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Beardhood Green Tea & Charcoal Face Wash For Man one of the best face wash for men

Beardhood Green Tea & Charcoal Face Wash For Man

Garnier Men Acno Fight Anti-Pimple Face wash one of the best face wash for men

Garnier Men Acno Fight Anti-Pimple Face wash

UrbanGabru Charcoal Face Wash one of best face wash for men

UrbanGabru Charcoal Face Wash


Everyone who washed his face with a bar of soap this morning, raise your hand.Thanks for your honesty. Don’t get us wrong, we like that you wash your face, but we’re not impressed that you used a bar of soap. True, using soap is better than using nothing at all, but your face is different. Traditional bar soaps dry out your facial skin and may strip it of natural oils that it needs to look it best.In this article, we take you through the best face wash for men.

Face washes are utterly crucial element to absolutely anyone’s grooming and skincare routine. If you don’t have a face wash you know you can rely on, the rest of your skincare routine counts for little. For this reason, it’s extremely worthwhile shopping around for a product which you can be sure takes care of your daily cleansing needs. Put simply, a face wash is the backbone of good skincare: the starting point from which to build your routine. When picking the right face wash for you, you should always factor in your skin type, and there are plenty of products which are specially designed to tailor to those with oily, sensitive, dry, or combination skin. 


Sure, there are differences between men’s face washes and cleansers, just as there are differences within any grooming product, but choosing the right face wash for you basically comes down to one thing: skin type.

Every man’s face has its unique characteristics, not the least of which is skin type. Most men’s faces fit into five categories: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, and combination skin.

Oily Skin

Dry Skin

Sensitive Skin

Indicators: Your skin is often red—especially after shaving or cleansing—and prone to irritation.
What to Look for: Cleansers with dense, creamy foams and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, willow bark, and witch hazel. Balancing pH is also important, as skin can get dry or irritated when its pH is out of whack. If possible, avoid heavily sudsy products (less creamy, more bubbly).
Products to Try:

Normal Skin

Indicators: An even skin tone with no flaking, redness, or sheen, and only the occasional breakout.
What to Look for: Honestly, just about anything—your skin isn’t picky. We recommend potent (yet non-drying) cleansers with a range of bonus perks: antiaging, toning, and hydrating ingredients are all a major plus.
Products to Try:


Men with combination skin tend to have an oily forehead, nose, and chin but dry cheeks. Look for a cleanser that gets rid of grime and oil without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

An ideal face wash for combination skin is one that protects the skin’s lipid barriers to lock in natural moisture. You’re looking for a product that thoroughly cleanses but that also provides hydration to the areas of your face which need it.

Again, your facial skin type is the primary guide to choosing a facial wash or cleanser. Now, let’s dig a bit deeper and review what we think are the best face washes for men and the best facial cleansers for men.

Buying Considerations

Obviously, a good Men Face Wash should, well, wash your face, but the perfect one will also keep it in tip-top form too and help manage unwanted skin conditions.

“For healthy-looking skin, you need products that not only clean but hydrate as well,” says Claire Fynn, brand manager of skin cleansing at Unilever. “The right product will do exactly that, leaving you with healthier and stronger skin in the long run.”

Keeping your face nourished is just as vital as keeping it clean, meaning you should take a few minutes to consider a few factors before slapping any old gunk on it.

Special Features

Sure, some of the claims made by cosmetics companies are straight up snake oil. But some, on the other hand, are actually worth taking into account.

Added extras in your face wash such as exfoliators, SPF or one that can double up as a deeper cleansing mask can help save time as well as cabinet space, all while getting you ready to face the day.

Best Face Wash For Men In India 2019

Beardhood Green Tea & Charcoal Face Wash For Man

Beardhood Green Tea & Charcoal Face Wash For Man

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Man Arden 7X Activated Charcoal Face Wash

Man Arden 7X Activated Charcoal Face Wash

amazon buy button

Garnier Men Acno Fight Anti-Pimple Face wash

Garnier Men Acno Fight Anti-Pimple Face wash

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NIVEA Men Face Wash, All-in-One

NIVEA best Men Face Wash, All-in-One

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Set Wet Studio X Charcoal Face Wash For Men

Set Wet Studio X Charcoal Face Wash For Men

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MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Wash For Men

MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Best Face Wash For Men

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UrbanGabru Charcoal Face Wash For Men

UrbanGabru Charcoal Best Face Wash For Men

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Spruce Shave Club Charcoal Face Wash for Men

Spruce Shave Club Charcoal Best Face Wash for Men

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Garnier Men Power White Anti-Pollution Double Action Men Face wash

Garnier Men Power White Anti-Pollution Double Action Best Men Face wash

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THE REAL MAN Caffeine Coffee Oil Control & Energising Men Face Wash

THE REAL MAN Caffeine Coffee Oil Control & Energising Best Men Face Wash

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Frequently Asked Questions about Face Wash

You’ve got some excellent new Men’s Face Wash: excellent! But now you might be wondering how to use it most effectively.

We’ve got you covered here, too. Let’s go over some common questions surrounding the use in combination of face Wash for men.

1. How often should I use my face wash?

Every day, of course!

The best time to use your face wash is in the morning or the evening, depending on your preference.

If you decide to use your wash in the morning, you can add this to your daily showering routine, along with a thorough cleaning of every other part of your body.

You can also use your face wash outside the shower either before or after.

If you shave every day, using your facial cleanser beforehand is a great trick since it will clear your pores up and allow your razor to cut your facial hair closer to the root.

This has the added benefit of giving you a closer shave and extending the amount of time that you have to enjoy smooth skin before you have to shave again.

Using Face Wash at night is a good idea, too.

This is because your face isn’t encountering dirt or dust particles like it might be if you were awake and doing your daily activities.

This can give your face a good chance to rest and rejuvenate with clear pores, and it might help your skin be ready to face the next day.

Just because these face washes have a bunch of ingredients doesn’t mean that they are somehow toxic to your skin or shouldn’t be used every day.

Most face wash is actually made of natural ingredients and are healthy.

Face washes aren’t like pure exfoliators, either.

So long as you’re using the right facial cleanser, you shouldn’t run any risk of stripping your skin of its natural protection or rubbing it raw by removing too many skin cells.

2. What’s the best way to use my face wash?

Using a Men face Wash is pretty easy.

First off, make sure that you don’t squeeze too much of the product onto your hands.

You only need a small amount to rub it all across the skin of your face effectively.

You’ll see that this is true once you rub it between your hands and work up a lather, just like the kind you might see with traditional soap or shampoo.

By lathering it, you’ll also be helping the facial cleanser’s ingredients to activate more quickly.

Spread the wash across your face and rub it into your skin.

You don’t need to apply too much pressure here, but light or gentle scrubbing motion is a good idea.

Basically, you want the facial cleanser to really be worked into your pores to get rid of any oil or dirt.

The entire scrubbing process should take about half a minute; after 30 seconds of past, the cleanser has likely done all that it can.

Next, go to the sink and use warm water to rinse the facial scrub lather off your face.

Doing this in the shower makes it especially convenient since the water source is already on and right in front of you.

Don’t use cold water, as this will close your pores and trap some of the facial wash inside; you definitely don’t want a facial cleanser to remain inside your pores all day, as it’s unhealthy for your pores to be blocked by anything, even all-natural ingredients.

Some Men’s face Wash or cleansers don’t need to be rinsed off and are instead designed to be totally absorbed by your skin, although most do recommend that you rinse.

Read the directions of your chosen product carefully to see if your pick falls in this category.

3. Is it possible to scrub too hard?

It’s technically possible to scrub too hard with a Men’s face Wash and cause irritation, particularly if the formula has alcohol as the primary ingredient.

However, this is pretty difficult, and you shouldn’t worry about scrubbing too hard and causing damage to your skin.

After all, most men would probably feel when the scrubbing was starting to become painful and would desist as soon as he became uncomfortable!

The main thing you’ll lose by scrubbing too hard is time.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s a lot easier to scrub too hard if you use an additional scrubbing implement, like a sponge or pad.

You only need to use your fingers to rub a facial cleanser into your pores effectively.

No other tools are required.

4. What can I combine my wash with?

You can combine your Face Wash and cleansers with other products or even together!

You just need to keep an eye on the ingredients and make sure that you’re not saturating your skin too much in any one component, such as alcohol.

It’s also a good idea to thoroughly apply one product at a time, rinse your skin, then apply the other.

Give your pores time to breathe and absorb the various compounds from the first product before they have to tackle a second.

This will help keep your pores clean and your skin healthy.

5. Why are Face Wash better than bar soap?

Bar soap certainly has its uses, but most bar soaps have alkaline-based compositions.

How does this harm you?

It’s okay for your body, but your face has more delicate skin than that covering the rest of your body.

Alkaline-based products can easily strip away natural oils and protective compounds that keep your skin flexible and fresh on your face.

Therefore, bar soap isn’t a good fit when it comes to cleaning your face.

Additionally, bar soap can quickly dry out your skin, compounding the problem if you have drier skin than average.

This may even cause your body to produce extra oil to counteract this effect, eventually leading to an outbreak of acne.

Overall, you’re better off avoiding bar soap when it comes to the skin on your face.


If you have any of the face wash from the above list   If so, how do you like them? Is there another wash, cleanser, or scrub that you’d recommend? We’d love to hear from you! As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions and promise to respond ASAP.

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