Best 4 Burner Hob Tops In India | Updated| February 2020

Hobs fit a concealed hose pipe into the kitchen slab, giving it a sleek look. Hobs need less maintenance and are, in nature, very hygienic. The burners in hobs are built to reduce the consumption of resources and provide fast cooking, thereby saving your time. Kitchens, particularly in India, have a lot of great importance, and have been handled by almost every homeowner in particular. In order to get the full advantages and practicality, an optimal kitchen should be spacious, practical and well built. In the kitchen, one of the most significant items is where you prepare the food for your family.  A fancy hob with smart features separates your kitchen and brings your cooking to a whole new stage.

They come with more powerful burners for making phulkas, parathas or chapatis with solid support grills to carry the heavy Tawas, large kadai and pressure cooker, unlike ordinary gas stoves. They also come with multiple burners with different forces, often five, to help you simultaneously cook varieties of the dishes. With their simple nature, they are comparatively easier to clean and a proper burner would also cut down on total gas use.

You will find different kinds of burners like three burners, four burners and even five burner hob tops as well. We did extensive research on various kitchen hobs and eventually compiled a list by engaging with clients, reviewing different hob reviews and ratings! Below is a list of Best Four Burner Hob Tops in India which you can find on the market right now.

Why do you need a Burner Hob Top in Kitchen?

The main distinction between a gas hob and a gas cooker is that the built-in gas hob is designed to fit smoothly on the kitchen countertop. Despite the fact that both serve the same basic purpose, integrated gas hobs are a better alternative to traditional gas stoves. About why?

Faster and convenient cooking

You have only the option to either raise or decrease the burner flame in traditional gas stoves. However, in embedded hobs, you have more options. Built-in hobs from Kutchina come with the multi-flame feature; using the feature, you can monitor the flame level on two sections of the burner, ring, and spreader. You can create a higher cooking temperature by increasing the flame level on both burner sections, which is ideal for quickening your cooking time. Another major advantage of this feature is that you can carefully set the flame to perfection on both burner components and cook various kinds of dishes.

Better safety

A better alternative is using a built-in hob. About why? Modern built-in hobs come with the function of flame failure. When the flame on the burners goes out, this function is programmed to automatically turn off the gas supply. This revolutionary feature also comes in handy to save gas.

Ease of use

Compared with gas stoves, the built-in hobs are much simpler to use. You have to contend with the inconvenience of having to raise the heavy food-filled pots and place them atop the pot stands/supports while preparing meals in large quantities. This is not the case for built-in hobs, as they sit like the countertop on the surface stage. Also, you do not have to use the clunky lighter to light up the burners when using built-in hobs, as they provide a pulse ignition feature. In order to light the burners, you simply have to turn the control knob on.

Stylish look

Built-in hobs look much sleeker than traditional gas stoves. In your kitchen, new built-in hobs have a sleek look and make a state of the art modern style statement. They are also offered in top versions of glass that are perfect for adding an elegant look to your cooking room.

Buying Guide

Gas Hobs

For a number of reasons, such as perfect power, instant heat and a more sensitive design compared to other types of hob, the gas hob would be the first option for most people in India. They have mains to turn the hob on / off with the ignition button feature. They can easily be removed for cleaning purposes, and it is very easy to monitor them as well.

Our best advice is to go for a hob that comes with a number of burners at once to cook delicious recipes. Since every form of burner is suitable for various cooking styles. Having a gas hob doesn’t render the days blissful unless the hob is properly mounted.

Electric Hobs

The heating device is mounted in electric hobs under the solid ceramic glass. In order to protect the top-layered ceramic glass from overheating, they come with protection features. This stylish style built-in heating system can be used for cooking , baking and can be easily maintained. There are currently 3 different forms of electrical hobs-solid plate, ceramic and induction.

Ceramic hobs

This type of hob is mounted underneath the surface of ceramic glass. They come with a safety device which prevents any overheating of the ceramic glass. They look ultra-sleek, easy to clean, and are more costly than gas hobs of other kinds.

Solid plate hobs

If you are on a small budget range, the solid plate hobs add great value. They use more energy than other forms of electric hob covering the heating part, which increases the time it takes to heat up the hob, and also cools down the hob, thereby making it a difficult task to regulate the heat.

Induction hobs

Induction hobs are very safe to use, and they operate by heating the pan to be energy effective. These are very expensive hobs compared with other kitchen hobs which perform the tasks very quickly by consuming much less power. The induction hob gets triggered only when the pan is heated via an iron-based magnetic form- spiral copper coil beneath the glass surface. It cools down very rapidly when the pan is removed from the cooker, thus reducing the possibility of skin burns.

Gas on Glass Hobs

You’re fed up with washing up the steel gas hobs? And searching for a fresh, stylish and comfortable cooker? This gas in glass hobs, then, is for you. Burners are placed on the top of the glass with gas on glass kitchen hobs, making the surface smooth and easy to clean. Burners are heated very slowly, but still, just like a regular hob, you get the requisite heat and power. If you opt for this model, make sure you get an attractive price range of toughened glass content that lasts for years, and also comes with a guarantee.

Hob surface

It can be cleaned and maintained easily. Most of our kitchen hobs surface come with either stainless steel or tempered glass offering strong corrosion, temperature and scratch resistance.

Consider the number of burners

Either with three burners or four with different flame capacity, much of the hob comes.

Five burners

Large hobs with five burners typically have four smaller burners at each corner and one larger one in the center, known as WOK burner. Getting 5 burners, however, does not allow you to cook 5 plates at a time, most of the space offered becomes too short to change 5 pans and pot. But, in the center, an extra burner gives you more space than the 4 burner hobs.

Four burners or less

Unless you serve a big batch or make large amounts of food, you would be fine using 4 or fewer burner hobs.

Consider type for burners

Mostly there are types of burners that are single corona, double corona and triple corona. Often known as Job burners are double and triple corona burners.

  • Single Corona
  • Double Corona
  • Triple Corona

Pan supports

These are manufactured using cast iron and are coated with enamel to avoid any sort of chipping or rust that can occur due to enamel. Hobs come with pan supports to allow us to put the pan on the burner and to avoid wobbling too. They can easily be washed and detached from bare inox steel.

Enough Space to Cook

Check that the burners are positioned in a suitable position at a distance. Otherwise, the flame can not adequately enter the containers which may result in poor cooking experience. More than 3 burners were tried by several of the brands, which later became a faulty idea. Some famous brands, however, tried very hard and succeeded by having 4 in 1 idea by putting it at an equal distance.

Quality of the material

As we know, there are various kinds of kitchen hobs made of various materials such as glass, steel, etc. Hobs made of solid and fine quality materials should, however, be your preference. Otherwise, they will break down very rapidly and you have to spend more on repairs.

Ignition Feature

By pressing the knob, most of the hobs are embedded with automatic ignition, by which we can ignite the burner. With a chord of the hobs, the auto ignition linked to the electric source works. For auto-ignition these types of hobs are equipped with a battery.


In running the hobs, controls are very crucial, and they typically come in a variety of designs and shapes. Hobs Knobs are used to handle the popularity. The knobs that are either put up front or on the right side come with most of the hobs. Knobs with rubber gaskets are used to keep the water from seeping.

Easy to Clean Burners

They’re very easy to clean and maintain as the kitchen hobs come in a soft and durable build. When you buy the kitchen hobs, make sure you clean them once a week with liquid soap and water. It makes the hob look brilliant and free of polluted particles of food, dust, rust, etc.

Price and Manufacturer’s warranty

Finally, we end up with the price and the manufacturer’s guarantee in the purchase guide. When your choice is to get high-quality kitchen hobs, price is the least important factor. The higher the price, the more features you get and outstanding performance is also delivered. But it is up to an individual-high or low budget-to purchase the kitchen hob according to his requirements. Also, look for brand credibility and warranty information that will allow you to communicate with the manufacturer when the product is damaged within the stated time.

Best Burner Hob Tops

1. Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas Hob

Sunflame Hob Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition

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  • Gas stove type: Manual;
  • 4 high efficiency forged brass burner
  • 1 super big burner
  • Weight : 12 kg
  • Euro coated pan support 
  • Burner material: Brass; 
  • Warranty: 2 Years;

For more than three decades now Sunflame has served the Indian kitchen. For Indian consumers who want a robust, powerful yet budget-friendly hob to fit their modern kitchen, our next product from the brand is a great option. Four highly powerful brass burners are specifically designed to cook a large number of dishes at a time for large Indian families. They are rugged, generate a decent amount of heat and guarantee a long service life. With black tempered glass on top, the hob looks very sleek and elegant.

The toughened glass top is heat and scratch-resistant and you can clean the spillages with one wipe at one go due to the stain-proof design. The special-coated pan supporters avoid chipping off and the stainless steel drip trays last without developing rust for years. It is fuel-efficient while saving a great deal on your monthly gas bills. Compared to TRB burners or other alloy burners, the high-quality burners emit more heat but the LPG consumption is much less.

A couple of clients had problems with the sim mode. The flame generated in sim mode is comparatively higher than a strand gas stove, which may require you to pay more attention when heating delicate dishes such as milk, oil , butter or frying otherwise they may easily be burnt. With the style on top and black tempered glass on top the unit looks pretty fine.

The burners offer more heat consuming less LPG; moreover, 4 burners will make your food ready in 1/4th of the time taken making it a great choice to opt for people with big families or those who have regular guests visits at home. It’s an excellent choice for those with a tight budget, despite its negative sides like auto-ignition and high flames in sim mode.

  • Toughened glass body
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Four gas burners for faster cooking
  • Strong and sturdy build-quality
  • Manual ignition
  • High flames at sim mode

2. Elica Hobtop 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition 1 Big Lotus and 3 Small Lotus Brass Burner Gas Stove (Flexi HCT 460 Lotus Brass)

Elica Hobtop 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition - 1 Big Lotus and 3 Small Lotus Brass Burner Gas Stove (Flexi HCT 460 Lotus Brass)

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  • Premium Finish Glass Top
  • Toughened glass comes with 5 years warranty
  • Cast iron pan support
  • High-Quality Knobs
  • Multi Flame Italian Sabaf Burners

This cooktop has a hardened Premium Glass Finish with corrosion and scratch-resistant properties. The glass finish is not only robust and strong, it also embellishes the esthetics of your kitchen. Featured with multi-flame control (MFC) sabaf burners that are highly energy efficient and speedy in cooking. The burners are specifically made to suit the Indian style of cooking. The hobtop has 1 Large Lotus and 3 Small Lotus Burner to satisfy your cooking needs. Round Grid cast iron pan helps guarantee the reliability of cookware and cooking pots when cooking. Cast iron pan holders with matte enamel guarantee optimum protection for cooking.

For aesthetic looks, this powerful hob has a slim outline with less room that just looks better and works longer. This Cooktop by Elica is equipped with metallic operating knobs of premium quality. To adjust the degree of the flame, the Metallic Knobs are made of superfine material and ensure friction-less rotation. As per your requirement, the free-standing hop can be used as a cooker or as a cooker! To offer you fast and hassle-free cooking, free-standing hop allows easy installation and robust grip.

On Microswitch, Spark Plug, Generator, Jets, this burner has 2 years from the date of purchase. (No warranty on Sabaf Lotus-Brass / Enameled Black burners for enameled black coating discoloration, denting, deformation & chipping, or peeling) and 5 years from the date of purchase on glass valves. These knobs are finely built and beautifully made, adding versatility to your daily work. For added convenience, the knobs have a smooth finish as the nozzles spin a full 360 degrees.

  • Sleek and beautiful look
  • Easy to operate with the indications option
  • Easy to handle 
  • The glass turns hot when cooking 

3.Faber Mild Steel Hobtop Imperia 604 BRB Ci Bk 4 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top

Faber Mild Steel Hobtop Imperia 604 BRB Ci Bk 4 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top

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  • 2 x 3 kW triple ring flame and  2 x 1.7 dual ring burners
  • Ignition type: in-built auto electric (battery operated)
  • Heavy cast iron pan support

The hob cooker hybrids of the Faber imperia series give you a great cooking experience. The cooker hybrids of the Imperia series are particularly built for Indian kitchens. For all modern kitchens, heavy duty cast iron pan supports intended for curved Indian cookware, 3 brass burners and left to right quality metal knobs are suitable as it has a simple to set up style. It has a dual feature and, as per your requirement, can be used as a hob top or built in. Triple flame rings and double ring burners for slow cooking. It has an electric car (battery operated) built in.

The thickness of the toughened glass is 8 mm. Faber hob imperia 604 brb ci bk, dimensions (lxwxh):595 x 525 x 130 mm The hob cookers of the Faber imperia series are a combination of power, performance, and nice. This Hob Cooktop comes with 4 Brass Burners with 2 x 3 KW Triple Ring Flame and 2 x 1.7 Dual-Ring Burners, The varieties of burners support one-time cooking varieties of dishes and save time.

The special Black Enamel Coated Triple Ring + Dual Ring Burners spread the flame evenly so that your food is uniformly cooked from all sides. Auto Ignition system improves reliability and decreases maintenance requirements, Ignition type: In Designed Auto Electric-Battery powered, a feature that allows you to automatically Ignite the burner without the need for any external source. Help for the cast iron pan that would assist the utensils to get support and allow the dish to cook properly. They are made of cast iron and are easy to remove in order to facilitate cleaning. This Faber Hob Cooktop is fitted with metallic working knobs of premium quality.

The Metallic Knobs are built from superfine material. This purpose makes it simple for the user to connect his or her gas appliance. The toughened 8MM Edge Glass finish of this Hob Cooktop is black glass. Not only is the glass finish robust and long-lasting, but it also embellishes the kitchen aesthetics. The Toughened Black Glass is easy to clean, scratch, and heat resistant.

  • Can be used as a table top
  • Can be used in both LPG & PNG connection
  • 100% Brass burner
  • No cons found 

4.Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top

Elica Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top - 2 Double Ring Brass, 1 Dual Brass Burner and 1 Mini Triple Ring Brass Gas Stove

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  • Anti-resistant and scratch-free glass top
  • Multi-flame controlling feature
  • 4 Distinct Sized Burners; 2 Double Ring, 1 Dual, and 1 Mini Triple Ring
  • Brass Burner
  • Weight : 11 kg

The aesthetics of a top-quality kitchen hob installed in a modular kitchen do not beat anything. Elica has come up with its 4-burner kitchen hob top to offer the same, which would certainly make your kitchen come to life. This kitchen hob comes with a toughened glass of high quality that is naturally anti-corrosive and scratch-resilient. This glass finish is long-lasting and will revamp the aesthetics of the kitchen.

This auto-ignition hob top comprises the brass burners with multi-flame control that are very energy-proficient and allow for faster cooking. This extraordinary multi-flame controlling function assists to perform many tasks at once. This Elica kitchen cooker is fitted with premium-grade metallic knobs. These metallic knobs have been crafted from top-grade material and allow the amount of the flame to be controlled by a friction-less spin.

This Cooktop by Elica is equipped with metallic operating knobs of premium quality. To change the degree of the flame, the Metallic Knobs are made of superfine material and ensure friction-less rotation. Featured with highly energy-efficient Multi-Flame Control Brass Burners that improve speedy cooking. In a given time frame, the impressive multi-flame control mechanism helps to multitask.

The stability of cookware & cook pots while you cook is guaranteed by Round Grid cast iron pan support. The help of the cast iron pan with matt enameling ensures optimum protection for cooking. Design to boost your experience of cooking! The cooktop will certainly complement your current kitchen decor for an elegant and seamless look.

  • 5-years warranty on toughened glass
  • Slim aesthetics
  • Expensive kitchen hob

5. Prestige Gold Hobtop 4 Burner PHTG – 04

Prestige Gold Hobtop 4 Burner PHTG - 04

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  • Ultra Slim Body
  • Convertible Design
  • Auto Ignition
  • Brass Burner
  • Components from Sabaf Italy
  • Elegantly Designed Schott Glass
  • Cast Iron Pan Support

The prestige hobtop, built to be the world’s smallest cooktop, is both a gas stove and a hob. The hobtop comes with advanced auto ignition features with knobs conveniently located on the top, which makes it handy for cooking. Moreover, the toughened Schott glass top is not only beautiful to look at, but also simple to clean. And to top it all, the hob top has brass turners and other components specially built by sabaf in Italy, one of the world’s leading brands for cooktop and hob components. Such sabaf burners provide continuous heating, use less gas and are designed specifically for Indian cooking.

In addition, the hob top is also compatible with European emissions requirements. Get the benefit of Schott with over 125 years of experience in making the finest glass in the world. Schott is the largest global producer. Prestige now gives you an elegant gas table with the renowned Schott glass top from Germany. This gas table’s modem designs and trendy looks will surely bring class to your kitchen. In addition, the surfaces of Schott glass are engineered to withstand greater thermal shock and mechanical impact than any other glass. Moreover, it comes with the promise of life. This gas stove requires a plug point for auto-ignition operation during installation. It needs to be manually ignited in a power-cut-off situation.

As this gas table is convertible by nature and looks nice no matter how you want to use it, this gas stove provides the flexibility to use it as a hob-top or a gas stove. Any time you twist the knob, the advanced auto-ignition device ensures a flame.

Thanks to its continuous technology of sparks. This ensures smooth running and a service that is incredibly easy to use and free of problems. These sabaf burners and components are imported exclusively by Prestige from Italy, which not only guarantees world-class performance without hassle but also longevity. For aesthetic looks that take less space, the hob-top has the slimmest design, which not only looks good but also works longer.

  • Ultra Slim Body
  • Power cord for auto ignition.
  • Lifetime warranty for glass
  • Knobs are function is very smooth
  • Slightly overpriced

6. Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Elite Hybrid HD 704 Brass Gas Hob)

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  • Multi-Ring Multi-Control Burner
  • Heat Resistant Toughened Glass
  • 4-burner
  • Highly-efficient multi-control flam
  • 10-years warranty cover on toughened glass

You just need to make a smart decision to keep you away from splurging cash blindly when it comes to investing in a kitchen hob. Therefore, the next kitchen hob on our page comes from the Whirlpool building, which, due to its tally of features and corresponding price tag, will certainly be a good bet.

The Elite Hybrid HD 704 Brass Kitchen Hob from Whirlpool comes with the automatic ignition feature for easy cooking without any hassles. In addition, the optimal size of this kitchen hob is that it can not handle a lot of space on the countertop. The hob burner has a hybrid configuration and can be placed on the kitchen platform/granite top or can be used as a stand-alone gas stove. The beautifully built gas burner is sure to add elegance to your modern kitchen.

With high flame and sim choices, the Intellicook Brass Burner Hobs deliver high performance multi-control flame levels better suited to Indian cooking needs. The knobs are rendered heat resistant for longer cooking durations special to Indian cooking.

Just switch the knobs and automatically ignite the burner. Furthermore, the Intelli-cook brass burner will provide ultimate efficiency along with the multi-control flame speeds, which is apt to cater to the Indian cooking requirements. To allow for prolonged cooking, the controlling knobs were made of heat-resistant material. This cooking appliance, built using long-lasting materials and fortified with excellent features, will be a worthy purchase for many years to come

  • Intelli-cook brass burner with multi-control flame
  • 5-years warranty on gas valves & brass burners
  • Doesn’t have sleek design

7.   Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Built in Glass Hob 1064 RO HT DB (Black)

Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Built in Glass Hob 1064 RO HT DB

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  • Forged Brass Burners
  • Integrated auto ignition 1.5 V 
  • 8 mm thick toughened glass top
  • Strong vitreous enameled pan supports
  • Italian Gas Valve
  • Auto Ignition

Forged brass burners with double rings of Flame for Indian Cooking are included in the Glen Glass Hob Top 1064. As needed, it can be used as a hob top or built in. It has 4 burners, including 2 large and 2 small burners. It comes with a toughened glass top that is 8 mm thick and scratch-resistant and easy to clean. To quickly clean the spill over, it has powerful vitreous enameled MS Pan help and Stainless steel drip tray.

Enabled with multi-spark auto ignition, for complete safety, this hob also has an Italian gas valve. With a firm grip, the smart & elegant Bakelite knobs allow easy operation. With creative new items and thoughtful features, Glen has been instrumental in revolutionizing the Indian kitchen for two decades. Backed by a thorough study and multinational, state-of-the-art production facilities in India.

Glen brings items that are an optimal combination of beauty and efficiency to the discerning Indian woman. With the advent of the Double Ring of Flame Forged Brass Burners built to accommodate Indian cooking, now the flame is high enough, the issue of low flame in Hobs is now history. The foundation still has rubber legs, so if you don’t want to cut the slab, there are no issues going ahead and using it as it is. This is now called versatility at any later date when you plan to switch to Built-in. With a lot of care, 4 burners are mounted to give you full room between two burners.

The black powder-coated base looks stylish, so as per range, the Hob can be used as a Hob top or built-in. Extra heavy, long-lasting brass burners made with high-energy, high-efficiency Double Ring Flame forging technology, specially crafted for Indian cooking. 8.0MM thick toughened glass for complete protection. A single item, easy to clean, scrape, stain, impact & heat resistant. No need for lighters or matchsticks for Multi-Spark auto-ignition. Italian gas valves with high precision for optimal flame control. No more spills of gas and no more sim-offs now.

  • Good quality hob
  • Double brass and toughened glass are very high quality
  • Worst customer support/ service 

8. Glen GL 1074 IN BW Built-in Hob burner

Glen GL 1074 IN BW Built In Hob 4 Burner - Integrated Auto Electric Ignition

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  • 4 burners including 2 big and 2 small
  •  Cast iron pan supports
  • The stainless steel drip tray
  • Integrated auto ignition 
  • Italian gas valve for total safety
  • Knobs with a firm grip 

Glen brings items that are an optimal combination of beauty and efficiency to the discerning Indian woman. With Glen 4 Burner Built in Hob 1074 IN BW, enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience. It’s smartly designed to fit with the aesthetics of your kitchen in black & white fusion. It has Italian double ring burners, toughened glass top resistant to scratch, solid vitreous enamelled pan supports and many more outstanding features, making it a perfect investment for your modern kitchen.

For the buyers who are living in a joint family or have heavy cooking needs, the Glen hob top will be an ideal product to go with. Although the top of the hob has 4 burners, for smaller kitchens with limited space, it is still one of the best options. For customers looking to buy a perfectly designed modern hob top that works well and looks good in the kitchen, the brilliant design, and dual-tone body make a fantastic purchase. With some intelligent tweaks like efficient space management and consistent performance, the Glen GL 174 is one of the best and most reliable 4-burner gas hobs currently available in the market.

Specially built for Indian cooking, the Glen Glass Hob 1074 has Italian double ring burners. It has 4 burners like 2 major and 2 small burners. It comes with a scratch-resistant, easy to clean, toughened glass top. It is quick to clean the spillover with cast iron pan supports and stainless steel drip tray. Enabled with integrated auto ignition, this cooker also has a full safety Italian gas valve. The strongly clenched alloy knobs ensure quick operations.

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Thick glass stop for better cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Reliable brand value
  • Poor knob quality

9. Glen 4 Burner Stainless Steel Built in Hob 1061 TR

Glen 4 Burner Stainless Steel Built in Hob 1061 TR

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  • Matt steel body
  • Bakelite Knobs
  • Strong Mild Steel pan support
  • Support only LPG Gas 
  • Italian gas valves
  • Integrated multi-spark auto-ignition 230V
  • 4 European sealed burner

A classic update to your traditional cooktop is the Glen 1061 SS Built-in hob. It has a rich Matt steel body and comes with 4 European sealed burners for easy use, including 1 triple ring, 2 semi-fast, and 1 auxiliary burner. It has good support for MS Pan to fit heavy utensils. This hob also has an Italian gas valve for complete safety, fitted with multi-spark integrated auto-ignition.

With trouble-free activities, the smart & elegant Bakelite knobs guarantee a firm grip. Crafted in stainless steel to suit the aesthetics of your traditional kitchen style. Glen is a perfect partner for the well-being of you and your family with features like European sealed burners, solid pan supports, matt steel body, and smooth working Bakelite knobs.

A spacious stainless steel hob, built to take care of 4 utensils at the same time. For easy access, the burners are put in place. For quicker & effortless cooking, the European sealed triple ring burner. Rich matt stainless steel body of high quality with durable construction for long-term durability. Good supports for mild steel pans that easily handle large and heavy vessels. Wise, elegant knobs for the most convenient uses for that firm grip. Italian gas valves with high precision for optimal flame control. No more spills of gas and no more sim-offs now.

  • Reasonable price
  •  Good quality hob
  • Ergonomic Knobs 
  • Italian Gas Valve
  • No cons found 

10.  Faber Hob/Hobtop 4 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top (Maxus HT784 CRS BR CI AI) Black

Faber Hob/Hobtop 4 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top

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  • Enameled Burners
  • 2.5 KW and 1.5 KW Burner combination
  • Ignition type: In-Built Auto Electric 1.5 V Dc
  • Heavy-duty Cast Iron pan support
  • Premium Metal Knobs
  • Toughened Glass: 8 mm thick toughened glass top
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty

You get a great cooking experience with the Faber Maxus Series Hob Cooktop. Specially built for India Kitchens, the Maxus Series Hob Cooktop. For curved Indian cookware, 4 Brass Burner with Black Enamel Coating, and left to right Quality Metal knobs, heavy duty cast iron pan supports are suitable for all modern kitchens as it has a simple design to set up. It has a dual feature and, as per your requirement, can be used as a hob top or built in. 4 In Built Auto Electric (Battery Operated) Brass Burner with Black Enameled Burners for superior Aesthetic looks, High Performance Burners 2.5 KW and 1.5 KW Burner combination. 

Burners heat up quickly and avoid oil splashes on the burning surface around the pan as they are sufficiently sized. The high-quality brass burners allow safe and effective cooking with consistent flames. Tempered Black Glass Edge Glass Finish has this Hob Cooktop. Not only is the glass finish robust and long-lasting, but it also embellishes the kitchen aesthetics. The Tempered Black Glass is easy to clean, scratch and heat resistant.

The Metallic Knobs are built from superfine material. This purpose makes it simple for the user to connect his or her gas appliance. Tempered Black Glass Edge Glass Finish has this Hob Cooktop. Not only is the glass finish robust and long-lasting, but it also embellishes the kitchen aesthetics. The Tempered Black Glass is easy to clean, scratch, and heat resistant.

  • Aesthetic look
  • Premium Metal Knobs
  • You can use as free standing
  • No cons found 

Frequently Asked Question

Is auto-ignition necessary for hobs?

Yes, it is recommended to buy a hob with an auto ignition function that helps to ignite the burners for cooking delicious recipes and saves time and effort as well. Whereas for standard gas stoves, lighter burners are used to spark them.

How long can we use a kitchen hob?

On average, a kitchen stove’s life expectancy is around 4-5 years. However, depending on the use and the various other factors such as proper installation, efficient washing, servicing, etc., it can vary. The average life of the hob may decrease to 1-2 years if you do not maintain the kitchen hob properly.

What is an auto ignition gas stove?

By turning the knob at an angle where the burners ignite through battery or power, the auto ignition gas stove operates. For the smooth functioning of the unit, modern gas stoves and built-in hobs now have the auto-ignition feature that comes in a stylish and powerful design.

Which one is the best-induction or ceramic hob?

The wise choice is to be an induction hob rather than a ceramic hob. Since the ceramic kitchen hob carries out tasks such as heating up the whole cooking area very quickly. The induction hob, however, heats the pan and not the hob, which saves a lot of time and power.

What is the ideal size of a hob?

The hobs are typically available from 60 cm to 90 cm, but 60 cm is the most common size. Cooking a variety of dishes is quite fitting for a family consisting of 4-6 members. But, the size of the kitchen hob often depends on the room in your kitchen, burners, cooking food for a number of people in a household, etc.


All in all, if you are planning to rebuild your kitchen from scratch, or have recently moved to a new home, it will be a better choice for you to rely on kitchen hobs instead of traditional gas stoves. By following the above-listed buyer’s guide, try your hands on the items above or purchase your personal favorite kitchen hob. The hobs are a great choice for better usability and space management, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the kitchen hobs will not disappoint you.We enlisted the best four burner hob tops in India. Now choice is yours. Depending on your budget you can pick one of them that we listed. 

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