10 Best Baby Cradles

Building your baby’s room is one of the most fun and exciting things anyone would do as a parent.  When it comes to choosing furniture, a cradle should always be on the top of your list.

It lets you include beautiful pieces of furniture into their space where they can feel comfortable and safe.

Baby Cradles is a bed that is designed for infants. The Baby cradle comes with a railing on all sides to ensure your baby’s safety. It’s always good to pick top-quality bedding for your kid because that’s where your little one is going to spend most of his/her time. 

Many baby cradles come with Automatic & Manual Swing Mechanism with Remote Control that makes it much easier to use and also has a manual swing option.

There are so many options of Baby Cradles available on the market and sometimes it can become a little tough to choose the best one for your baby.

Here is a list of 10 BEST BABY CRADLES that you can buy.

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BAYBEE Enchant Cotton Swing Cradle Bedding Set with Net and Spring for Baby (Blue, 0-8 Months)

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StarAndDaisy 01 StarAndDaisy Baby cot Crib Newborn Baby Bassinet with Cradle, Wheel, Mosquito net and Bedding Set (Green)

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BabyGo Baby Cradle Cot and Stroller Blue

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GOPINATHJI Baby Cradle N Swing Ghodiyu with Indian Style Hammock Having Mosquito Net for New Born Infants,Blue

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2GETHER® Baby Jhula ! Baby Boy's and Girl's Portable Folding Swing Cradle, (Blue)

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Avani Baby Cradle Cot Cum Stroller (EvaBlue)

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HARISTAR® New Born Baby Cradle Baby Swing Baby jhula Baby palna Baby Bedding Baby Bed Crib Bassinet with Mosquito Net...

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BAYBEE Born Baby Cradle Newborn Baby Cotton Cradles,Baby Sleep Swing Cradle,Baby Cot Bed,Baby Bedding Set with Net 0-12 Months Years...

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Features Of Baby Cradle

  • Easily Detach
  • Easily foldable
  • Canopy saves sun rays for Baby
  • Unisex
  • foldable and easily wash

Additional Features Of Baby Cradle

The Baby Cradle has a Baby’s Cosy Spot, so that they can enjoy their time.

Most of them has a Four-Tier Extended Canopy so as to provide shade from the sun.

Extra Storage is an additional feature which is loved by the parents as they get extra space to carry the side accesories of the baby.


Are cradles safe for newborns?

A safe crib, cradle, or bassinet helps lower the risk of SIDS and prevents your baby from being trapped, suffocated, or strangled.

How long can a baby sleep in a cradle?

Add some comfort. Until your baby is 12 to 18 months old, you’re not supposed to put things (like stuffed animals or pillows and blankets) into the crib, but you can make the room more comfortable by dimming the lights and turning on some white noise.

How do SIDS babies die?

While the cause of SIDS is unknown, many clinicians and researchers believe that SIDS is associated with problems in the ability of the baby to arouse from sleep, to detect low levels of oxygen, or a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood. When babies sleep face down, they may re-breathe exhaled carbon dioxide.

Do baby swings cause brain damage?

Scientists Have not Concluded that Baby Swings Can Cause Brain Damage in Infants. … Cheang, at the moment, even though wrong use of baby swings can cause serious harm, there is no evidence shows that baby swings can cause brain damage in kids if we use them in the right way, with a reasonable amount of time and speed.

Can a baby sleep in a cradle?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, your baby should sleep: In a bassinet, cradle, or crib that is near her mother’s bed. On her back, not on her side or stomach. On a firm sleep surface, such as a firm crib mattress, which has been covered by a well-fitted sheet.

When should a baby use a cradle?

Remember, a rocking cradle can only be used until your baby can roll over by himself. In general, babies turn over at around three months. Once he learns to roll over, he can fall out of the cradle. Always ensure that you don’t put heavy bedding, pillows or toys in the cradle when your baby is sleeping.

Is swing cradle good for baby?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends moving your baby from the swing to a safe sleeping place if they fall asleep in the swing. Understanding that the swing is an activity device, not a replacement for a crib or bassinet.

Are cradles good for babies?

Dr Mahesh Babu Ramamurthy, head and senior consultant of National University Hospital’s paediatric pulmonary and sleep division, said: “Rocking cradles and sarong cradles are not recommended since they can inculcate a sleep association and the infant will be able to sleep only in the same environment later on.

Which type of cradle is good for baby?

It’s best to put your baby in a separate cot, in the same room as you for the first six months. However, co-sleeping is a norm in India, and many parents often choose to use a traditional baby hammock (jhoola) or rocking cradle (palna) instead of a cot.

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