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Best LED Light Strips In India

Who does not like fancy decorative lights when there is a function in your home or a festival. LED strip lights are nowhere to bring more shine to your ...

Best Gym Gloves

nowadays people are much conscious about health and physique. We push our limits to get the dream physique, we take supplements, we buy equipment, we eat ...

Best Ceiling Fan With Light In India

Experiencing good air with a beautiful chandelier or led light embedded in it, who does not want a ceiling Fan with Light. So why not buy one.  ...

Best Bed Frame in India

At the end of a tiresome day, it feels extremely relaxed and relaxing to fall asleep in your own bed. Most people think that for good sleep, it is the ...

10 Best Knee Support In India For 2021

People nowadays are so involved in their day to day lives that they are not keeping a track of their physical stability. The hectic schedule of work, the 9-5 ...

Best Gym Belts

We all are very conscious of our physique. There are lots and lots of products that can help you get a better physique, like supplements, proteins, extreme ...

Best wireless earphones under Rs 2000

Are You looking for a Best Bluetooth Earphone and you dont have much budget, then you came at the right place. We Have Shortlisted 10 Best Bluetooth Earphones ...

Best Latex Mattress in India

Instead of the conventional innerspring in the stuffing or padding layers of the mattress, latex made from plants or petroleum-based materials is used in ...

Best Top Load Washing Machine In India

It is very difficult to find the best top load washing machine in India in 2020, and that is why we are here. After great research and reading hundreds of ...

Best Wireless Earphones Under ₹ 2500

As said by Plato – Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. Nowadays there are a lot of ...

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  1. Hi Devesh

    Below are our recommendations for a 6-7K Washing Machine.

    I wish you will find the best product for you.

  2. HI Sanjay

    Both Earphone have their unique qualities, But if I say in 1 line then Noise Shots X5 is My choice . Below is the reason to say that .

    Noise Shot X5 VS CROSSBEATS Urban

    Battery Life. Noise shot is 5 hours as compared to 4 hours of crossbeats. Noise shot can be charge for 8-10 times from its case but crossbeats can charge for 3-4 times only.

    In noise shot X5 a balanced sound signature and clear distortion-free audio.

    If you look for review and rating .
    Noise shot X5 is at 3.5 rating with more then 4600 people rating.
    Cross beat Urban is at 3.8 rating with more then 1800 reating on amazon.

    But if you note more people are buying Noiseshot X5.

    Bluetooth connection is more stable in Noise Shot X5 as compared to Cross beats Urban

    Hope the above information makes easy for you to decide between Noise Shots Vs Crossbeats.

    You can buy Both At below link
    Noise shot X5
    Crossbeats Urban

    There is some more information i would like to share. Both model come up with there 2020 version, that i will update on this article, you can explore both below , but our choice is still Noise Shots XO Vs CrossBeats EVOLVE 2020, Explore both at below link

    CrossBeats EVOLVE 2020
    Noise Shots XO