Auto Clean Chimney- Advantages and Disadvantages!

The warm auto clean chimney innovation cleans all the oil and different deposits inside in one touch. A solitary touch board for tasks makes it simple to utilize and control.

If you are a great cook, you must be familiar with the importance of a Kitchen Chimney.

We are here to help you find the Best kitchen chimney for your home. Indian cooking spins a lot around frying, which causes the oil to splatter. Furthermore, it adds to the masala aroma in the kitchen causing sneeze and choking.

Auto Clean Chimney
Auto clean chimney

To prevent this mess, the chimneys in the kitchen can be your best friend. It absorbs excess smoke, soot, and food odors from settling in the kitchen. 

An electric chimney sucks the air inside the kitchen. The air then passes through the filters which absorb the heat and trap the grease particles thereby removing fumes and odor and ventilates your kitchen keeping it fresh and odor-free.

The chimney works on the principle of centrifugal force to suck oil particles and hot gases from the kitchen and traps them on the filter. Later that, the fumes are transferred outside the house through the exhaust pipe.

Auto Clean Chimney vs Manual Clean Chimney

FeaturesAuto Clean ChimneyManual Clean Chimney
Auto-clean chimneys come equipped with an oil collector to collect the oil and grease particles as the turbine blowers suck them along with the smoke.
These chimneys do not feature an oil collector. The grease and oil particles stick to the filters consequently.
Suction PowerAs the oil collectors collect the greasy particles, the filters do not get contaminated. Thus, the suction power is not affected.
The oil and wax cling to the filters and seals them, leading to decreased suction power.

MaintenanceAs the name suggests, These chimneys clean automatically. However, removing the oil collectors once a month to clean them, can improve their functioning.
It is advisable to remove and clean them twice a month for better performance.

LifespanAs the oleaginous impurities do not adhere to the interiors of the chimney, it has a longer lifespan.
The non-auto chimneys have a shorter lifespan compared to their auto-clean counterparts.

Advantages Of An Auto Clean Chimney

Auto clean technology helps you to clean your chimney with just one touch. The oil collector cup collects oils and other residues making it easy to keep the chimney clean.

The highlight of this chimney is the thermal auto-clean feature that helps in cleaning the oil and other residues without any manual intervention. Faber and Elica are the top two competitors in India who claim to be selling the best kitchen chimney.

The dimensions of this chimney are perfect for a small to mid-size Indian kitchen.

Energy efficient

The chimney doesn’t come with powerful blowers. Therefore, these chimneys use more power to enable the blower.

The traditional chimneys do not come equipped with powerful blowers so as to remove the hot gases from the kitchen.

If the suction power is reduced, the oil and grease easily accumulate on the interior of the kitchen.

The auto clean chimney actually features a high-quality blower so that your interiors do not get stained.

Less maintenance

The auto clean chimneys are effective and do not allow the oil particles to accumulate or assemble on the interior wall of the chimney.

Oil Collector
Oil Collector

The oil collector ensures the process, thereby making it less manual. So you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the auto clean chimney.

It doesn’t require monthly or weekly cleaning, although, you can change the filters once a month if you wish to.

High efficiency 

Indian cooking spins around frying and masalas, which involves a lot of oil and spices.

This activity indulges deep frying, roasting, grilling, and many other heavy-duty cooking activities.

Frying in oil
Deep Frying in oil

While pursuing any of your favorite cooking activities, it will emit more smoke and soot. But, you can relax and let the auto clean chimney do its work.

It comes with higher suction power, which increases the efficiency of the chimney.

Easy to clean

It comes with an automatic cleaning system that operates at the touch of a button. Thereby making it convenient to clean at home.

Whereas, the non-auto-clean chimney models require regular cleaning by eliminating the filters and washing them manually or in a dishwasher.

Extended lifespan

Faber auto clean chimney
Faber auto clean chimney

As the oleaginous impurities do not adhere to the interiors of the chimney, it has a longer lifespan.

Disadvantages Of An Auto Clean Chimney

Higher Initial Cost

It is evident that auto clean chimneys are very much effective and efficient, but for the price, these are a bit expensive.

It has a higher initial cost but that can be justified of course. In other words, these chimneys are a bit pricy than the ones with baffle or mesh filters.

But in a long run, the auto clean chimney is economical as it has a great lifespan.

High Repair Costs

Kitchen chimneys are exposed to dense smoke and oil/grease whenever you prepare food.

These oil particles can hinder or obstruct the filters sometimes and get stuck at unsuitable places inside the machine.

Also, these chimneys come with advanced features that can prove to be expensive to repair.

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