Agitator vs Impeller Washing Machine | Which is the better option?

Agitator vs Impeller has always been an interesting topic to debate about. Impellers and agitators are usually found in the top loading fully automatic washing machines.

They work as a helpful element. Moreover, helps you clean the dirty clothes. They provide a high level of efficiency. However, the question remains the same, “Which is the better option?”

Let’s compare the functions and working of Agitator and Impeller in a washing machine. Depending on it, you can decide which one is the better option.



A spindle-like attachment that is fixed to the center of the drum is known as an agitator. In other words, the wash drum comes with an attachment that helps in the twisting movements of the drum. These back and forth movements result in rubbing against the dirty clothes. Further, helps in removing stubborn stains.

Agitators come with different patterns. They can be vaned or finned in design.

How Does A Washing Machine Agitator Work

triple action Agitator

The integrated agitator uses 9 spray jets and 3 unique wash actions to keep your apparel, sheets, and more moving during the wash cycle for a thorough cleaning.

It ensures optimal performance with three unique actions. These are:

  • Spraying
  • Wash basket
  • Agitator

The agitator keeps clothes moving during the wash cycle for a thorough cleaning that gets clothes cleaner.



Impellers are also known as Pulsators. They are positioned at the bottom of the wash drum. The washing drum spins to get the clothes to rub against each other. Impellers can be wheels, discs, or cones.

Hexa Bloom Impeller.

Washing machines like Whirlpool 7.5 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading come with Hexa Bloom Impeller.

The newly designed Hexa bloom impeller with 6 vanes, washes clothes in a unique 360° blooming wash motion. This makes clothes rub against each other ensuring superior cleaning results with minimizing fabric abrasion.

Which Is Better Agitator Or Impeller Washer

The question is not that simple. Talking about both, they perform differently. After a thorough study and research, below are some similarities and differences.

Hope it will help you choose the best washing machine for your house.

The Similarities

Coming to talk about the similarities between agitators and impellers, they are mentioned below.

  • Both the parts are available only with top- loading washing machines.
  • They work differently but with equal efficiency.
  • Very much effective in removing first from your clothes.

The Differences

  • The most important difference is in the way of their functioning.
  • They differ in shapes as well. While agitators are spindle structures, impellers can be cones, wheels, or discs.
  • Apart from the fact, they help in removing stains. Their way is quite different.
  • For instance, the impeller rubs the clothes against the other to eliminate dirt whereas the agitator doesn’t work like this. It will rub against your clothes to remove dirt.
Remove stains by rubbing against the clothing.It rubs clothes against each other.
As the name says, it agitates the clothes.Comparatively gentle on the clothes.
Prototype for removing toughest dirt.It’s not that much efficient.
They use more water.Uses very less water as it reduces friction.
Sometimes, clothes can get entangled.Nothing like this happens.
Can damage your clothes sometimes.They are cautious with your clothes.
Reduces the washing time.Results in the extended washing cycle.
It occupies more of a space in the machine.Impellers do not occupy much space. Instead, with the same capacity, you can now wash more clothes.

Let us now discuss the pros and cons of agitators and impellers.

Agitator vs Impeller

Agitator – Pros

shape of an agitator
  • They are efficient in removing stubborn stains from the clothes.
  • Ideal for washing clothes like socks, sportswear, and other soiled clothes.
  • It works in the motion that rubs the spindle against the dirt on the cloth. Moreover, loosen the dirt and removes it easily.
  • The washing machine attains a faster washing cycle. reducing the time of washing.
  • Apart from some cases, an efficient agitator model caters to all types of clothes without damaging them actually.
washing in agitator equipped machine

Agitator – Cons

  • Because of their shape, they consume more space inside the machine. Moreover, it can get tough to wash heavy clothes.
  • You may face challenges when washing bed sheets and blankets.
  • Washing machines with agitators tend to consume more water, whereas impellers consume less water.

Impeller – Pros

shape of an impeller
  • Impellers help in preserving fabrics. They use a smooth action. The action of rubbing the clothes against each other. Rubbing causes friction and helps in removing the dirt.
  • They occupy very little space. Thereby, providing you with more space to wash clothes.
  • Very much easy to wash heavy clothes like bedsheets or blankets.
  • They use less water than an agitator-equipped machines.
interior of an impeller equipped machine

Impeller – Cons

  • They do to follow to be the prototype when washing heavily soiled or dirty clothes.

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Agitator vs Impeller – Which Is The Better Option?

Before choosing the one, you should look at other factors as well. If your daily laundry consists of clothes that are heavily soiled, you should choose a washing machine that is agitator-equipped.

Whereas, for ways washing, the impellers are the right choice. They are gentle on clothes and efficient in removing dirt.

However, impellers and agitators are equally valuable for your washing machine. They work as an extra helping hand. They differ in their work and the way they operate.

Almost, all the washing machine manufacturers offer top-loading washing machines with either of them. You can choose according to your preference.

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