and features will surely be fulfilled. In India, the brand is still not a household name like Crompton or Usha, but its growing popularity could change the picture soon.

Even at its maximum pace, it’s incredibly low power consumption is the most striking characteristic of this computer. The latest in-thing, which is of the BLDC variety, is its engine. The fan uses only 28 watts of power against 70-78 watts of use in all other fans, with a 5-star energy efficiency rating. The brand notes that your energy bills will save you about Rs.1500 per year.

All rivalry is left behind by the noiseless activity of the fan. The fan’s voltage fluctuation range is also reasonably high, whereas its rate of air delivery is 220 CCM per minute. This role makes the system suitable for only a small or medium-sized room.

For air circulation, this three-blade fan has a revolutionary feature. Its remote control functions, such as three operating modes, variable speed settings, are all the conveniences you’d probably enjoy.

The construction standard should have been higher on the flip side. Also, the fan should be safe from spontaneous stoppage problems. Its nature also appears to collect dust, but it is fairly simple to clean.

Overall, the fan is a little pricey to purchase, but it is a must-buy ceiling fan due to its energy-saving features along with impressive results.

  • Works perfectly with MI remote
  • Save electricity
  • This fan saves inverter battery power
  • Remote control may have some issue

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6. Crompton Uranus 48-inch Decorative Ceiling Fan

Crompton Uranus 48-inch Decorative Ceiling Fan

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  • Blade size- 1200 mm (48 Inches)
  • 4 blades and 3 lampshades 
  • Number of Speed Settings: 4
  • Sweep: 1200mm
  • Fan Style: Underlight
  • Rated Speed: 320 RPM
  • Minimum Air Delivery: 200 CMM

The Crompton Uranus Ceiling fan combines beauty and usefulness. Together with the intricately designed lamp shades, the stylish metallic shade renders the central design a focal point.

In Uranus, the four blade configuration ensures optimal air delivery. Uranus is yet another masterpiece that gives rooms a superior feel and keeps them cooler. You’ll never go wrong with this one if you are looking for an elegantly made ceiling fan with a lighting accessory.

This will undoubtedly give a premium and fancy look to any ceiling it is going to install. It brings a modern architectural sense to the form of its lampshades.

Intricately carved, fused with metallic tinge, the old-world elegance and modern designs combine perfectly. Boost your space’s elegance with royal lighting.

To regulate the speed and light according to your convenience, pull the corresponding cord attached to the fan. Ceiling fans were always the go-to solution for India to beat the heat.

Modern high speed ceiling fans, as a cost-effective air circulator system, not only help to keep your home cool and breezy, but can also add elegance to your space.

The selection of ceiling fans from Crompton provides the right combination of beauty and utility, and helps make sure you stay cool, regardless of the heat. Crompton ‘s range provides an option to accommodate every kind of aesthetic environment with easily adjustable speeds.

  • Easy to install
  • Best value for money
  • Adequate air flow
  • Bulbs not included
  • No remote control

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7. Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan

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  • Double ball bearings
  • Speed: 400 RPM
  • Air Delivery: 235 CMM
  • Power Consumption -75 W
  • Warranty: 2 years on product

Havells has been one of the leading producers of high-quality appliances for home use. In particular, their collection of ceiling fans has become extremely popular. One of their most qualified models is the Havells Pacer ceiling fan.

This is, as the name implies, an incredibly fast 3 blade ceiling fan. It offers air distribution of 235 cmm with a speed of 400RPM, which is suitable for large rooms.

The output of this Havells ceiling fan does not go down even during periods of low voltage and it gives you the much-needed heat relief. Elegantly made in brown, this high-speed ceiling fan by Havells fits well with all kinds of interior decoration systems. With an understated elegance, the look is subtle and stylish. But don’t let you be fooled by minimalist looks.

It provides a powerful performance by providing superior cooling production with a double ball bearing. Consumption of Electricity -75 W. This brown ceiling fan from Havells is also an inexpensive option.

This fan comes with a powerful motor that guarantees improved airflow that helps to cool down. This fan ‘s advanced motor coupled with the large blades allows air to be spread uniformly over the entire length of the room.

For superior air distribution, this fan is equipped with three widely-shaped blades. The blades are aerodynamically designed for quicker air delivery. If you believe the ultimate beauty is simplicity, then this fan will be the perfect option for your room.

Not only will it compliment the decor of your room, but its aesthetics will also be enhanced. To decrease rotational friction and allow smooth operation, this fan comes with double ball bearings.

The double ball bearings also help to increase the fan’s shelf-life while making it a more efficient and less noisy alternative. The motor of this fan is very powerful and can work on a wide variety of voltages.

Even at low voltage, the powerful fan can work up to its capacity without you having to worry about damaging the motor.

  • Double ball bearing
  • High-speed
  • Lightweight
  • Tendency to wobble
  •  Fan speed decreases in time

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8. Usha Striker Galaxy 1200 mm 80-Watt Ceiling Fan

Usha Striker Galaxy 1200 mm 80-Watt Ceiling Fan

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  • Air delivery: 240 cmm
  • Air sweep: 1200 mm
  • Speed: 385 rpm
  • Wattage: 80W

Usha ‘s reputation for designer ceiling fans is formidable and this fan is a shining instance of it. The fan makes an unmistakable impression with its eclectic silver sage hue and understated accents, suitable both for indoor and outdoor environments.

The fan is slightly lighter than most other comparable fans on the market, but easily substitutes them in performance. Made from aluminum, its three blades will spin at 385 RPM while consuming 80 W of fuel.

The fan is almost completely silent in its mode of operation, thanks to its V2 grade ball bearing. You lack the anti-dust role in the fan on the flip side, even though the fan is very easy to clean and maintain. Overall, in terms of price, efficiency and aesthetics, it is a fan that will satisfy you absolutely.

The strong engine and engineering power the fan to deliver an outstanding performance with a high speed of 385 RPM and high air distribution of 240 CMM.

Coated with PPG Asian Paints’ superior Novel Silane Paint Technology, these fans are fitted with dust, oil and water-repelling properties. 100 percent copper motor trust and efficiency guarantees longer life and smoother operations.

  • Anti dust feature
  • Air circulation is impressive
  • Slightly noisy

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9. Crompton Aura Prime Anti-Dust 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

Crompton Aura Prime Anti-Dust 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

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  • 100% copper motor
  • Sweep size = 1200 mm
  • Speed = 380 rpm
  • Air delivery = 230cmm
  • Input power = 74w
  • Warranty: 2 years 

A medium budget ceiling fan, Crompton Aura Prime is available in a range of colors and sizes ranging from 24 to 56 inches. The fan uses 65 watts of electricity, which is not exactly the most energy-efficient choice out there.

But the anti-dust coating that the company says keeps the fan 50 percent less dusty compared to standard fans is what makes it special. A handful of consumers, however, beg to differ. Crompton uses copper winding with a double ball bearing to ensure longevity, and the outer body is made of anti-rust aluminium.

The fan can circulate 120 cubic meters per minute of air. Most users are very pleased with this fan, as it is noiseless and also has a reasonably good air delivery efficiency. Overall, you might very well opt for this option from Crompton if you are not looking for a standard fan without any ultra-modern design or super-duper IOT features or remote control.

100% copper winding and double ball bearing ensure that the fan ‘s life is longer. Aluminium structure, while providing strength and longevity, protects the fan from rust and corrosion.

Stability and silent operation are guaranteed by our special 2-piece construction. With a contemporary design at the middle, a tint of metallic shine fuse gives the fan a unique focal point that enhances the ambience of your designer room , making a unique statement of style.

The dynamically balanced high-performance fan blades provide a high 230 CMM air delivery and a high 380 RPM speed. The aluminum body protects and strengthens the fan from corrosion, thereby increasing the life of the fan.

  • The fan speed is very good 
  • Area coverage is excellent
  • Best value for money 
  • Anti dust doesn’t work

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10. Sameer 24 Gati High Speed Ceiling Fan

Sameer 24 Gati High Speed Ceiling Fan

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  • Super speed of 850 R.P.M
  • It is designed with thermal overload protector
  • Aerodynamic blades
  • Corrosion resistant

Sameer is one of the trusted brands that has long been known to deliver durable goods. Now, with the large range of ceiling fan collections that this company has come up with, you can plan for the future.

Known for its strong presence in the industry, there is no denying that Sameer has always offered the best range of powerful items. Of course, the Sameer 24 inch ceiling fan is the finest example of its high quality product. Of course, this fan is a durable and reliable option, no matter what weather you intend to use.

Even when it merely has 50 watts of power, you get refreshing air. It comes with 4 blades, so without any emissions, you get more powerful and good air. Not only is this fan made of high-quality material, but it also has a sleek design that you can definitely add to your home.

With the aid of its highly powerful engine, the faster air circulation within the room provides a better cooling effect.

The fan’s dynamically balanced blades avoid any kind of wobbling, and its double ball bearing motor allows for silent whisper activity, enabling you to have an uninterrupted peaceful period.

With smart motor technology, this Sameer’s Gati fan lets you save on your electricity bills. In contrast to traditional fans, a highly efficient motor provides maximum speed with reduced power consumption.

Compared to traditional ceiling fans, the Sameer’s Gati ‘s 3 high performance fan blades can provide substantial energy savings without compromising any airflow output. The dynamically balanced blades resist wobbling and permit noiseless activity as well.

  • It is ideal for contemporary make-over
  • It gives you smart energy saving solution
  • Increased comfort
  • High Performance Fan Blades
  • The internal parts may seem sturdy
  • The blades are not much powerful 

Buying Guide for Best Ceiling Fans in India

Buying a ceiling fan feels very difficult sometimes for your home but it will become a very easy task if you follow the below buying guide. There are different aspects few of those important considerations are:

Room Size and Fan Sweep Size

Fan sweep size essentially is the diameter of the circle covered by the fan when the blades are in motion. If your fan sweep size doesn’t match with the room diameter then you are making the wrong decision.

Thus you must consideration this in mind while choosing the right fan , if you choose the wrong combination of sweep size to room size then you will not get proper air flow in the room. below combination will help you choose the right ceiling fan

24 inches sweep : For 35 square feet room

35 inches sweep : For 65 square feet room

47 inches sweep : For 100 square feet room

55 inches sweep : For 225 square feet room

If you have bigger room hten 225 sqft then you need more then 1 fan for better air circulation.

Number of Fan Blades

The Number of blades in a ceiling fan depends on the room you are putting it in. A ceiling fan generally comes with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 blades, In general, a greater number of blades means lower air circulation for fans, but a quieter operation. You need to verify, however, that the blades have a low drag shape that helps to improve the efficiency of air circulation.

Blade Pitch/Tilt

No air circulation will be created by a flat blade. Therefore, in the room, you will not sense any cooling or air movement. For proper air circulation, an angle of about twelve to fifteen degrees is primarily optimal. Any higher angle than this puts the fan motor under strain and thereby raises the energy bills.

Length of Down Rod

The down rod length varies according to the height of the room ceiling. For a ceiling height of nine feet, a 6 inch pole is needed, whereas a pole length of 12 inches serves well for a ceiling height of 10 feet.

Likewise, with every foot raise in ceiling height, the length of the down rod increases by 6 inches. 60 inches is the full length of the down rod that fits for any space with a height of 15 feet or more.


A motor is the key powerhouse of any fan that gives it energy-efficient longevity, reliability as well as optimum airflow. In Indian fans, two types of engine are commonly used.

The BLDC engine, which rotates at continuous speed and is low in both noise and energy consumption, is the first variety. The other variety is the single-phase induction engine that uses a range of wires and winding poles to supply the rotors of the fan with a single voltage.

The single phase induction motor is a common choice for Indian customers, requiring a permanent capacitor for any fan operation, but it can not beat the BLDC motor’s energy efficiency.

Below you will see specs of ceiling fans motors as per requirement and features :

153 mm: This motor will become noisy and wobbly with time and constant usage. This motor also provides less air

172 mm: This motor is a little better than the previous one in performance and produce less noise. It is a good option for small and less used spaces.

188 mm: This motor provides excellent air movement and much less noise. You won’t face any stability or noise issues with fans having this motor.

212 mm: Like the one above, this too is an excellent motor that is very durable and sturdy.

K55: This motor is slightly expensive but very durable, its performance is outstanding.

Controls and Accessories/Features

Your ceiling fan will enjoy hordes of extras and luxury features, thanks to revolutionary technology. A very popular feature is a light kit that makes it unnecessary to install separate lights in the room.

A remote-control operation and a pull chain operation to control fan speeds are yet another feature. Any other features that you can select according to convenience are anti-dust, anti-rust, etc.

Reversible Fans

There are a few fans who give reversible features in which according to the season they adjust the course of the rotation. In both colder and warmer seasons, these fans aid in controlling the room temperature.

The ceiling fans move in a counterclockwise direction during the summer season, for instance, to force the cooler air down to the floor. The cold air evaporates sweat by doing so and generates a gentle breeze. Without affecting the room temperature, this breeze makes you feel warmer.

During the colder season, however, you can adjust the settings and make the blade of the fan rotate at a low speed in a clockwise direction. This is going to bring the cooler air off the ground. This helps to force the warm air along the walls in the downward direction from the ceiling. This is how the room feels colder because of it.

Speed Control

The majority of ceiling fans allow for adjustable speed controls and range from 2-5 for these speed limits. Even though there are a few fans who still work at a single level of pace.

Most users do not like these single-speed fans, except for those who choose to use them for a particular kind of use.

Some fans have various kinds of options for speed control, such as a pulling cord, wall control, or remote control. You can select a choice for speed control that fits your requirements best.

Budget and Aesthetics

Finally, you can look into the style, design, color and other aesthetics of the fan along with your budget. Today, you have fans available from around Rs.1200 to above Rs. 5000. One can choose easily within their budget range.

Ceiling Fan Energy Guides

Ceiling fans have a Ceiling Fan Energy Guide with 3 numbers: airflow, electricity use and airflow efficiency.

Airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). The higher the airflow number, the more air is moving.

Electricity use tells you how many watts of energy the ceiling fan uses. (This measurement does not include ceiling fan lights.)

Divide the airflow by the electricity use to get the airflow efficiency. The higher the airflow efficiency, the more efficient the fan.

Let’s compare two similar ceiling fans, one with an AC motor and one with a DC motor.

Best Ceiling Fans Brand In India

Now we have talk about best ceiling fans in india, Lets look at the top brands in ceiling fan.

  • Havells
  • Orient
  • Crompton Greaves
  • Usha
  • Bajaj


The Havells ceiling fans are a vitally very important part of every home and they are very energy efficient as well. Their sleek and innovative design adds style and exuberance to your rooms and offices. With easy installation, their range of ceiling fans is a fit and forget proposition.

The biggest benefit with Havells fans is that there is no compromise on the performance and the energy usage is always minimum.


Orient Electric Limited is a one of the trusted brand in Indian market. They are in the industry from last 60 years, manufacture more than 25 lacs ceiling fans every year. They are known as Best Ceiling fans brand in India.

They are the largest manufacturers and exporters of ceiling fans from India, with more than 40 international markets. with more than 4000 distributors in India , orient ceiling fans reach every parts of country covering more than 450 cities.

Crompton Greaves

Crompton is  of the leading consumer companies in India with a 75+ years old brand legacy. They Manufacture wide range of fans like exhaust fans, ceiling fans, table fans, pedestal fans, wall fans and tower fans.

Besides manufacturing quality products, the manufacturer also offers excellent customer service. All their products are included in 5-star categories when it comes to energy efficiency. Crompton was the first company to achieve more than 1 million sales in 1989. The company sold over a million fans, making them one of the largest sellers in the world.


Usha manufacturers a wide range of ceiling fans, table fans, exhaust fans, pedestal fans, tower fans and wall fans. They are known for their quality, aesthetic design sense and durability of products. their fans are very durable, less noisy and require low maintenance.

Usha Ceiling fans comes with different variants like design, blade size, and also in metallic finish that makes them glossy. Usha never compromises for its technology and superior products which is making them a number one choice in most Indian households. With their low prices, you can easily get a high-quality Usha ceiling fan at an affordable cost.


Ceiling fans are the most overlooked, yet significantly important appliances in our homes. We cannot imagine our lives without these engineering marvels; from designing the blades to crafting the body to not only deliver optimum operating speeds and air delivery, but also to improve the aesthetics of your room, the range of fans from Bajaj will make for an excellent addition to your house.

Simple yet elegant, the Bajaj ceiling fans combine technological ingenuity with innovative design, providing effective cooling solutions that will both inspire and satisfy your needs. The fans offered by Bajaj also come in a wide range of colours, styles and prices

Frequently Asked Question About Ceiling Fans

Can I use a different size of blades to replace the original ones?

No, you can only use the blades indicated with the unit

What is the difference between 3, 4 and 5 bladed fan?

The 3 and 4 bladed are the common types. The 5 bladed usually needs a larger motor that has higher energy consumption. There is a difference of sweep as well, 3 blade fan cover less space for air circulation as compared to 5 blade fan,

Do ceiling fans with metal blades catch rust?

Usually not as they have very strong paint coat on it, now some ceiling fans comes in metallic finish as well which are rust-free.

Does ceiling fans come with a regulator?

No you need to buy that separately.

What size of fan should I purchase?

As we have mentioned above .
24 inches sweep : For 35 square feet room
35 inches sweep : For 65 square feet room
47 inches sweep : For 100 square feet room
55 inches sweep : For 225 square feet room
If you have bigger room hten 225 sqft then you need more then 1 fan for better air circulation.

How to clean your ceiling fan ?

How long do ceiling fans last?

Usually they last for 10 years or more sometimes depends on the care you take.

How many blades is best for ceiling fan?

If the number of blades increases, the quieter it becomes and the less air it circulates, according to the fundamental theory. On the fan motor, additional blades will raise the weight and obviously slow down. This is the primary explanation why there are just 2 or 3 blades for industrial fans and wind turbines. So, to get ample circulation in the room, it is better to have 3 blades.

Is it safe enough to leave the ceiling fan on all night?

Yeah, even though you leave the ceiling fan for a very long time, it is considered stable enough. Even if there are no occupants in the building, it is even safe to leave it on. In order to maintain proper air circulation and proper room temperature, it can be beneficial.

How long should a ceiling fan hang?

It is important to position them in the middle of the room. It has to be 18 inches from the ceiling and at least 7 feet off the floor. You can mount it 8 to 9 feet above the floor if it is feasible. This gives proper airflow.

Which fan is appropriate for a sloped ceiling?

Some of the fans are specifically made for sloped/ angled ceilings to match and function. If you are looking for a fan for an angled roof, then I suggest that you review the manufacturer ‘s directions and requirements before buying them.
The ceiling fan intended for angled fans usually has a separate sloped-ceiling mounting package. But note that it is not advised to repair a regular ceiling (which is not designed for a sloped ceiling) to an angled ceiling.

Ceiling fans or floor fans, which one is better?

Tower / floor fans are much quieter in terms of service. Ceiling fans are much easier for a bigger space as they have ample air ventilation. If you want to switch the fan from one position to another, however, then floor or tower fans may be helpful.

Conclusion :

We hoped to have given you plenty of choices, both in a conventional and modern range of ceiling fans. Keeping your requirement in mind i believe now you can select most appropriate one for yourself.

Please do let me know about your selection and why you choose that.

Also If you still have any query please drop me message below.

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