AC Tonnage Calculator – Per Square Foot

Ere buying an Air Conditioner for your home, the first thing to look upon is the AC tonnage calculation and for doing so, You need an AC Tonnage Calculator.

Not sizing a unit of AC decently, can add a lot of money to future electricity costs.

The first thing to check out is the required tonnage. We are here to help you with the Ac tonnage Calculation.

Through this article, You will be able to calculate the tonnage on your own, that too, in a few seconds.

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How do I calculate AC tonnage?

The calculation to ascertain the tonnage required for an AC in your room can be a bit complicated. However, you can still figure out a solution.

The calculation sometimes may involve the terms like BTU (British Thermal Unit).

For Instance, a standard 1,500 sq ft house would need a 2.5-ton air conditioner. To help you out, down below is a quick table showing how many tons of air conditioners you would need for certain square footage.

AreaCooling RequirementRecommended AC Tonnage
AC for 120 sq ft0.9 tons 1 ton AC
AC for 120 sq ft 1.0 tons 1 ton AC
AC for 150 sq ft 1.3 tons 1.5 ton AC
AC for 160 sq ft 1.4 tons 1.5 ton AC
AC for 170 sq ft 1.5 tons 1.5 ton AC
AC for 200 sq ft 1.7 tons 2 ton AC
AC for 250 sq ft 2.1 tons 2 ton AC
AC for 300 sq ft 2.6 tons 2.5 ton AC
AC for 400 sq ft 3.4 tons 3.5 ton AC

AC Tonnage Calculation Formula

Measure the dimensions of the room that is- (length x breadth x height) in cubic feet.

Divide the volume by 1,000, and you get the AC tonnage needed for your place. Easy as that.

Nevertheless, this calculation is not 100 believable because there are other aspects as well that affect the Ac capacity. These factors include-

  • The climate of the place that you live in.
  • The height of your floor, whether you live on the top floor or there are floors above your room.
  • The window positioning as direction is crucial.
  • The number of people present in the room.
  • The placement of furniture and other electrical equipment that are present in the room.

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